Download 9Now apk 1.1.0 free for Android smartphone

8 Aug

Posted by NINE NETWORK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD in Entertainment | Aug. 8, 2016 | 269 Comments

Apk file size: 6.5 MB

Take control of your viewing experience with 9Now - your destination for live streaming and on demand content from all of Nine's TV channels.

9Now is your new and improved way to access Channel 9 – it's easy to use and it's free.

• Tune into Channel 9, 9Go!, 9Gem and 9Life live from wherever you are on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

• Watch shows and programs from Channel 9, 9Go!, 9Gem and 9Life on demand, on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

• Resume play across your Android mobile phone or tablet and any other device using your 9Now account.

• Stream the news live and catch up on news programs including, Nine News, A Current Affair and 60 Minutes.

Whats new

    What's new in 1.1.0:
    We have refactored video playback to significantly reduce crashes and errors – in other words, a much better video experience while you watch your favourite show

NINE NETWORK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 45.4749. Current verison is 1.1.0. Actual size 6.5 MB.

Download 9jumpin.apk 6.5 MB

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Vicki Hoare

rubbish app really good at playiing ads but nothing else. as soon as a show starts it craps out with an error message saying there is a problem with the video. waste of time. rating should be zero stars since it dosent work.

Frank Hauptle

Works.. kind of.. I had to wade though about 7 minutes of ads just to see the last 30 seconds of bigbang.. touched the timeline after watching 3 minute of ads only to immediately get another 3 minutes of ads. It needs to record actual time watched and play ads based on that rather than fixed ad numbers . If i dont watch 10 minutes of a show i should not need to watch ten minutes of ads. If you force this fixed line on people your app will never be loved.

Peter Read

Better than other commercial TV apps App works fine, has decent content and the advertisements, while annoying are to be expected.

Gary Ho

This is the best Ap for watching Ads I've always hated the catch up services of SBS, Ten, ABC and Seven. Their shows are good but hardly any ads are shown. The 9 catch up service shows about six ads at a time, perfect. When it really works well you wouldn't have to put up with watching your chosen show...cause it will crash. Well done!

Sue magoo

Fix Why is it that ads are a perfect picture, yet the programs are horrible and pixilated? Very bad on my eyes!

Micah Brown

Doesn't work I try to load shows but it keeps crashing saying 9jumpin has unfortunately stopped. Does it every time!!

Keegs Marshall

Nothing but ads. Keeps saying "there is a problem with the video" no matter what I pick, but has no trouble providing an endless cycle of ads. They should change its name to something like admaster since tv shows are aparrently not part of what's on offer.

Luigi Martin

bad pro: its colourful con: bad layout. ads work perfectly, but you are lucky to see more than 5 seconds of any show. its worse than the channel 7 app (the 7 app was the worst until now). if you want to waste 1 hour trying (& failing) to watch the last 2 minutes of bigbang, then you will enjoy this :-( bring on netflix!

Olie R

Sad excuse for a catchup streaming service The stream is choppy, doesn't buffer the stream well at all. The ad inserts are shocking, I'd feel for you if you had epilepsy, the flickering is awful and if my company was paying for those ads I'd be asking for a refund on the fee and sue for damages to our brand. Lastly if your lucky after the ad insert you might resume at the right time stamp on the stream and not get errored out. The worst catchup streaming service in this app store. This app should never have been allowed to go into live production

Scott Fleming

Why 4? Why in sport dose it just have stupid footy shows I want nrl catch up please anyone have any suggestions?

Peter Slack

Terrible Plays ads, plays ads, but not much else. Battled through 3 quarters of a show, now only plays the ads. AND no Chromecast support, doesn't even work with Chromecast mirroring.

Troy Rollo

Does not work The app will not play video, other than the ads, on any of my devices. Netflix works perfectly.

Donna Mann

Was bad If you are after an app that plays 1 loud ad then is unable to play your selected show, this is the app for you. PLEASE FIX!!!

Rebecca Perry

Wow The ads play better then the show I wanted to watch so when will they fix it, until it is fix I keep this as a one star

Michael Barker

Plays ads well This app is useless. As others have said, it plays ads perfectly, and then has issues playing the actual show you want to watch!

Rachel Ainsworth

Better than it was before It still had moments where it took some time to load and the ads vary in volume but it is actually possible to watch a whole program now.

Sa Ha

Does not work Can't watch catch up tv on 9 so looks like im not watching until one day they are up to the standard of all the other tv ststions

Erik Lundberg

Buffers every few seconds Using Netflix for a bit makes me realise what utter rubbish this offering is. Spend more time playing than buffering and I'll give you a second star.

Sally Read

Rubbish Crap out after 10 seconds. Have not been able to watch any shows. Rubbish app that is unusable

Neale Paterson

Buggy piece of crap As with other reviews... This crapware will play the ads, just not the shows... it just seems to keep buffering.

Joanne Macartney

Over it Every show I want to see has a problem. I can watch the lead in advert but it then tells me, we have a problem with this video, please select another. This has happened every time in the last two weeks. I would now give this app a minus if I could. I have notice that no one connected to this app has responded to the many complaints,

Clint Starrett

Where is the Chromecast support? Does what I expected but would be useful to have Chromecast support.

Geoff Konopka

Yep, it's crap. Web version stutters, this app has no chromecast compatibility, no ps3 app - stick to recording that occasional good channel 9 show until they catch-up to the other catch-up providers. Back to iView, Netflix & plus7 for me. ?

Jithu Titty

Ads I totally understand you guys have to play ads. But not just ads. Can hardly watch any programs because of it. Hated it

Daniel Lawrence

No chromecast No wonder Netflix and Stan are taking over. They seem to know the basics of what people want.

Lachlan Burnet

Dodgy and low-quality Lots of ads.... Ads work fine funnily enough. Picture is great quality for the ads, but really low quality on the actual programs! If Foxtel Go can show their programs on a tablet in HD, why can't you, channel 9?

alan morris

Crap app Continuous faults, never works with chromecast and even without cc it crashes. Ads works video does not. So much for catch up tv.

Tania Greenway

Destroyed by Ads It's a pity they are not understanding how the viewer is not enjoying this app with the amount of ads. Tooo much. I found the programs good viewing but the ads destroyed it for me, I am out.

