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28 Jun
a2 ~a due~

Posted by Navigame in Casual | June 28, 2013 | 64 Comments

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It's been years since rocker girl Sona Song last talked to her father, a famous classical music conductor. So she's shocked, and a bit annoyed, when he leaves his orchestra to her after he dies. Though Sona just wants to slack off, she's soon visited by Yin Le Hao, her father's musical protégé from China. Hao doesn't speak any English, but he's determined to whip the orchestra into shape no matter what.

a2 is an ad-free visual novel with romantic comedy and otome game influences. It includes lots of bonus features, including a music/Chinese glossary and a special "translation mode" for all Chinese dialogue (unlocked after reaching all 3 endings or 90% completion).

Whats new

    June 28, 2013 -
    a2 has been updated to Version 1.06. This update fixes several bugs, improves the Chapter gallery, and reduces crashes.

Navigame part of our Casual and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 28, 2013. Google play rating is 90.25. Current verison is 1.06. Actual size 50.0 MB.

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Arzai Daniel

Totally mesmerizing Thank you for the game. I really love playing it. I just finished it and i cried in a good way. Hope to see more like this in the future.

Katie Sherlock

So touching - amazing!!! Such a nice story, it made me cry too! - please bring out a sequal... or 5:,)

Jevin Knight

Amazing! This game is so awesome! I love the story <3 It even made me cry :) I just wish that there will be a chapter that they both end up together :(

Ada Rosario

I loved it very much! Me encantó. I is a little hard getting to 90% but is a very wonderful expiriance feeling like Sona not understanding anything.

LKOC atz

Just awesome I dun usually write reviews, but i m writing for this one cos it is just awesome. Whether it is e touching storyline tt intertwines such marvellous creativity or e beautiful music tt melts ur stress away, dis is one app tt i muz say i thank e producers for makin it free. Definitely not to miss this one! Want to support more of ur work!

Anna Villagran

Original and simple yet beautiful Awesome app this is the best app I've ever downloaded! Please and i know i speak for everyone please make more if possible :-D

Stephanie F

Heart breaking and also heart touching At first I underestimate this visual novel..but after reading (or . Eventough I don't understand the chinesse character(haven't played for the other ending) just can say it's really heart 2 person who doesn't understand each other languange can communicate through music. And the love that can't be's so heartbreaking :'( ...thank God in the end Sona find out that her dad love her so...Awesome job for the team that made this.looking forward for the next novel ^_^

Angeli Noelle R. Cabrera

Only 20% in... I've only finished a fifth of the story, and I already see how well written it is. It's made me actually laugh and have an uncomfortable feeling of sadness, when Sona feels the same way. Strange for a story to be able to achieve that in such a short time. Amazing. Please tell me where to fibd the music for "We Are Legend" I really wanna learn to play it on the piano!

Dina Droubi

So touching! Oh my goodness, this made me cry :' ) I got 2nd ending. I really love it. The story is too perfect and smooth, also funny XD sometimes I laughed at some parts. Its really cheer me up! Thank u for making this amazing visual novel. Wish u make more like this :)

Ceecee M

love the visual style but it tends to get boring, having to tap and tap every one sentence, and also because I can't read Chinese. I'm at 30% completion and that's still a long way from unlocking the Chinese translations! hopefully I will be able to finish it. it's really more 4stars for me because of how slow I'm progressing , but I'll give 5 stars since it's well done, and it's free..there are so few free VNs that are good.

Nayo Naito

Best VN on Play Store! I ♡ this VN very much! It has an interesting story! Hao uses Chinese Traditional, so I don't understand some of the words, but I study Mandarin/Chinese Simplified and understand some of the words. Anyway, I love it! U should really download this! Hope to see the next chapter of the Bonus Chapter! And I hope the developer of this VN make another VN for Android! I want another VN, but the things in Play Store are just having 'love/romance' as the main thing of the VN. Or maybe bad graphics. So please make it!

