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15 Dec
A1 SD Bench

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*** IMPORTANT - If your SD card is not detected, please send us your model and SD card location, before giving a rating. We can not test this app on all devices ***

Use A1 SD Bench - free tool to benchmark your phone & tablet SD card, RAM and memory, to test IO read / write speed (Quick, Long, Random I/O and Accurate) and check media performance, and compare your benchmark results online.

★ Free
★ Four benchmark modes - Quick, Longer, Accurate and Random I/O
★ Built-in compare results online (anonymous)
★ Built-in view statistics online
★ SD card speed test, or multiple SD cards
★ Speed test any Android storage including RAM and USB
★ Nice looking, clean, fast, responsive & intuitive UI (User Interface)
★ Measure both read and write speeds to find out how fast is your SD card
★ Quick and Accurate benchmark (to reduce caching effects)
★ Check your speed-test results with other devices
★ Speed categories: Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, UHS-I, UHS-II and UHS-III
★ Custom location option to test any device directory
★ Shows total and free memory for all media including RAM

Supported devices:
• Internal memory
• Internal SD cards
• External SD cards
• System RAM (Random access memory)
• USB flash drive (including, NAND flash, USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0)
• Up to 6 USB flash drives (connected simultaneously via USB hub)
• USB HDD (Hard drives)

Supported memory cards:
• SD Cards
• Micro SD
• Micro SDHC
• Micro SDXC
• Phone's built-in memory (card)

• Problem? Please, send us your feedback using Send Feedback feature from the Settings screen, or
• We can not test all Android devices, so if your device's memory / SD card / USB is not detected correctly, use Send Feedback feature from the Settings screen, specifying path to your storage, e.g. /mnt/sdcard/, /mnt/usb_drive;
• NTFS and other non-native file systems is supported as far as your Android device is compatible with a such FS.
• Your device needs enough free (100 MB and up, depending on media speed, and up to few GB if using longer test option) space for benchmarks to work;
• More:

• From the application itself

• Google+:

More info on permissions:
• "Storage" & "Media" is used to benchmark your device storage, SD cards and USB attached drives.
• "Internet" is used to access and submit online scores and for anonymous usage statistics (both can be enabled and disabled).

Whats new

    • New: Option to hide ADs
    • Improved: More SD card / USB device locations
    • Improved: More devices are recognized
    • Changed: Now requires Android 2.3+
    • Improved: Added TwinMOS cards part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Dec. 15, 2014. Google play rating is 85.2685. Current verison is 2.4.0. Actual size 1.3 MB.

Download a1-sd-bench.apk 1.3 MB


Bora Kim

Question I have an Evo Samsung, I'm getting a card read of 2 read and 7 write and the card is a class 10 48mbs 64gb in a Galaxy Tab Pro, 2.3ghz quad-core. The internals clocked in at 143mbs read. I'm wondering if my card is fake now.


Wow, this app is great It's an amazing app, thanks. Using it just found out that my Samsung Galaxy Core 2 can only support/take 14MB/s write speed of my microSD Samsung EVO 64GB, which can go up to 22 MB/s. Nice, Samsung, nice, you guys sell microSD EVO cards for smartphones that are so fast (22MB/s), but your phones can only go up to 14MB/s. Sickening...

Tyler Nunya

Great app Found out my Huawei benches better than Samsung.....didn't expect that. But I did see that most Huawei phones generally do.

Fabio Shiota

Good benchmark Good to see how your card performs on your phone. Often the phone's subsystems end up not taking advantage of the latest specs in microSD cards, and this app shows you how it really goes.

Marco K

Slow, not stand alone Results are not displayed after measurement, only along others from Internet history. Does not work without Internet. Maybe measurements are accurate, but it is very slow. App stops measurement when screen is turned off and on again, also happens when app is out of focus. No messages are given. App will measure even when memory is (heavily) used in the background, thus giving wrong measurements. Fix the above, and you receive 5 stars from me.

Peter Stindl

Good. Did not improve my life but showed interesting data. Just don't cheat yourself by selecting the quick test.

Nezih Kanbur

Simple but serious Benchmarks the sd card, internal storage and ram performance. Hide ads for 3 hours option in program settings on the free version shows how the matter is taken seriously. (Ads may slow down the data flow) As an answer to user Heritic below, you can simply take out the card and check the brand and model. It is written on the card. Don't rate programs in an unjust, 'I would rate you five stars if the developer gives me a Thai massage' manner.