Marc Kabamba

Annoying I find this app is constantly showing errors and has WWAAAAAY too many ads. So tired of watching ads. If you move away from the show to read an email, you another ad! I found the other channel apps way better and don't have errors all the time.

Craig Guttridge

Crap like everything else Once I get the thing loaded I can't Chromecast it to the telly so have to watch it on hand held. Delete and back to couch tuner. Should be able to give no stars.

Zorahia Taylah

NOT WORTH IT!! It may have some of my favorite shows but they've killed it with adds, save your time and find your favorite shows on YouTube!!

Suzanne Marshall

9 jumpin Total rubbish, rarely works and then stops all the time.

Karina Mozer

Plays adds but nothing else Loads adds wonderfully, very fast and never ever had a connection problem but won't load Even a second of the episodes.

John G

Garbage!! Just a way to get people on line to advertise their content. Certainly doesn't stream anything. Sometimes you'll see an advert but that's all. Very disappointed. Ten play works fine.

Air 12

This app is completely usless works over the internet via computer but if u have the app u only see ads

Mark Cameron-Smith

Plays ads well. That is all it can do. Crap piece of coding. Chromecast?

Ted Porter

Worst streaming Constantly pausing, like watching a show 7 seconds at a time

Paul Smedley

Works OK, no chromecast support Used it to catchup episodes of the Block. App worked fine, but had to use the phone mirroring feature to cast the video to the TV. Builtin chromecast support would make this much more seamless.

Patrick Hardy

Ads work, nothing else does. This app is consistent...consistently fails the "it works" test.

Greg Thom

Select another video BS catch up entirely doesn't work. Revenue through ads is clearly the only thing this app is for.

Karyn Williams

Doesnt load Finally no longer available on apple but wait itdoesnt work seriously and yhe big channels wonder why ppl download probably downloads atleast work when u want them too andwhh is it nog available on samsung tv.??

Daniel Judd

Broken, revert to a previous version, please Tried to watch a couple of things, and always getting the message that you're having issues with this or that video. Still broken after a week and a bit. So your update is broken, just go back to the previous version. Please?

Troy Rollo

Seems to be better now Still has some video issues after pausing

Lauren W

Disappointed Dowloaded this app and have not yet managed to find a single show that didn't bring up the message "we're currently having trouble with this video, try refreshing". I don't mind having to watch ads either when I can actually see my shows, but watching ads only to be disappointed when your shows won't load is really not acceptable. Happy to change my review if these problems are addressed.

gary o

ADS Waited for the Android version for adds and not much else :( deleted almost immediately.

Benjamin Wade

13 adds straight Trying to search a particular part of the footy show and I got 13 Adds before I got to what I wanted to watch, pathetic, uninstall.

Andy Coles

Since the latest update it will only show adverts but the keeps saying there is a problem with the video please fix No longer working

David P

Piece of sh!+ What is the point of this, it doesn't work at all. No wonder everyone illegally downloads stuff

Nick Gillett

No Chromecast No Chromecast access is very disappointing. Big plus though, is that it does not demand access to call history etc., it does not invade my privacy. I have unloaded all apps for the other commercial Chanel's because they require unnecessary access to private information to supply a service. Far too many ads.

Natalie Johnston

Doesn't work with chromecast Uninstalling the app as the browser works better for me

Liam Young

Terrible I think the idea is to make me watch ads for the apple watch so many times that I'll give up and buy one even though i just downloaded the app for android. Deleted.

Tara Pilkington

Plays the ad's ok, won't play the tv shows though. Very disappointing.

A. Samrout

Rubbish. "We are currently having issues with the video" error pops up AFTER the long video advertising. Why the hell can the ad play but not the actual footage I selected?? Uninstalling immediately and go $##×= yourselves. Thank you

Michael Gill

Absolutely useless Plays the ads just fine but shows do not play at all. Just goes back to the episode screen. Fix it or take it down...

Sarina Clease

Takes forever It takes forever to load, then adds come on, even the adds buffer. It is frustrating, but I think you can fix it. Please do. Thanks

Tevita Loko

ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS AND SOME MORE ADS Deleted after trying to watch a show, something glitched then had to watch a 5min ad to get back to where I was.

Chantelle McGowan

Blocked chromecast mirroring?! What the hell channel 9? Lucky i have Netflix

Ian McAllister

Terrible Adds play perfectly but videos fail to load, waste of time!

Michelle L

Problems with ads It's all good if you want to watch a show from start to finish. But if something goes wrong with the app and you want to find your place again, you are forced to watch multiple sets of ads. I had to watch about 10 mins in a row this time. Frustrating.

Kristy-Lea Thrift

1 star So your advertisements load but your shows won't. Seems rather convenient.

Alex Kouvaras

Useless Ads play perfectly. The program you want to watch comes up with error message: "We're currently having issues with the video". Also there is no Chromecast support which was promised for early this year.

Josh Chamberlain

Needs Android TV and Chromecast support The app needs support for Android TV and Chromecast

Lois Wesney

Pathetic! Have never been able to get a single video to play. What the........???? Such a waste of time - just like the way chanel 9 dish out the new episodes of Big Bang Theory. Very disappointing.

Milton Lopez

Videos not playing. Only ads. Please fix.

Natalie Hickey

play back won't resume from last viewed point! way too many adds

Paul Bidner

This crap doesn't even work, what a waste of time to download!!

David Hall

No Chromecast Ads work on chromecast, but not shows.

Michelle Radojkovic

The whole point of catchup tv is missed with this app. Fine if you want to watch on phone but can't chromecast and if it stuffs up in playing you have to watch multiple sets of ads to get to where you were when it stopped. Channel 9 improve your game.

Jay Fisher

No chromecast support Too many ads

James Persson

Too many adds and no samsung smart tv app

Amanda Mihajlovic

Annoying cant even pause Very annoying when you watch half a show

Ofek Tchelet

Awesome Realy high quality I love wathing it in my free time.

Jacinta Walters

No Chromecast The ads don't bother me too much but I was disappointed that it doesn't have Chromecast.

