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3 Mar
A9 Data Collection

Posted by A9 Innovations, LLC. in Photography | March 3, 2015 | 63 Comments

Apk file size: 1.8 MB

A9 Data Collection is a mobile app that allows users to take pictures of objects for Amazon’s mobile development team. The app is a joint project of the A9 team and Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). Individuals who download this app will be directed to take and submit photographs of objects in a particular category, for which they will be eligible to receive compensation on a per image basis.

The app will only work for registered users of Amazon's Mechanical Turk service.

If you are not a registered Mechanical Turk worker, please register at

If you have already registered as a Mechanical Turk worker,
1) Take the qualification test on the Mechanical Turk website. You find the qualification test by searching for “take pictures using A9 Data Collection" on the Qualification Tab.
2) Download and install this app, and login to the app. You can then accept and submit HITS. Payment works identically to any other Mechanical Turk HIT.

Whats new

    - Qualification Test available on the app

A9 Innovations, LLC. part of our Photography and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update March 3, 2015. Google play rating is 71.3178. Current verison is 1.7. Actual size 1.8 MB.

Download a9-data-collection.apk 1.8 MB


Matt Bridi

Return Hit.... ugh Can you please put a confirmation dialog after the return hit button is pressed? Can't tell you how many times my thumb had passed over the return hit and my pictures have vanished with no chance to retake. ...

Love N' Benaboo

A stupid black screen popped up and wont go away Loved it until less than an hour later, a black screen pops up and stays there after I tried to submit a hit. Ive reinstalled, restarted my phone, logged off and on again agaon, and I still get a blank black screen.??

Robert Revan

Some problems I have used this app in the past with no problems, but since Monday I have to press refresh 15 to 20 times after each hit I submit to make it populate the list of available hits, other wise it does not show anything, and just says, "unable to connect please try again later" (I'm paraphrasing that, but it's something along those lines) Besides that never had any problems. I am using a LG Volt.

Erica Caplinger

Not available in my state This would have been nice to know before I downloaded the app.

Rahul yash

Wasted my time When ever I try to accept any hit, it says that I do not meet the qualification requirements. I just wanna knw wat d reason is. I am from india. Could dat be d reason? Please try to fix it asap.

Colin Finan

App itself works ok. Be careful on the review hits Apparently they think I reviewed 5 of my own submitted photos as I got 5 rejects on the same day. Not a huge deal as it doesn't really affect my rating, but it is sure annoying to not get a response via the message I sent in mturk. I don't recall seeing any of my photos on the review Hits.. Also there are several jobs in the app itself that say I have assignments on and the won't bring up. These seem to be leftover attempts from when the app would error out before bug fixes.

Richard Bailey

Feature request Can you please put an "Are you sure" check on the return and submit buttons? There is nothing worse than accidentally returning a HIT after taking 4 pictures.

Corey Strickland

Circle inside the box This feature doesn't work. Samsung note 2. I take the pic and it tells me to circle inside the red box. There's no action with finger or my stylus

kelly sullivan

Haven't been able to use App- "Unfortunately A9 Data Collection has stopped"- every time I attempt to open the app. I have yet to get past this point. App version is current, submit reports via the option to notify the error.

Lisa Smith

Has Issues I keep getting error messages saying no Internet connection, when I have confirmed that I have a strong connection. It also says it can't find my amazon worker ID. If I do manage to be able to upload a couple of pics, the app starts giving the same error messages. I also don't know how I can confirm that my pictures have been received and credited to me.

lisa mcdonald

Fixed! EDIT: App owner responded and has fixed the problem. App is again working as it did previously. Thank you! This app WAS awesome. I used it for months with great success and zero problems. As of 2/09/2015 (when a new batch of hits went up), it has stopped working. Constantly says that no hits are available at this moment. I've tried it on both Moto X and Galaxy S3 with the same results. Hope they fix it soon.

Rachel Rodriguez

Hits never load I am rarely able to access any hits. It almost always says none are available. I'm now getting an error that says it can't extract my worker ID from directed ID.

Brenda Paro

Could not extract worker ID. No hits available. And when I do see the Hit List, it crashes the moment I accept. *per update 2/13, there is no improvement. No updates have been released so not sure how there could be?