Heritic Shmifd

Useless Nice try,but useless without capturing sdxc manufacturer,class and model that guys card was fast...i want that card in my phone ! too bad we dont know what he was using...! Duh. Useless.

siddharth mulki

Fake card? I just ran the test and it shows a writing speed of 2.77mb/s and reading speed of 2.44mb/s. Mine is Samsung evo 64gb card class 10 and it a speed of 48mb/s so does that mean my card is a fake?

David Stomkin

SD Bench Does exactly what the name suggests. IDs your SD card and puts the card thru its paces on several different levels. A nifty little utility to wring out your card's details and read/write performance.

Anilkumar K.N.

Awesome!!! The benchmarking is time consuming but satisfactory. Feature to compare is another awesome thing. Didn'guaranteeing to reduce a star....

Susan Copeland

Suecopel Liking this app very much. Would like to know what others you do?

An Droid

Note 4 (n910c) Internal sd card: read speed - 211.78MB/s, write speed - 123.43MB/s

Simon Baker

On start It displays about 5 sd cards in phone? Touch the screen during benchmark and it stops test, only one I've found at least working tho cant be sure on its accuracy tho my evo only writing at 4mbs?

Jacek Janiszewski

Not functional on Note 3 File for the 2nd step could not be found. Perhaps media is not ready yet. Benchmark canceled. Target file: storage/extSdCard/SDbench-test-file...tmp Also throws EACCESS error. What can I say, it's broken, 1/5.

Nick Bauer

Great application I use this for all my memory benchmarks. Curently using an samsung S5 with Verizon service.

MKhairul Osman

Great! But, would you adding sort by top score option?

Harry Whitecross

A-1 Dev This new version is very good, giving an interesting look into an under rated phone. Internal speeds are greater than expected given ratings on Amazon. Com. Looking forward to my review. We'll done.

arif malik

BEWARE The test results vary with different tests at different times. Sometimes you would have w/speed of 22mb/sec and sometimes merely 2mb/sec. It differs a lot. This is app is not a reliable tool to check your SD Card. Go for a reliable app. BEWARE of this highly rated-not-so-helpful app.

Ernie V

Makes no sense I could tell it to test and it would take a long time testing then when done it gave no results? Made no sense

Juan Reynoso

Works. The naming for internal and external storage seems confusing on my sm-n910t

Darren Ramhit

Excellent for checking read/write speed on sd cards.

Rohan Mehta

Super app to test SD Speed. This is only app worked for my NOTE 3.

Kostas K

Excellent app for testing the SD read/write Using this app it was intetesting to ser that he same SD achieved different speeds on different devices! It would be nice however, if there was an option to switch between continous and random access test.

Vinicius Thedim

Needs improvements It could store benchmarks history with user notes for easy comparison.

Arinze Egbuniwe

I used this app to kind of authenticate a micro sd card I bought. The card failed every test of the app. I wish had this app before buying it. Welldone!

Eddy Susanto

Good But my v-gen not in list..

Angus Malcolm

Fantastic results with SD-Boost Finally got round to properly testing various cache sizes and got these great results. Int-SD cache=512MB (R/W): Sys 39.90/21.17MB/s; Data 33.35/19.22MB/s; RAM 879.15MB/s. Ext-SD cache=1024MB: 14.70/12.21MB/s. Please note that I have already resized my internal SD card so Sys=6.0GB

Trevor Wuoti

Great Just what I needed to compare sd cards..

Alex Prohaska

Easy to use and understand. Works just as intended. Used on nvidia shield w/ k1 processor and San disk extreme pro mini sd card. Highly recommend.

Calvin Lai

Simple Simple UI, great to know how fast my device is

Atul Rane

Simple to use and works great!

Quang Quang

Screen rotate bug When this app benchmarking if the screen rotate it'll be suspended

clew bay honey

Used to pick new cards Very helpful app.

Steve Zollner

Fun, I haven't deleted it yet, so

Александр Марчукевич

Lenovo A3000H For testing height capacity China microSD cards

Mior Azam

Need feature improvement Please make the benchmark support for when the device is offline, this will be really helpful. Thank you for the great app

Jyothi Jith

Benchmark result This isn't shown the result for my Xperia Z2 D6503 .Please test out.