Liz Johnstone

ADS!!! I think i watched more ads than the actual show. Needed to resume playing twice and had to watch the same ads over and over in the meantime

Aidan Fryer

Okay Let us select resolution like we can on you tube. Also let us watch in HD where avaliable. What about watching movies?

Tim George

Full of ads I will not use this again if i wanted ads I will watch TV just as many ads just the worst TV app around I've used them all

Erin 47

Not working I couldn't watch any shows and it was lagging, waste of storage

Warren Sharples

Ads Far to many ads destroys the pleasure

Sophie Latham

THIS APP IS USELESS!! Go back to 9Jumpin. At least it actually worked! This app shows adds PERFECTLY, but as soon as you get to watch the tv show youve chosen it pops up with "Sorry, we have encountered a problem" WHAT!?! YOu can play an add without a problem at all but as soon as it comes to playing the tv show its broken!?! SOO FRUSTRATING. And what's worse, i cant even go onto the website and watch it from there, it just redirects me to this crappy app. FIX IT!

Jo Culf

I give up This app is rubbish. Funnily, the ads play without fault but the show is nothing but sound, crashes every 10 seconds and is a complete waste of time.

Neville Friedrich

Doesn't work on Nexus 7 with 6.0.1 Go back to the 9jumpin app. At least I was able to watch stuff with it. This just doesn't do anything! The new version is even worse.

Petula Wilson

I can't get it to work

Stephen Welsh

Just rubbish Crashes frequently, makes you set up an account to use, and wants access to numerous services on your phone for no good reason but to spy on you. Really poor effort Nine and you are so out of touch with your consumers...

Peter Norris

Nine Now - disappointed Nowhere near ABC, SBS, Seven or Ten - show quality is often poor and ads are twice as loud as the program. Also, why do Nine need you to create a login with your email address - should be optional only if you want their email updates. Sorry developers, go back to Jumpin or the drawing board.

Kai Barnes

Terrible Slow and buggy, no chromecast support, just wanted the app to catch up on missed episodes...useless

alisha howells

Crashes and no cast option Crashes at the end of shows, streaming sucks, doesn't work on my 4.0.4 tablet :( grrr

Jemma Poulter

I don't know if this is any good because it won't load!!!

Beth Elias

Would only play ads, not the actual episodes. Complete crap.

Julia Nicolson

So many bugs Constantly crashes...never plays or loads. If it does, then when it comes to adverts it loads from the beginning again. Always have to restart app and try again.

Belinda Leopold

Works great! But less ads please!!!

Felipe Gonzales

Rarely crashes while playing ads.

Josh Farrugia

Make it so we can use chromecast

Tara Controversy

Doesnt load. Only crashes. Very unhappy

Adam Swift

Not Happy Why is the default first view, NSW. I don't wanna know whats on in nsw, i wanna know whats GTV9 victoria has. Remember there are other states other than nsw.

Peter Black

Full of bugs! Fire your app team! I've watch about 20 ads, which always ends with experiencing a problem, whilst I can hear another ad's audio. Shocking app, the development team should be fire and find someone that knows how to make an app. Maybe a bit more concern about offering a quality experience and less about ads might help too.

Anthony Raso

Shocking app. Keeps freezing and won't let you finish what ever it is your watching. Lots of bugs to be ironed out in this app. I'll give you guys at 9 to fix this app, if no updates fix the app I'll unistall it.

Mat Jo

Wont even play I installled the update and it still doesnt play. Just keeps showing "we have encounted problems" please fix the issues. There was a new update to fix bugs but still not playing

Michael O'Regan

Just terrible Streams the shows in horrible blocky low resolution, but manages to deliver the (often repeated) ads in high resolution. Gee thanks. On the plus side as a viewer (but not for the network) it often screws up and skips the ad break completely. No Chromecast. Easily the worst streaming app around right now which is really saying something.

Mark Chellew

Overwrite 9 jumpin on phone now they demand I make an account and sign in. Why totaly unneeded just anothercway to gather personal imformation without choice. Free means no accounts

Harriet Galagher

Rubbish This app is rubbish. Full of ads and constantly freezes and you have to restart so never actually get to the end of your program. Bad move 9. Update. ..have just reinstalled and no improvement. Picture quality appalling and not worth watching

Matt Dunstan

Doesn't Work So annoyed you updated 9jumpim which worked to this rubbish app that doesnt work. So then i try to watch in browser and it tells me i have to use the app.WHICH DOESNT WORK. CRAP SERVICE. And with all the bad comment5s you'd think they would fix it. Cmon someone is severely overpaid and not doing a very good job. Shame on you 9... and don't get me startted on the whole log in thing! Get it together 9 it's 2016. `

Graeme Salter

Doesn't work Forced to set up a profile and then the app doesn't work. Do you think this is a great way to promote free to air? Off to watch Netflix instead.

Shanaz Amlani

Go back to jumpin Doesnt work. Alwaya an unknown problem. ..but the adds seem to work! 9now doesn't load on computer either.

Chris Harrison

Crap Want you to sign up so they can onsell your private information and email you rubbish. Pathetic ch9

Matt S

Terrible. Locks up, crashes, unresponsive... and they try force you to use it instead of watching in the standard browser window.

Joey B Good

STILL Absolute Crap! ...EVEN AFTER UPDATES Fix the bugs in your stupid app! It rarely works and continuously shuts down. WORST APP I'VE EVER USED!!! IT'S 2016 FFS!!! GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER!!!

Dean Bromilow

Big company Poor App so many issues.

Luke Pell

No Chromecast This might be useful if you could cast shows to the TV; uninstalled.

Huss Rahman


Sweet A

Great app It let's u catch up on all the shows u missed but I'd like a TV guide?

Zepp Zeppster

Rubbish Absolute Crap! Want me to sign in??? For what? So that you can enable target advertising.. Not with me you won't!

Liming Tieu

Don't work Only plays ads doesn't play any tv shows

Vic Pitman-Jones

What a piece of crap. Plays ads okay, but never what you want to watch. When is this going to be fixed?

Ruchi Jogi

Common mate need to have a chromecast's not good without it

Andrew Dittmer

Doesn't work Doesn't work and can't get rid of notification. No Chromecast.