AnuthaOne Shields

Very Touching At first I had no idea how they were going to implement the idea of "Opposites Attract"... But it worked out very, very well! I cried, as well. It has an interesting art form, diverse personalities... Just great overall. Good job; it wasn't as stupid as other visual novels which make the character change at an unreasonable rate.

Syani Diyana

Best thing I've ever read I have played several visual novels and I dare say that a2 ~due~ is one of the best vn I have ever read. The story, the characters, the music, hell even the chinese impressed me. I'm forcing everyone I know to read this, this is so great wow. Kudos to the people involved in making this masterpiece.

Anna Deliya Nathasia

Best Visual Novel I've Had For So Long Thia is VERY AMAZING (all with capital letters). The story is very breathtaking and warms your heart. Sometimes the CG doesn't show in extras (dunno why). Eventhough i dont understand chinese, but it still very awesome. One of the best visual novel story that i ever had for so long (which is very rare). Please make more stories like this! The music is awesome too. Definetely one of the best visual novels out there.

Sophia Fan

Amazingly adorable visual novel Story is kind of predictable but is told in a refreshing way. I love The sassy protagonist! Art is adorable. The music is wonderful. I love the selection of classical music. Overall I loved it to pieces

Lily Peng

Mobile Visual Novel with a phenomenal, touching story I can't believe there's a visual novel on Android that is this good. I cried, too, while playing this.. and I can't remember the last time I cried from a video game. The characters are so lovable, and I found myself caring so much for them. The story was excellent and beautiful. It has really touched me in such a way that I will definitely be thinking about this game long after I have finished.

pat lu

Why I love visual novels This here is a prime example of why one doesn't have to go to big budget movies and films to get great stories. A2 really touches the heart for those who understand the pain of practicing and performing music, those who experience discrimination, and failure. This simple story bring together just 2 ordinary people for an extraordinary story. thank you and please continue to create vn's. Love the theme song we are legend.

Nanhee Cha

I cried...! The story is absolutely beautifully written. I usually uninstall after I go through a story once but this I'm keeping for rereads later! I was trying to learn Chinese before this and now I'm motivated to keep learning so I can figure out what he says! Good work bring the characters to life and very nicely bringing along the storyline, especially the finale scenes! Keep it up!

Jaylan Hobson

Love the game make a part 2 please Love love love this game doesn't end the way you would expect full of laughter and sadness over all a great game.

Elli J

Loved it Beautiful, touching and heartwarming story. Highly recommended. Wonderfully written with beautiful artwork. If it doesn't work the first time try to reinstall it. You won't be sorry.

Allexa Reyn

Tears fall off Why?...WHY!!!! Why did Hao just left them?I wish they have Part 2.Maybe Hao have be a handsome man and his attitude change..and Sona will be the most beautiful girl with her attitude as a tomboy change...And Hao know English perfectly..Well I will be so HAPPY if they finally married each other..But if you already have a Part 2...don't ask to buy if there is a FULL VERSION!! Just make it free... THANKS ;')

Silver Mist

I loved it a lot! I always thought bad art meant it was horrible. I guess yours were truly made wonderfully but I just couldn't see it. This story made me happy.

Caileanne palumbo

Won't work The game always goes to the first screen then stops working please fix this bug then I will rate higher. Thank you for your time and hard work on this game I just wish I could play it.

Andreya Ortega

LOVED IT!!! This otome/visual novel is suuuper awesome! i love it b/c rhe game isnt soo cliche! u will never expect the ending! if u like visual novels then u definetly need to read this one"

tiara melinskah

This game is awesome! I love the song! Cute story and also make me cry so this game is great and you should try it!

Ari D

I cried This is a great and touching game. I'm so glad its free! I cried so much. Its so GREAT!!!