Alexander Kostin

Very Good!!


Good Good testing

Jerry Fang

Samsung Note Edge w/ samsung pro 64GB micro-sd XC Just bought my new Samsung Pro 64GB micros card and it scored a 60+MB/s fair enough. Hope to reach the advertise speed of 90MB/s

Richard Zabel

Great app very useful!! Helped me find out my Ebay SD card was a fake!! Thanks!

Jerrod McDaniel

Samsung galaxy s3 Works great love it look forward to more advanced features in the future keep up the good work gentleman thank you very much T.C.B.

Bob Faw

Great app! Love it!! I am running this equally well on an HTC myTouch running Android 2.3.4, and a Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5.0. How accurate is the memory size statistic? Will this app correctly identify and test counterfeit SD cards that are significantly smaller than their stated size?

Murad Sheshani

Sony Z3 z2 nexus 7 owner Really nice app.. I recommend it to understand memory bottle neck better to everyone interested

Kristijonas Burksa

Superb app Although user experience is a bit clunky, it has a lot of functions. Nonetheless it's hard to justify some design elements strait from fryo or gingerbread times.

Ilham Ramadan Jasmin

Nice I can find which memory to put swap file to add more ram

Jun Cong

Good one! Like the online comparison. Duplicated items confusing.

Chris Bihary

Descent test Not completely accurate my SanDisk Extreme gets 49MBs read and 26 write. Same card on PC Crystal Mark gets 95R & 70W. Samsung EVOs suck on any platform for their write speed. EVO gets 10.5MBs write on USB3.0 using Crystal Mark x64

Michele Dall'Agata

It seems accurate. It is consistent with some test I did with the "dd" Linux command. 4 stars because the reboot option is not very convenient. It may give wrong results if one doesn't wait long enough until all apps are loaded after boot.

TK Wong

Useless app. Submit your scores blah, but can't see my OWN scores anywhere? Most stupid app ever.

peter trevethick

Useful, but even better if.... Handy being able to see others people's results for the same device. My results showed the write speed was only 7.5MB/s on a microsSD class 10 card (spec is minimum write speed 10MB/s). Others had achieved W:46MB/s, so I know what the phone should manage. It is a great pity the app doesn't read the card details and show the make; size; etc. on the results. That would be an ideal way to find the card most compatible with your device.

Stanisław Chlebek

Junk Just a speed tester. No accuracy or condition of partition tests. Basically waste of time

Daniel Gorodowienko

Reasonable As far as tests work, there is not enough settings to inform the application which partition belongs where (internal vs external).

Shyamanta Das

good but UI is dull and results are not accurate Benchmark is decent compared to pc software it shows more speed and sometimes slow read & write speed

Igor Flajsig

Wery goog and useful tool..Absolute user oriented and easy to use..with simple formatter or partition maker will be more useful.. congratulations

Randy Paura

Nifty utility. My external microSD card was suspect, so I installed this app. Answered my questions and gave the benchmark on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5. Only suggestion for improvement would be a help menu so it could assist on its use.

Chandan Singh

Best app, and users please mention your sd card manufacturer Awesome app to understand your device performance sd card, internal storage and request to users is please mention your sd card manufacturer so that we can come to know which one is best...

Cezar I.

It's OK Too bad it cancels the benchmark every time you turn your device in portrait or landscape mode.

Luke B

Awesome Really good. 100% works. Lots of test modes for your needs, notifies when it detects a cached read. Good comparison features. And free!

Raphaël Mélotte

Miss results history I don't know about the accuracy but I like this app. I like the different choices to benchmark different cards. I miss a feature to save all the results to a file, or the ability to see my previous results along with performed tests though (without going on the Internet).

Sebastian Pereiro

Good tool but... Auto rotation of screen in during test stopping him. Fix it please.

Abhinand MJ

Great..!! Great app. I just used my new samsund evo+ 32gb card in my asus zenfone 2. It's amazing, i got 22 mbps writing speed. Which is more than the card says.

Davidson De Ocampo

App does what it should but... My memory card and internal are shown multiple times... Dont know why...

Emily Allen

Used to test cheapo Chinese sd cards We bought 4 SD cards and 3 of them failed within a few days this software confirmed the failure but did not predict the failure.