Kane McGrigor

Downgrade Move from 9jumpin to 9now made the app less user friendly, less stable, and removed features. Bad move 9, I think I'll persist with one episode and not return for at least a year.

Max Puckeridge

The only time this app worked was when playing ads. It crashed my tablet twice and when it didn't crash it only played audio.

Rik G

Still cant watch any shows as it plays a 30sec ad and nothing else. The shows never play, but live stream did so you had 4 stars but lost 3 as cant watch anything else. * and now it doesnt even load up. Fail.

Jillian Swan-Eiffe

Are you serious ....been 5 weeks and STILL not working! Then after each add it goes back to the beginning then adds again. This did not happen before this latest update and change...SO MANY ADDS THEN IT STOPS AGAIN AFTER EACH ADVERT.

Yael Keon

DOESN'T WORK ON WI FI I downloaded it for use on my internet tv. Ads play perfectly but the shows only play sound - no video. I contacted support and they said it would only work with mobile data turned on. That makes this completely USELESS for internet tvs, tablets not on a phone plan or on computers. Jump in used to work... every other TV station works. MASSIVE FAIL on 9s part. Ridiculous.

Deb Searle

Terrible This app is rubbish. Can't watch a thing on my tablet or smart tv. I want to be able to watch my favourite shows when i like, but this app has made that impossible. Big fail on your part. Glad to see all the ads that drive us mad are working fine.

Aaron Gawlinski

What the actual f! It's rubbish like this that makes people sign up to Netflix and download torrents. I hope someone got raked over the coals for the clusterf#$k that is this app. Even if it did work not having Google chrome linking makes it outdated anyway. Tried to search big bang and it came up with an API error while my girlfriend is watching it on her iPhone next to me. Wonder why people download and use Netflix? Look at this app and find out. No responses from developers either. Whoever tested this app... Embarrassing.

Michael O'Regan

Developers should be ashamed Fails spectacularly in its basic function to stream video. Quite cynically, is much better at making you watch the same ad over and over again, in better resolution than the show you were trying to watch. No Chromecast. Absolutely fries my phone's CPU and battery. Unintuitive controls. Unstable. I wish I could give zero stars.

Joell Murray

If you're someone who likes to watch 60% of a show, then enjoys a frozen screen that says "Sorry, we have encountered an unexpected problem. Try again later" then it's your lucky day as this is the app for you!

Gary Deboer

Don't bother wasting your time I installed this app 6 months ago and it would not work so I deleted it after 2 weeks of trying and only getting adds, reinstall it again yesterday still doesn't work only adds. So to all the advertisers on channel 9 that I watched I will go out off my way to not purchase your products for wasting my time.

shaun clark

Crap Always has problems such has picture and sound out of sync. Picture freezing and sound keeps going. Quite often it says it has encountered a problem. Can live with the ads if these problems get fixed bit sick of the same 3 times in a row

Andrew Boisen

Very very bad. UI hard to use and unresponsive. Frequent freezing while navigating through the app. UI freezes while typing on search screen. Flickering on the screens when browsing shows. Crashes while watching a show. Touching screen while ad is running launches you out of the App to the browser. Most unusable app I've seen.

Katt Sims

Total crap This app is s**t, you watch half a show and then it has "somethings gone wrong" i don't know how many episodes of my shows I have missed or will keep missing because nothing but the ads will play. Fix it ffs this is bull.

Elyse Casserly

Useless! Wont load any shows. Plays the initial ad very well but then comes up with a message saying there is a problem. It has worked once for me since downloading. Also has no chromecast option. Tried to watch via the website but it directs me to the app that doesn't work!

Kerry Went

Just installed. Program wouldn't play first 3 times, when it finally did, stopped after 9 seconds. Not impressed uninstalling ..

Jonah Rahi

What that sucks It doesn't work on my tablet tab A but it does in my phone please fix it and i will rate 5 stars

Jaime Lancaster

Crap. Nothing works. Watch something for 10 seconds then stops, or it just says a unexpected problem. Please fix this app as it would be great if it works.

M Syddany

Message to CEO of 9Now Have you tested your product on your smartphone, tablet etc.... before you launched it? That's your audience target, right? That's very basic test, I can lend you my phone. Do you have quality control? Why would you want to rush out an app that doesn't work? SBS and ABC are way ahead of you with their limited resources. Thumbs up SBS & ABC. 5 for them, 1 star for you!

Gail Cloak

Live in SA but app would only open up to Sydney time and unable to change it to SA time despite several attempts and having an SA postcode

Michaela Kenneally

Don't bother Would give it zero stars if I could. Constantly freezes and crashes my Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus.

Christina Matila

Would definitely NOT recommend Would not recommend to anyone. Was so excited to download but the advertising is for an App that doesn't work. Miraculously, Ads play for 30 sec play over and over again, but the programs you actually want to watch encounter problems??? UNINSTALLED?

Adam McMillan

Really? I opened the app at 10.30pm for the live feed, yet the live option had 7.30pm. programing. Obviously not live!!!!! As always the 7plus live feed was correct.

Nev Lewis

Useless More crashes than the Fast and furious franchise.

Joel Pollock

CRASH Pretty consistent in crashing before you finishing watching a show.

Paul Walker

Need an account I can't see why I need to create an account. I know it's free but that's not the point. I can turn on my TV and it works but here I need to create an account. Get a grip channel 9!

Daniel Spiteri

Doesn't work App doesn't work at all on Nexus 6p. Restarted, still didn't work. Reinstalled and got an error page whichever way I tried to log in. Needs a lot of work.

Antonios Kanis

Absolute crap Wont play episodes. Keeps freezing and churns my battery. Sort out the bugs channel 9. Get some ideas of the other stations apps.

Christy K

Crashed on average 3 times per 20 minute episode. Not Chromecast enabled. Even the ads didn't play (video was blank)

Suzie T

Useless. Does NOT work Does not work on samsung tablet. 9jumpin was better. Channel 9 fix this NOW

Cassandra Woof

Here's another 2 mins of ads... Another 2 mins of ads only to return to a frozen program....IOS is just as bad

Karar Hasan

Fix it!!! Guys concept is great execution is horrendous! It wont load and it keeps dumping ads in weird places and it needs an UPDATE asap!!

