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16 Aug
7Metronome: Pro Metronome

Posted by Sándor Török in Music & Audio | Aug. 16, 2014 | 94 Comments

Apk file size: 1.6 MB

7Metronome is probably the most versatile free metronome app for android devices. The intuitive multi-touch user interface makes the metronome amazingly easy and fun to use. Build complex rhythms by touching, dragging, pinching or zooming. Got some tricky rhythms or would like to improve your timing? This metronome will support you in every situation.

★  20-240 BPM (beats per minute)
★  Change the tempo reference note
★  Tap your desired tempo to get the BPM
★  Fast tempo setting function (slide your finger up or down on the screen)
★  More than 100 possible time signatures
★  Create complex rhythms by touching, dragging, and pinch-zooming main notes
★  Subdividision up to 15 notes
★  5 different high-quality sounds
★  Unique beat visualisation
★  Runs in background
★  Start/Stop directly from the notification bar, when app runs in background

About permissions:
— Network acces and view network connections - are required for ad-support
— Prevent phone from sleeping - allows to keep screen on, when visualisation is enabled
— Control vibration - allows haptic feedback on some user actions

You can remove ads at any time with an in-app purchase.

Created by a musician - for musicians.

Whats new

    Version 1.1.4
    - bug fix for a synchronization problem between audio and animation
    Version 1.1.3
    - better synchronization between audio and animation
    Version 1.1
    - choose between light and dark theme
    - accents and rests supported now on every main beat
    - bug fixes

Sándor Török part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 16, 2014. Google play rating is 92.4286. Current verison is 1.1.4. Actual size 1.6 MB.

Download 7metronome-pro-metronome.apk 1.6 MB


Ched Cuaresma

Nice and clean interface, but still lacking I like how the interface is clean. You can customize the time signature and the tempo. I also like the "main beats" feature in such that you can combine different note values in accordance to the time signature. For example, you can use 4 quarter notes in a time signature of 4/4. Conversely, you can use a combination of 1 dotted-half and 1 quarter note for the same 4/4 time signature. One thing I miss on this app is the "swaying" animation of the beat visualization. It lacks the analog swaying movement of a metronome. This would help me in slow tempos. You can subdivide your beat, and that helps when you're listening through headphones, but it can't do that visually. I hope this will be a feature in the next update.

Mike Michaels

this thing is awesome Saw instructions on youtube and was sold. Exactly what I like, has the numerical count value plus an easy to watch strobe pattern. I've been using for drumming practice. Should be good for performances as well.

david duval-smith

thankyou for this great app the first of 4 metronomes i have tried that i like .i love its simplicity and i love its flexibility . i can really tell you cut no corners and this was crafted to be a useful tool . i would love it even more if it could stretch to being a learning tool , i.e with educational notes , or even suggestions about rhythm , as im fairly new to music and this app hints at so much you can do with rythm . i promise upgrade when i can . thankyou .

L Feign

Unique, best metronome The interface may look odd at first, but in fact is brilliantly conceived. The circular movement and the flash at the start of each measure are easy to keep track of in peripheral vision, with your phone on the edge of the music stand, which is valuable if you play a loud instrument like saxophone and can't always hear the beeps. I tried many apps which attempt to imitate traditional metronomes or use flashing dots, and none are as easy to keep track of as this one.

Samora Ntsebeza

Good, needs subtle improvement Great app, useful for my percussion needs.. However, when I use MAVEN music player, and have a song playing in background and try use this app at the same time, one of the apps is silenced, either maven plays, or 7metronome.. If this can get sorted out, this app is 4stars leaning towards 5.. For me, this is an essential feature as it allows me to have the music I choose playing to a metronomic click as long as I need simultaneously, which'll help me practise for gigs more effectively.. Tx developer

Sukhomoy Bhattacharya

Sudden Fall I used to love this app. suddenly I found it is getting Hanged over that it is running too slow.Now I m going to uninstall this. By the way I m using Note 4 now.