Confusing Just wanted an easy reading. I ended up being in afrikkin social news feed for sd cards. Still couldn't find my results in the results tab. Uninstalling thanks

Mr Interested

Asked me to rate app in middle of test. This app asked me to rate it while it was in the middle of a long benchmark. Upon doing so it stopped the benchmark thus wasting my time.

zack gudal

Test sd not working It saids when i test my sd card that due to the madia not being ready the file for the second step could not be found.....yet the other type of test work fine. Why is that?

Gargantua Blargg

Ran test and afterwards told me I needed an internet connection to see results. Ran another test and it canceled because I tapped somewhere on the screen (didn't hit any cancel button). Went into settings to run quicker test and it didn't show the result. I went into results and it showed results from everyone, so I had to go through to find what I think was my phone (but no clear indication that it's my result). Text in results was very small. Very meh app.

Bear BearBear

it's okay won't benchMark in the backround if it did I'd give 4 stars

Ara Tidwell

5 star for free program! Tests RAM also. Small ad-band slightly detracts Program is great for testing new setups and Android tweaks with apps like L speed. I was able to properly evaluate my new and old microsd cards with this app as well as built in storage. RAM test feature proved great for evaluating Android kernel tweaks.

Artūrs Pupausis

A lot to improve! OK it test speed of my storage - give 3 stars. In my i9100 with 5.1 omni ROM I got SD cards other way - around internal SD card is Sandisk 64GB, but external is a partition in eMMC. 1. To improve correct issues like above. 2. Don't know is it even possible. Show actual chip name to see witch SD card is tested.

Calvin H

Good storage benchmarker, if not the best. Very good app for benchmarking the storage or memory of your device. My Nexus 7 2013 achieved 12mb/s write and 54mb/s read on its internal storage, which ain't bad considering its three years old. The only disappointment I have with the app is that there are ads. Other than that I highly recommend this app.

Mark Holtkamp

Very nice bench! Gives me the data I want to know across my devices and cards. Keep in mind people, not all devices are capable of the speeds your SD card suports!

Siddiqua A

Helped expose fake microsd Invaluable if you are thinking of buying sd cards that claim to be fast. Great way to check them. Bonus is all the other info about every bit if storage on your phone.

AAATech Lin

Great App for memory Test all SDs. Only suggestion is to create a stop button rather than jump out halfway if screen was touched bu accident and start over again...

John Morris

Simple and useful Does what it says. Plus, only small ads (another app had obnoxious full-screen ads that covered up results :P) that can even be temporarily disabled. Thank you! It would be nice if it identified the SD card model, like SD Insight, and compared to online database. Minor detail.

Filip Stoev

Problem with Note 4 Note 4 (N910F) EACESS denied, unable to test SD Card (32GB Verbatim UHS III). Error says that the file is not yet ready. I'll gladly fix the rating to five stars if the problem is resolved. Android version 5.1.1 (most likely OS limitation issue).

Julian Riva

Ran tests and clearly identified issues with what should have been a pro card but obviously was not. This and SD Insight are must haves in identifying fakes.

Harry Whitecross

A-1 Dev This new version is very good, giving an interesting look into an under rated phone. Internal speeds are greater than expected given ratings on Amazon. Com. Looking forward to my review. We'll done. Worthy of a donation! Cheers!! The insistence upon /sd2/ path is erronious because the internal, undemountable flash for media is capable of testing, sorry, no longer useful. Uninstalled.

Raiden Dot

Asked me to rate You want me to rate? Here have -1- star for spamming. I'll rate when I feel like it. Also not okay with dumb ads on the bottom of the application.

Alien Family

Used to test cheapo Chinese sd cards one continues to work with the actual addressing. Tested some which were left in a phone during a factory reset and were destroyed. We bought 4 SD cards and 3 of them failed within a few days this software confirmed the failure but did not predict the failure.

Sukrit Gupta

Quite good The best thing is apart from testing speed of internal memory or memory card, it can also do tests for OTG pen drives & RAM.

Calvin Phillips III

People need to realize devices aren't equal... My 3 stars is for the lack of USB support. I have 4, and none will register they all fail on step two.

Rashid Mahatma

Excellent app! Easy to use, has options for fine tuning such as manufacturers name, type etc. Seems accurate and pretty much matches the results done with a pc.

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