Kayla N

Good app but Crashes to much 7 and 10 are better

Christian West

Continually crashed I watched an ad for pay TV many many many times but was never able to get an actual show working.

Tim Dalby

Useless Nothing works but the add works fine. What a suprise. Good job on testing your app before releasing it.

Ross Gaylard

Only plays ads Shows wont play did you guys test it for like 2mins before release find a new developer could be a good app.

J- Warwar

The only thing this app allows you to watch is ads. REAL CRAP!

Charles Moore

C Moo I haven't been able to watch any shows for the past week. Notification keeps popping up "encountering problems " try again not happy fix the problem

Michael Thom

Not so good Worked OK before the last update, now drops out of the app after 60 seconds off viewing.... Just ran an update, 9now more like 9never

Julian Charters

Ads, Ads and more Ads If you like ads, then you'll love this app. You can see ads virtually every action you take within the app, fast forward=ad, skip to content=ad, watch content=ad, every error or interruption=ad. Commercial networks in Australia just don't get it...

Lakisha Deniel Villegas

I absolutely hate it I'm not saying that I'm going or gonna delete this app but yeah, y'all should need to improve this app. Sometimes it worked, sometimes or most of the time doesn't work well ?

Kate Liggett

Does not work Painful to use and when you final are able to watching something there are errors. Ha r been able to watch a single show on this, complete fail

soraya jabboury

Worst effing app ever!! This is the worst app I've ever tried to use. I use the word "tried" because it is freezing all the time, it's full of advertising and it doesn't allow for any feedback. Channel 9 are the worst with their app and for people like me who want to come home and catch up on TV via their apps and can't because of channel 9 not being able to get their sh*t together and make a descent app for users. So far behind channel 7 and 10 who are clearly more advanced. What year are we in again, channel 9? 1980?!

Mandy Starkie

Rubbish Easy to use and its free! Thats what you claim. Easy? Yup no problems setting it up. Free? Yup but to charge for this piece of s $%÷ would be a crime! Ads are the only thing that play longer than 30 secs!

Richard Blanco

Nov 2015: This app is pathetic. No other chanel app freezes except this one. I have spent 35 minutes trying to watch 17 minutes of programme. Are you for real chanel 9??? You are way behind your competitors, not even out of the box yet. I gave it one star because you can't leave it at zero stars. So guess what, I will download the torrents and give you a miss...yeah, 'illegal' but at least reliable. April 2016: I can't believe it's now April 2016 and you have done nothing to fix this app. Oh well you obviously don't care.......switch app off and back to torrents!!! heard from your sponsors yet???

Jason Whiteley

Shocking experience Every minute or so my 9now app will randomly drop the video to portrait mode, then back to landscape, then check for an ad, then drop back to the video to start playing again. This is ridiculous and very poor 9. I would ask for offline downloads but what's the use when you can't get the basics like video playback right?

bridget west

Not as good as it was you need to actually show all episodes of all shows instead of just the latest ones its so annoying


So frustrating Took ages to load program, shut down/ froze a number of times. Finally started and got to 31 mins through a 43 min show and shut down. When reloaded it asked to resume but went back to start and would run for a few seconds and restart. This has to be the most frustrating app I have come across.... I have been trying to watch a 43 min show for over 4 hours now....agghhh

Tasha leach

Needs improvement Sometimes it plays & sometimes it doesn't!!! Definatly needs alot of work to be as good as the other channel apps

Edward Coffey

Still no Chromecast support - disappointing. Check out ABC's app - they managed it.

Liston Rua

Too much Why am i having to put in so much details just to watch something FREE. I don't get this with channel 7plus. No wonder it has a 2.3 rating. Fail channel this is.

Junior Gali

-5 stars Every time you skip you have to watch a 40 second add ??

michael kavanagh

Not good Have to keep refreshing ..., laptop version will not work at all ... disappointing

Niv Star

This App Needs attention Keeps dropping out except if it's a commercial. Really need to fix this issue if u want ppl to watch online.. Very frustrating!!

Kim Cruice

It suxs I hate how you can't watch previous episodes

Noella Murray

Deleted. Try to watch replays of the voice, wont load.

Jody Meigan

I think it's awesome having this app

Amy Rorke

Disappointed Worst app I've ever used. Makes you watch an ad and then crashes. Every. Single. Time.

John Hurley

Crap Fix your app it doesn't load proper

MrJohn JCC

Unable to play video. Check connection. There's absolutely nothing wrong with my connecting! Why won't it play?????????????????????????????

Mark Moylan

Garbage Ditto to most of the other reviews. P.O.S. !!!!

Sadeed Ahmed

Works great The best catch up tv application.

Brock Appleby

Crashed straight away and no Chromecast

Rob Mann

Keeps dropping out. Pointless even trying to watch it with this app...

Tiffinie Reeves

Tv show kept stopping The tv show kept stopping but the ad's worked really well and so many of them. Please look at what the ABC have, it's user friendly and it works.

Paul Pogas

Will half star suffice? What a useless pathetic s..t app.It freezes before it even begins.Please fix or better remove it.Take note of the opposition and how they designed theirs.

Lauren Cornes

Is zero stars an option? Tried it on a couple of different devices - havent got it to work without crashing yet. Hate how the website forces you to use something that doesn't even work. How many bad reviews do you need before you fix this steaming pile of poo?

Shell Trim

fix please the app needs some work. if you actually watch a programme it shuts down before you finish. not good.

Simone Stewart

Rubbish app with no improvements If I could have given zero stars I would have. I simply wanted to watch an episode of big bang which I missed, it was more than happy to continually show me adverts but not the episode. It will slow me to watch clips (not whole episodes but 1-2 min snippets) which don't have adverts before them but we t let me watch what I want to. Fix it now

Alek Hillas

No Chromecast? I'm surprised this is a problem at all, because Channel 9 is a joint owner of Stan should really be on top of the Chromecast basics by now.

Alex Kouvaras

Useless On Samsung Galaxy S5 - Ads play perfectly. The program you want to watch comes up with error message: "We're currently having issues with the video". Also there is no Chromecast support which was promised earlier this year. On Samsung Galaxy Tab S - does not connect at all. This app is beyond belief, a total joke!