Daniel Gratz

Perfect for Contemporary Music I play alot of complex meters in percussion music and this is awesome for that. This is the most full featured met app I've seen out there. The pinching controls are really annoying though.

Darko Kehler

Finally a Great Metronome! Best metronome ever! Being a jazz drummer, I can finally practice beats as odd as 19/16, accenting the beats of my choice. Great work! Also no dragging during mail sync. Thank you!

Ross Fellrath

Best free metronome for flamenco Program it and you've got 12! 1 2 3! 4 5 6! 7 8! 9 10! 11. Only metronome you need.

Petar Popara

Great app! Maybe you could add option to choose different sounds for subdivisions. Anyway, it's a 5* free app, thank you Sándor!

Sheldon Joshua

Great Great app. Loud and great visual. Layout could be better tho

Adam Park

Good, but could do with improvement I love the look of this app, and the flexibility in beats and accents is not found so simply in competing products. However, I would like to be able to save setups, especially seeing they can be quite complex. Also, using a zoom gesture to adjust the subdivision does not work well for me, I find it difficult to control and would prefer a slider or similar... Perhaps one finger to the right increases and to the left decreases the amount of subdivided beats.

Jake Rosper

Good but four bucks? Two tops Is all you need. Every musician would buy it

Ian James

Yay!! It's unbelievable how difficult it is to find a bloody metro that keeps time! This one can be set to most every time I want, and had time under the main time I'm playing. Thanks. I went through 4 metronome, before Fi ding this one. Nice work.

Josh Riddle

Good App, Few Complaints After time, the visualizer gets de-synched from the audio. Also, maybe a flatter app icon? That's all the rage, right now.

Jonathan Guzman

Wow! Absolutely great, I would love to buy it if it were a little cheaper

Justin Arrington

Amazing Easy to use, never skips. only thing I would ask for is a high sensitivity record option like my other metronome. Amazing overall though.

Isaac Rodriguez

Definitely the best metronome app! Not only is it nice looking, but all the features are easy to use, like scrolling or tapping to select tempo, time signature and beat selections, nice visual beat. I really like this app. Thanks!

Sabina Abrudian

Yes, I love it It's the only metronome I use whilst practising on piano or vocalising.

Timour Almakaev

Great metronome for players I would be 5 stars without the ads. Please get rid of the ads

Rachel Jimenez

Finally A metronome that does what I want and looks good doing it.

Harry Harrison

Amongst the clutter of metronome apps strewn across the play store, this one is by far the best. Looks nice and simple, but has lots of functionality.

Aldo Tanca

Buggy Nice interface but it won't play all the beats. I spent some time trying to understand how to have it play a clave 3-2 on 16/8 and it skip the this and fourth beat no matter what I do.

Andrew Smith

Excellent There are so many metronomes for Android. This is one of the only good ones I've seen.

Max Harrigan

This is a great application for a free. I use it to help my timing when practicing my bass.

Isla Forbes

Awesome! Really helped me with my scales and songs.

Jonas Miller

Great for drumming The cool thing about this app is the fact that it gives you precise visual feedback when you're trying to lay down a beat

James Gardner

Oh my.. First met with odd time...amazing...ppooww

Călin-Andrei Burloiu

Lacks saving feature This is my favorite metronome app! I like that I can create my own rhythms which is essential if you play eastern music. However it would be nice if I would be able to save the rhythms I created. In this way the app can grow to have a library of rhythms. The community could also share rhythms.

Michal Malčovský

The best metronome app for Android, thanks! ?

Matea Kranjčić

Amaizing! It really helps me in my piano practise, there is so much options what you can use. Really great app, I would reccomand this app to everyone!

jake shadik

Would love a 'swing' feature This is a great metronome, the only extra feature that I'd really like to see is the ability to add swing to the subdivisions

Jesse Cassiano

I like it It would be better if the metronome can play in background.

Columbus Skywalker

This is a good metronome. I haven't experienced any lag whatsoever, and the interface is great. It also can run in the background which is a huge plus for me. I highly recommend this.