Danielle Southerland

Simply Beautiful Best romance app . It has everything beautiful music, comic relief, real dramatic issues , and overcoming adversity. Please continue the story. perhaps a wedding with their orchestra buddies. :-)

Amy L

Fantastic. Wonderful story, relatable characters, tear jerking moments and just a sweet and more realistic approach to romance. I would LOVE to see a sequel!

Rena Ree

Love Love Love this story. It was funny when I couldn't get the love ending for the longest and I kept thinking that there is no love ending until I found the walkthrough. Its so touching and beautiful it almost brought tears to my eyes... almost. The last ending was so unexpected, it caught me by total suprise. The music was greast as well. This app is totally awesome, girlfriend. LOL GTFO!

Chloe Olsen

It's good but....... No matter how many times i change my answers throughout the game i can only get the same ending and how do i get the translation thanks

Anti Fluffs

Beautiful Funny, touching, and....pretty short. Was a really good story and the translation mode completely changes the dynamic of the story.


Love! I enjoyed it greatly and loved the endings. I also lived the way you fitted music correctly to fit the mood in the entire game. I dont know if you have more games but if you do I'm so going to play it!

Joparv Española

:) Why the chinese translation is locked? Can i unlock it later after the story or do i need to buy it? This is not really a problem. i just want to know :)

sharon p

I made the mistake of playing this in public And I cried when I got Coda 2. And I'm trying so hard to get that last 20% because translations and I'll be disappointed if it's not called Coda 1 Con Amore (not really but). This is really well made and although I'm not Chinese the issues that were touched about racism and not being "enough" for anyone really resonated with me so just thank you so much for making this game it's become an instant favorite.

Dawn Hubbard

Really touching. It's good and it's free. I've paid for worst. Give this one a try. You won't regret it. Like others have said before, this made me tear up. Definitely a compliment.

Andrea Landaker

Sweet and well-made Great visual novel with an interesting premise and fun 3 endings. The characters felt very real, and the prose was well-written. Loved the different languages, too.


Loved it but.. I got only one ending. I'd like 2 play more & get the rest. I really liked the game but after the update it won't even start. U replied 2 one of d users to reinstall it again, but then I'm gonna hav 2 start all over again

Anna Watson

Awesome! I am so in love. I love this game so much! So please, don't tell me it ended just like that. I wanna see them confessing their loves to each other! Awwies, I really hope and wish that you guys can prepare the season 2 :) Pleaseee pleaseee...

Kirstin Rose

Excellent! I would happily have paid for an app of this quality. I hope you release more. Highly recommend this app, beautiful to look at, great plot and controls. Would have given more than 5 stars if I could.

Hime Putry

SUGOII!!! this us just too perfect!! &gt;///&lt; it really make me laugh and cry at the same time! the storyline are just so unique and creative! u guys really did a great job! i'll be patiently waiting for ur news! i'll be forever ur fans X3

Farida Malik

It is better for renew language skills. (^.^)/~~~

Olia Fjodorowa

Awesome Really awesome story and great art

Kinata Kyriga

So Amazing! I lived the story so much and in certain moments I felt like I wanted to cry because the story was so touching! If you are thinking of downloading this don't think anymore and just click install! ^-^

Jade Legaspi

WOW THIS IS SOOO GOOD!!! I didn't download this because I thought it would be weird but I'm really glad I did! It's great!!! It's really touching and also hilarious. When several orchestra members thought Hao so English...that was quite a riot! This is a great VN and one of the best I have ever played! Definitely get it!

Maria Holder

Best Free Otome Absolutely beautiful! The only way to make this better is to be able to translate Chinese, but I loved it.

Rena Ree

Really like this story. It was funny when I couldn't get the love ending for the longest and I kept thinking that there is no love ending until I found the walkthrough. Its so touching and beautiful it almost brought tears to my eyes... almost. The last ending was so unexpected, it caught me by total suprise. The music was greast as well. This app is totally awesome, girlfriend. LOL GTFO!