Peter Troop

As crap as it gets Doesn't work on my phone or tablet. You would think if they can't get numbers on TV they would really want us watching streams. No wonder Netflix is doing so well.

Andrew Beacroft

To the developers. You're kidding right? This thing crashes worse than any other app I've EVER owned! For example, the show I'm trying to watch right now has crashed 7 times and restarted at the beginning twice so far. I've never been able to watch anything without it crashing at least twice.

Sharon Delphine

Why is this app constantly crashing!! Can't use this app at all now, won't allow me to view anything. Just crashes as soon as I choose something to watch. Please fix ASAP

Jason Smith

App requires facebook or email to register F U 9. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!! By all accounts, this app is garbage anyway AND you expect my personl details to log into crap. I stopped watching your live tv channel 9 because evidently your station has NEVER heard of a CLOCK and your movie times will be up to 40+min later then scheduled throwing set top box recordings out ensuring that the end is not recorded. Heres a tip, when you have a sporting event and its a chance it will run over slot time, schedule some BS rerun cartoon or old repeat for 40 -60 mins after sporting event that can be dropped when the sporting event runs over so that the rest of your schedule can then continue to run on time. Have stopped watching your main channel 9 for over 3 yrs because of this, dont watch it at ALL just because of this. Its pure arrogance on your part towards your potentual consumers. Now your app requires PERSONAL details when none of the others do and is a piece of #*#* by all reports. Congratulations on loosing another consumer!!! No wonder 7, SBS, ABC are the only stations worth watching anymore.

Jason B

Let's tv.........a couple of.........seconds at a.........time, but when the ads come on, there is no problem with playback.........until you.........get back to........the show! I'm 20 minutes into a show that I started watching an hour and 20 minutes ago.

Ettienne McClintock

State of Origin So I am travelling away from home with no access to a TV. I start to stream the build-up and as soon as the game came on I get a stupid scoreboard with no live game being featured! Channel 9 you have over promised and under delivered!!!

James Ellis

Diabolically Bad Avoid. Seems that 9 have a vendetta against Casting to a screen. No inbuilt Cast support and when Screen Mirroring is enabled on the device, there is no video only audio. WTF? Why can't it mirror free-to-air TV to my bigger screen? The 9now website is not much better. Does a very good job at showing the loading icon or showing a "Please install Silverlight" message and that's about it. Utter crap.

Anna Mel

Useless Makes me log in each time I launch the app. Glitchy. More often gives me a "sorry, we're having problems" error message than works. Better off rearranging my schedule to catch the shows on tv

Natalie Bedford

Disappointed For a large network your app suck big time. Ad's are repetitive and worst, the Ad's play better than the actual TV shows. On top of that you need to log back after every second ad break. Extremely disappointed channel 9

Priscilla Peto

Worst app Can't load anything properly, just buffers. Can't chrome cast. Useless. Channel 10, iview, Netflix and Stan work perfectly.

Teowai Ratahi

Dont Waste Your Time ! Only thing you can watch are adds Tried to watch a replay of a show and the screen was pixelated and minute ad comes on clear as a bell. Waste of time and data..

Keith Cohen

Fails to use Facebook app authentication and goes via web page. Wrong. Fails to support Chromecast. THIS IS A TV APP! WTF?! Fail. UI is ok. App runs on 'N'. ok. Video quality:Liked it. Audio quality:Liked it. Overall grade: Just OK.

Kristin Nelson

The application I have downloaded, signed up and logged in (several times). This application does not work. Very unhappy ?


Its so so FKN bad you have got no idea First you cant use it unless you sign up. Then if you manage to get it working you will find many many commercials that play for many many minutes before your ch9 crap show starts and god help you if you want to fast foward as you need to see every single commercial before it starts again!! I never got to see my show in the end and will now delete this SPAM and cant wait to see what kind of crap thats waiting for me in my email that i used to sign up to this shtt.


Rubbish keeps crashing and closing This app is useless made by a big company does the same thing on 3 phones crashes after 30 seconds. It closes and if does run the video freezes. Absolutely rubbish app from 9. Why dont you do proper testing before releasing. No chromecast button either get with the times. Waste of time dont bother downloading has performance issues and is not up to date with today's android market. No cast availability 1star

Vincent Tjong

Why am I always getting logged out?? Please fix this!! I'm spending more time logging in than watching anything.

Paul Mitchell

Tragic The worst tv ap yet. Constantly cuts out during shows...but not during ads. Ch 9 should be embarrassed to have their name on this

Sarah Stapleton

Don't waste your time Can't watch a minute without it stopping and rarely restarts clips itself..this app should never have been released

Stephan Tindle

RIP IT UP & START AGAIN. This app has improved but it's poor. Buffer & freeze issues, except for the plentiful ads. Do I really need to enter PW each time app opens? Suggestion - Employ new DEVS. Noticed ad for app on TV. NO CLUE. It's not ready.

James Fynan

Extremely and progressively annoying Incredibly inconsistent, glitchy, ad-ridden more than any other streaming service I've seen. Only pro is that it has a wide range of shows to watch in good quality.

Gina Tan

Not good. It froze after few minutes of watching. I think their competitors have better apps. Will uninstall. It still freezes and there is no fast forward button. Crap.

Hyper South

Is this a joke? Why do I need to create an account when I will be 'paying' to watch the content you provide by virtue of the fact that no doubt I will constantly be bombarded by adds? No thanks.

Jason Whiteley

Location bug, login bug, no offline download My nexus 6p still can't give 9now it's location, so I'm always on NSW. Can't you give me the option to set my location manually like plus7 does? Also this app never keeps my login and I have to relogin every time which is frustrating. Also it would be great if you could add an offline downloads option please, so we can download on wifi for the commute. Thanks for your time reading this.

Kobe Montana

Still Doesn't Work Don't bother signing up if you have "." In your email address. It won't recognise or accept it. It doesn't work either through a browser. Just collects data. How does the ABC iView app work for the last 4 years with all their budget cuts? When 9 can't get it to work on a full desktop PC's let alone an app. Plus7 and iView are leaps and bounds a head. With no need of linking Facebook or signing up. With instant streams

Adam Williamson

Need to log in Why would I want a login just to watch a tv show I've missed. Oh, to resume later or on another device. Still stupid. Might start using if you give an option to view without login.