Zach Brown

Very useful, but the HITS seem to rarely load, even when I have a strong internet connection. I'm on a Galaxy Note 3. EDIT: Seems to be working well now.

Lori Lapell

Awesome Great app thanks again for your hits I can work on the hits and get paid.

Kent Gaskins

Works well Easy to use

Jonathan Morgan

Amazing This application is amazing, I can do hits on the go, if I see an item that is wanted on the app I just take a quick picture and get paid. And they usually process between 2-4 hours, a lot quicker than most people on MTurk

Richard Treharne

Don't forget to add qualifications Nothing shows up until you add a qualification. Now I see listings and I take photos often.

Benjamin Rosenfeld

It worked for a while... I can't login anymore. A dialog pops up that simply states "error" and then I'm redirected back to the main screen.

Tyler Winslowe

Works as stated however...... Works as stated however when searching 'taking pictures using a9 data collection' you must search for it in the HITs area. Not qualifications

Ed Yan

No Hits Ever Never get any hits..waste of time and space

Nick Liguori-Reid

Good idea I like the idea but it force closes whenever I try to submit a HIT

Kato Douglas

App crashes Every time you try to login... the app crashes.

Sandra Poole

Error messages Keeps giving error messages even with strong connection.

Hla Maw Wib

A9 Data Collection Asian is good.


Works great.... when it works at all I have an LG L34C phone and the app keeps locking up. I can do 2 or 3 HITs before the app locks up and then I have to reboot my phone. Major PITA. The ability to sort or hide items would also be nice. Right now it's a long list of several hundred items in a completely random order. Right now you need to: - alphabetize the list - add a way to hide unwanted items on the list - add a way to tag items for later on the list - fix the crashing/lock-up problem - give me a way to take pictures without having to upload after every single shot

Robert Rosengarten

Love it Really like this app. Basically get paid to take pictures of stuff around the house. Like a scavenger hunt. Only thing I wish they had a search function so you don't have scroll through everything to find what you want.

Brittany Caldwell

Some problems But it does what I need it to do most of the time.

Kayla Walker

Great! Have had no problems thus far and got paid successfully. Five stars!

Kris Z

Good app, still needs some improvement. This app has come along way. Good to see that items are listed in alphabetical order now. Having items listed by category would be helpful as well. Eg: Grocery/Food, Electronics, etc. Similar to Dept stores. What would also be great is to be able to Retry a Hit that you accidentally hit "Return Hit." Once you hit that button, you are NOT allowed to accept that same Hit again. Either button placement should be changed/adjusted. OR asking the user to Confirm their decision before Returning a Hit and/or Submitting a hit. Sometimes a hit can be submitted prematurely for the same reason.

Tuyen Nguyen

Why I don't understand why only certain states can do it. I was really excited. I'm from the midwest.


Not able to work Im from Europe and i cant work. You should allow to all users to work. I have 7 years experience in photography.

Michael H

I have only used this app a few times so far and I had no problems using it. The hits I did were approved in a timely manner.

Jordy Gonzales

Great It would be nice to have a little film strip on the bottom so we can see the pictures we just took. That way, we can ensure they are different angles etc. Button placements could be better or a popup confirming a submit, discard. Just minor things that could make the app/work better.

Staci Lynn

Will not let me draw circle around object. I am now uninstalling, as I have lost my chance to do anything for mturk with this. Don't know why it won't work. Very irritated. Thanks for nothing.

Gabi Acevedo

5 starts if list gets more hits I did about 10 HITS and can't do any more because I don't have any of those things around here. I wish it would have more. I'll give 5 stars if I see more to choose from. Otherwise, everything works perfect and I get paid within a couple hours.

Tina Monroe

Omg!!! They finally made a app for mturk! !! So ecstatic hopefully it's as good as the online site will totally rescore this after I play with it for a while an see how it does *long time mturk user*

Drew Kopicki

Great so far. One complaint, however, is that most HITs I select give me an error saying that it is "reviewable" and not able to be done. If there was a way to know ahead of time which HITs are active then I would give it 5 stars.