Verde. limp yakisoba

It's awesome I really loved it, I still haven't unlocked everything, but I can't wait too! Especially unlocking the Chinese translation to give the story a whole new perspective. Highly recommend playing it. I love both of the main characters!

Ann Wee

Probably the best VN on the Play Store A detailed and interesting story, with multiple endings. Some of the art is really cute, and the game has sprites for both the love interest AND the main character (the characters' expressions are too funny sometimes). This really feels like a real VN, where the choices decide the ending, multiple CGs to unlock, and even a bonus ending! And it is ALL free. I love it!

Becky Folyer

I LOVED IT I really didn't think I was going to like. I thought it was going to be stupid. This was a really short story. But it was amazing it had a amazing story plot. Definitely a must see! I cried through almost the whole thing. It's so touching! I just have a love hate relationship with the way it ended. I cannot stress out enough that you should read this!

Tori S

Best visual novel app!! I love that there are no waits to finish the story, you can read it all in one sitting if you want (and i did-i just couldnt stop). The story is beautiful and different. 99% of the visual novel apps are romance-but this one is much bigger than that. I cried and downloaded the original music as soon as i finished it.

Tetashi Saya

I never write reviews. But this game was just so amazing. I played this a long time back but it's still here on my phone cos I can't get enough of the music playlist from time to time! The story was equally wonderful and I love the realistic endings. Thank you!

Katie Kat

Awesome!! This game is great! I played visual novals and this is one of the game that made me played for another ending! :D great story! I hope u guys make a second part of this story! I cried too at some parts wand laughed too xD ;-; ( shows how nice this game is!)

Ichigaya Taito

It make me cry Really...the story is so touching! My tear just wont stop for 15 minutes or maybe more Really like it! 5 stars!!!! Please, make something like this again :')

Giovanni Mellisa Soesanto

Fantastico!!! I don't usually write review but this one is sooooo awesome! I love the MUSIC, GRAPHIC, UNPREDICTABLE PLOT STORIES, MORAL MESSAGE, LANGUAGE STUDY+ its free! It brings laugh and tears. Recommended!

Neiszan Vaifoou

Love it! I'm giving it 10 stars this is really funny and heartfelt. I got love instead of friendship on the first try. o.o got caught pulling the airport stunt but I got tasered hahaha.

Opalin Pickens

This Story Cuts Deep; NOOK HD7 I really love this story; I am unable to read it without bursting into tears, due to flashbacks from my own past. The only thing I would like is the ability to delete saved game slots, when I don't need them, anymore. I only have so much space on my NOOK.

Doll Meowski

Music is great Wish I could hear them speak not just read. Um I kept trying to press save after 3rd chapter. I just closed the game and then had to start over.

sleep allnightallday

Good story, definite replay value, and the art is lovely! Why didn't I download this sooner?! This visual novel was chalked full of emotions. Good and bad.

Charlemagne Minerva Martinez

Best Game Ever :)) A series of romance, comedy and drama. Made me cry when Hao told Sona the truth about her dad :D

Felicia Jiang

I can feel the story, cause I grow up with music. It's one of the best game I've ever played/read. And chinese is a good idea, i can understand it a little bit, so it's funny to see, how Sona react, haha. :)

kenji kodama

A really touching game It makes me cry. T^T I really hope that there 's more of this game. I love it very much


The best visual novel I have read in a long time. Everyone should experience it. If I had the money, I would donate to this group. I recognize a lot of the names from VNs and games I played on PC, and they do great work. This story feels real, and it doesn't even need romance to be good. *edit* I look forward to more from this group.

Annis Ayun

Nicely done! This game is just simply awesome! I love the story, the conflict feels real, the theme song is lovely, too... CG art need more work, but overall: This game is a must-play! Thank you VERY much for making it free...

Kaina Taveras

My favorite! Its my favorite visual novel I recommend it to all otome players! PLEASE! Make a sequel! I need one so bad! Very good job!

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