Lachlan Burnet

Lots of ads.... Ads work fine funnily enough. Picture is great quality for the ads, but really low quality on the actual programs! If Foxtel Go can show their programs on a tablet in HD, why can't you, channel 9? And no Chromecast support? Pretty pathetic all-in-all. 9 should look at ABC iView if they want to see how to do a good TV/catch-up app.

Julia bellchambers

Very bad far the worst of all its competitors. TV shows freeze every few seconds and also crashes your phone. Very frustrating!!

s louey

log-in downloaded it again a few months later and..... yup still crap ch9 does everything shiit.... can't even cast.... wtf I mean who doesn't let people cast nowadays losers!

Arman Schwarz

Brilliant This doesn't actually let you watch what's on channel 9. I don't know why you'd possibly use this app.

Jenny A

Works well with Chromecast Just downloaded this App to Samsung Galaxy s5 and watched 2 hours of TV. Worked well with only very occasional slight buffering. Maybe its everyone's equipment that's the problem & NOT the App!

Leanne Eastland

Why do you have to try and find the, show you just tapped on to watch...I tapped on, viral sensations, it takes you to everything else but, tried to find it but can't ,bloody stupid .

Michelle Love

Dont waste your time!! Barely get 4 words before it stops to buffer! Ads come up clear without issue and then when the show restarts you barely get 3 seconds of it working before it re buffers. Absolutely pathetic chanel 9 im a regional person that no longer can get your channels unless online streaming... but its worse. Why shouldnit take 1 hour 10 minutes to watch a 25 minute show?!

Debra McCulloch

Doesn't work only ads play This app has suddenly only play an advertisement first, then just rolls the nine icon round and round not playing anything

Rob Twidle

Don't waste you time with this crap app I concur with all the negative comments below.. adds.. long periods of waiting. .. more adds... ugh

Mat Oldaker

9Never This is the biggest POS I've downloaded to my phone, no casting to TV, ad runtime exceeds that of the show you try to watch. Crashes and freezes all the time.

Chris McCorkindale

Has potential Doesn't cast to a big screen so no use to us. We aren't going to huddle around the phone like school kids

Jay Walton

Lies, Lies and more Lies On your TV add saying download the 9Now app, you can clearly see the a frame from the show "Auction Hunters". The show isn't even available through the app. (Not that it is a fantastic show, but I find it comedic at times). Blatant false advertising. I thought I would watch the live NRL game... Only to find it is not available. Is it 9Now or 9WhenWeWantTo? If the Rugby League is on free to air, why is it not available to watch with the app? Kerry Packer is rolling in his grave...

Chelsea Capper

Waste of time Lets you watch your show for only a couple of seconds at a time before buffering...very disappointing and frustrating to use. The ads still run without issue

Alex Pettigrew

Chromecast support Please add chromecast support, I'd love to watch this shows on my TV

Tristan Walz

Bloody loud ads Maaaaate, I understand you're a TV network and ads are in your blood but do they need to be twice the volume of the actual show? And why do i need to setup an account? No chromecast support either. One job, how hard?

Sarah Brownie

Experienced a couple of glitches when I upgraded, but all good now thanks to some geat customer service.

Luke Perry

Just Disapponting I sign in and it plays 9 but won't play go or gem or life please reply or fix channel 9?

Pamela Lewis

Not very good at all most of the shows i get are only short clips and when i did finally thaught i was getting somewhere it said this page does not exist LIFT YOUR GAME chanel 9 not good enough compared to the other chanels catch up apps they run rings around your crap, from the reviews i have been reading i dont think i have come accross many positive ones at all what does that teĺl you.

Mike Sumner

UTTER RUBBISH What a load of crap this app is. I've installed some rubbish apps in my time, but this by far one of the worst. It's a shame that you can't give it minus stars :( Shame on Google for allowing this into the store

Sharna Graham

Why do i need to create an account? Also no chromecast support I really despise having to create accounts for 'free' things so that you can spam me with crappy emails (because ads during the program arent enough!). Then when i did install it, it doesnt even support chromecast, very disappointing.

Wade Wilson

ALMOST perfect This app will constantly freeze, then disconnect, restart your show from the beginning, play you 5 ads (perfectly), then disconnect again. Other than that it's perfect. Having no Chromecast support, while absurd, is actually a blessing as you can only see the reflection of your gormless countenance in a small screen. 9 will be fully aware that their app is unusable, and clearly put zero effort into fixing it. Don't download it. Use the time instead to do something worthwhile, hug your kids.


Gawd awful The ads in this app are just, awful. I was just trying to scan through one episode to find a particular story and gave up. I was forced to sit through a 30 second video when I had only used the app for about 20 seconds. Then realised this was only the first of 3 ads to come. Ridiculous.

Micah Brown

Doesn't work Beyond awful. By far the worst streaming app on Google play. Not only does it FORCE you to sign up to their stupid app. The catch up programs never load. PIECE OF FREAKING CRAP.

Tones 82

Glitches not fixed so frustrating! Freezes & Says try again later every 2mins and when it does play again it plays the adds over & over they play fine ofcourse! Even after sitting through the adds because I'm afraid to press any buttons! When it gets to ur show its either gone to mid way of the ep or back to the start then freezes again! Even waiting a few days it just does the same thing! It won't even let me watch a show just on by Google via net as u can on computers as it says u need this bloody app to watch!

Lots of ads and requires email for subscription Why do i need an account? So if you want to fast foward a show you'll have to put up with a number of ads before viewing where you're up to... stop at the wrong spot and you'll have to put up with more ads! Pros: it seems to have a reasonable selection of shows, and it plays live TV.

Kim Dickson

Fix the glitches!! Its really frustrating that the glitch issue is still not fixed. I have not been able to log in for 24 hours now. Hope you sort it soon. No point having an app that doesnt work

Melanie Evans

Can't even cteate an account Can't watch anything without creating an account. Can't create an account without an error message. You would think channel 9 could afford to set up a working app.