Heidi Linke

Downloaded for nothing. I do mturks on amazon all the time. But you can only use this app if you live in certain states. If I would have seen something that said that beforehand, I wouldn't have taken the time to download it.

Jordan Holden

Fast Money User accepted my hits quick and received plenty bonuses

Tk Wadford

Works Great I made an extra 7 bucks one night doing hits. Wish there were more apps like this. Highly recommend to anyone who uses AMT

Brandi Vining

Needs to work across data It will only work if I am connected to WiFi. Even if I have 4G and 5 bars it says I have no connection. Could do a lot more if it worked across data.

Scott Meredith

Does nothing but freeze Worked for a while, but now it forces me to return hits because the app freezes when I accept them.

jonny wood

Good app I like the app works great... however when do I get more hits I have a bunch of kitchen stuff for days no new hits... would like to know how to get more hits

Lori Lapell

Awesome Great app thanks again for your hits I can work on the hits and get paid. When will app be updated.

Tai Bishop

Nexus 6 Crashes frequently on the Nexus 6.

Jennifer Fettig

Great app Great app but I wish they would update the lists more often. I have been on the same list since I downloaded it.

Jessica Ireland

No Internet Connection? Have used this app for the past year with few problems. Has stopped working in the past month with the error "No Internet connection." Not sure what's changed. I hope A9 brings out a patch to fix the trouble soon.

Amy Davis

Hmmm Mine is saying no internet connection. Right along with my girlfriend. We both can't access this app. We do have internet. Why is this happening? Anyone?

Justin Moody

More? Will there ever be new hits added to this? I've been waiting months for new ones, as I've already completed all the ones i have the ability to take photos of.

Niccole Vasatka-Prill

It used to work Now when I open it (always on wifi), it tells me I'm not connected to the internet and shows nothing but that. What gives?

Jennifer Fettig

Started out great... Was a great app until one day it told me I had no Internet connection when I was connected. Haven't been able to get on since then.

Stefanie Vickery

Doesn't work All is says it 'No Internet Connection, Please Try Again '. I obviously have internet connection, it let me login.

Tabitha Rugg

Ive only been mturking for a month and a half and I downloaded this app when I started . I had no problems the first couple of weeks and I took pics and submitted what I could. For the next month I continuously checked the hit list to see if new stuff was being added or if the hit list options had changed. They never did.....just the same list of kitchen items that I didn't have. A few days ago an error message started showing upon launch that stated that I had noInternet connection which is not the case and no matter how many times I've refreshed or cleared cache, it's still the same. The app is totally inoperable. I will change my rating back to 5 stars when these issues are fixed. If they haven't been fixed within a decent amount of time I think I'm just going to uninstall. I would like to ask while I'm updating this review if the list of hits ever changes or if new things are ever added? If not then the app is not beneficial to me and I might as well uninstall anyway as I've done all of the hits that I can do. This is a legitimate question.... (I'm truly not being snarky).... since I'm new to the A9 Data app and because I have never seen any different hits since the first time I opened the app. Thanks in advance for any response that I may get!

Kyle Henry

Won't load It just keeps saying no Internet connection but I am connected to the Internet. I have tried it on WiFi and on my phone services 4G Internet.

Rick laRose

Very few hits It only showed me a few kitchen item hits, which I did. They paid quickly which was great, but now I'm out of hits and it never updates with new ones.

ashley bralczyk

My app keeps telling me there is no connection

Darren Taylor

Can't use app I'm connected to WiFi but when I open the app it says no internet connection.

Dale Stephens

This does nothing but tell me I have no internet connection. My connections (wifi and mobile data) are both fine.

Cris C.

Won't work on a Nexus 5x Flips the camera upside down. The app does this because it's using a very old and obsolete version of Google's camera API. A9 Innovations, you fixed this in your Flow Powered app 2 months ago, why not this one?

Donielle Ramsey

Need to change it up a little bit...or update it..

Jennifer Fettig

Great app Works great. Pays quickly. Waiting for it to add more irems!

Love N' Benaboo

A stupid black screen popped up and wont go away Loved it until less than an hour later, a black screen pops up and stays there after I tried to submit a hit. Ive reinstalled, restarted my phone, logged off and on again agaon, and I still get a blank black screen.??

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