Nat Webb

Not 1episode will play through Constantly crashing, haven't been able to watch one show right through and never wants to load the watch or episodes. Said it's been updated to reduce crashes BS I'd hate to have had it before the update. Frustrating and a waste of time!!

Hopeless Won't chromecast. Constantly crashed my tablet. Channel 9 - take a look at ABC and SBS to see how it should be done. Dont waste your time.

Andrea Snudden

ABSOLUTE RUBBISH Cant even watch one episode without crashing. Do not waste your time. Nine do not give a dam

No support Not happy that I have to sign up and it does not support chrome cast. Immediately uninstalled. Need to fix this issue asap.

Amber Cobby

Worst app The WORST app !! Was unable to watch a whole episode of anything without glitches and sometimes closing the app completely!! Not worth the download unless you enjoy frustration

Ben Thomas

Yeah crap You own stan ch 9 and its pretty good.. why not use that platform .. and you cant run 7 ads on a streaming service every 8 minutes

Mike Fraser

TV shows won't play. Live TV works, but not catch up. Using a browser I was able to watch catch up once but no longer. Seems like channel 9 is just pretending to offer this service. Will uninstall.

Nicola Dunbar

Easier to download Keeps crashing mid video and playing the same ads every 2 minutes. Bloody hopeless.

Kylie Bennett

Too many ads, why do I need an account for that? The first irritating thing about this app is the need to create an account. Why should I? I just want to catch up on some TV! (The reason I had to catch up in the first place was because Channel 9 never runs their programming to the set times. Even setting the HDD to record for 12 extra minutes isn't enough to catch the end of the show...) Having watched most of the show I simply wanted to scroll to the last few minutes, but was subjected to ad, after ad, after ad. Then the app kept freezing. Useless!

Michael Jarkovsky

No full screen or casting Video plays in the top 1/3 of the screen and is unable to be rotated or played in full screen. There is also no casting ability. Fix this and you will have a better rated app.

Amanda Starr

I want to murder this app. I consider myself a pretty calm, relaxed sort of person generally. This app turns me into an angry hulk who want to smash and destroy Nine Now. So no casting option, that's pretty pathetic, but at least I can cast my phone screen so hey, no worries. But the constant interruption with "We're currently having issues. Please try again later" messages does my head in. The show restarts and I have to sit through countless ads while I try to skip ahead to where I was up to. I hope you get cancer Nine Now.

Shaunna Clarke

Fix the glitch Glitches, all the time its crap you can't watch it with all the glitching best fix it before I ever decide to download again not a happy camper

Raphael Angelo Mella

Don't bother Full of ads, frustrating to navigate. Uninstalled. Regretted the 5 minutes I put into creating an account

Warwick Silver

MY Samsung galaxy note 7 and other high specs devices Really That's it? Still!!! Please Google let us give this type of RUBBISH app the score it deserves! It deserves less than a one star rating !So Google why should we be limited to giving this an inappropriate rating of one star? when it is for most of us a ZERO star rated app!

Toriie Jay

Constant crashing Will crash multuple times while watching just a single episode of any given program, will go baclwards after adds and then make you watch 5 adds again to get back to where you were supposed to be. Being a shift worker this was a great alternative to missing out on all my favourite shows but it jist doesn't work.

Brittany Melling

Definitely angry I'm a night worker so I can't watch the footy I thought downloaded this app would help so I could watch it on my phone but no it always says currently unavailable completely infuriating I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone

Michael Cammareri

Wasted 40mins watching 5 minutes of show too many ads, crashes. Every time you skip to find where you are up to have to watch 5 ads again. Very frustrating and waste of time.

Michael Stephens

Why can't we watch the nine now app between 3 and 4 o clock? Open the app, want to watch nine news at 3, everyday says currently unavailable. I thought the point of your app was so you can watch it at anytime on your device?

Kayla Brady

Always drops out-mostly adds I'm half way through and always says try again later. Then will just not play....however it will continue to play adds. Just not followed by the show I've been into. So very annoying

Aaron Myrtle

no casting to chrome cast! wtf cant understand why there is no casting ability. it is difficult for a family to crowd around a mobile phone to watch a program. what a shame channel nine

Rebecca Falconer

Can't watch more than 5mins without crashing! This app is horrible! It now takes 2 hours to watch a 1hr show because the app keeps dropping out and starting from the beginning. Get it sorted!

Keeps crashing Trying to watch an episode is fustrating. Its keeps crashing then finally when i try and watch it again goes straight back to the start! Then i have to watch five adds before i get back to where i was. Get it fixed. Worst app.

Ryan Martin

Unbearable Video pauses randomly and then rewinds a few seconds back, playback errors and ads play after an error occurs. Terrible. also, no Chromecast support.

Alex Parks

No Casting No casting capabilities which means I will not use this app. All up to date apps having casting capabilities so it's a huge disappoint 9 that you don't. Please upgrade your app.


Won't show the episodes so you can watch anything. Just full of stupid interviews and extras no one cares about!! Not happy

John Melville

Why can't we cast? I don't see why we have to log in. And really, it's useless if you can't cast it to a smart TV. Waste of time.

Lillian Kingsford

Way behind the Competition If they don't want to be part of catch up TV, then why not let us cast it to our TVs.

Created by a 3 year old!!??? How the hell can one of Australia's largest television channels have the most unusable and crappy application known to man kind!? In the 1 hour I have tried watching a show 40% of my time has been watching ads 40% starting/restarting/waiting because the shows keep crashing every bloody few minutes and then 20% of my time actually watching a show but in sheer anger. Whats it going to take me? A whole week just to get through one bloody episode? Pick up your game!!!!

Janet Hill

Absolutely rubbish Kept stopping/re-loading and sooo many ads :( bad form, channel 9. Bad form.

Leo A

It was good! The app keeps my phone awake after I finish what I watch which drain my phone battery, it wasn't this case before.

warren orams

Great work guys. I have just joined up and I am immediately impressed. Being a 9 fan, I can't bear not staying in touch. JUST SO EASY. great work team. THANK YOU .????????

Alistair Dyson

Pointless if streaming doesnt work Streaming generally works for the ad + a minute or so of show. Then freezes and unwatchable. Pointless

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