Jonathan Cook

Pretty cool. It's awesome. You can change your subdivision or even add rest!

Martin Garcia

Drummers best friend Awesome app. Let's you control everything and its free

Hylton Gudmanz

Excellent! I love the versatility and intuitiveness of the app.

Josue Castro

Good Always using it at church when I'm jamming! Keeps me on time and the band as well. No complaints!!

Christofero Pollano

Great app but needs a landscape mode I currently have it on my tablet which is usually on a stand and I have to turn my head to see it probably, otherwise the visuals are good

Russell S

Does everything I need it to Works well

Mikhail Levchenko

The best metronome i've ever seen!

Nik Ameish

Sound in bkgrnd Don't have opt to play metr sound in back ground forced.

Ben Meyers

Best free metronome The one feature I was really looking for was simply the ability to accent more than the first beat. This is by far the best metronome app simply because of the way you can customize the beat. You can accent any beat and even put in rests. And it's got the best and most streamlined GUI too.

David Patterson

Pretty much perfect This metronome does everything that you could need. It's the only free one I have found that allows you to create your own beat subdivision pattern for working with tricky rhythms in complex time signatures.

John Kaminsky

Clean and nice visual Wish you could start it quicker, there is a day lay from when u push the start button until it begins. Hard to get on track of u ar into the song and trying to restart ot

Stephen Howe

Wish list :-) More than 24 beats would be good and for editing long rhythms it would be nice to be able to do it on the circular display instead of scrolling and losing track! I want to give it 4.5 stars

Hasan Dur

Quickly drains battery! This is a very good metronome. I quite like the way it operates however, when I use this app my phone's battery level quickly and abnormally decreases. Can you please fix this. Thank you.

Dylan M.

Everything I need in a metronome - free As a drummer, finding a clean looking, efficient metronome with easy time signature changes AND click sounds that aren't horrible is a godsend for me. The best part is that it's totally free and the ads aren't intrusive. I've tried all the other top rated free metronome apps and this one is by far the best.

L Feign

Doesn't work in Android 5 or 6 I thought this metronome was so brilliantly conceived and designed that I paid for the ad-free version, just to support the developer. But after changing to an Android 5 device, I found the app freezing, not only the app itself, but freezing my whole phone. Upgraded to Android 6 and the problem continues. The developer doesn't reply to messages, so, sadly, I must uninstall and use an inferior metronome app.

Alex Miller

Super lagy This app is super laggy on my phone (Droid turbo 2). Non responsive a lot of the time. It's too frustrating. Could be a great app if it would run smoothly.

Danni Rodes

Excellent I have been a musician for over 27 years. I have had every metronome from the old mechanical type - to the modern software type. This one is very good... love love love the ability to properly subdivide. My only gripe is that pinching to get the subdivision is a little tricky, but otherwise. .. well worth the download.

Gerard Taylor

Excellent Does not have any useless bells and whistles...just the essentials. It can also be set for flamenco and other complex rhythms, simply by selecting, say, 12/4 and accenting the 12th, 3rd, 6th, 8th and 10th beats for Alegrías. The visual aid could be larger; but all in all, this is a hot little app for timing and meter. Amateurs may miss the useless frills that other metronomes offer, but professionals will find it ideal.


Perfect but poorly optimized The UI is perfect. The settings are perfect. But holy crap it freezes, lags, and cuts out all the time. I honestly love the app, but cmon.

Caleb Ostrom

Seriously not bad It has everything I need in a metronome, though I may not be the most demanding user. The main thing is that the ads are unintrusive. The interface is not gimmicky, but straightfoward. I have had no problems. I would appreciate a start/stop button from the lock screen as I often use it for long periods while driving for vocal exercises, and dislike having to unlock my phone to stop it. Other apps have a widget with reduced controls on the lock screen. But still my favorite metronome so far, I won't change.

Jonah David

Best metronome on Android. Only critique, would like to go up to 400bpm and splitting the accents into drumset sounds would be cool too :-)

Sergio Rusinque

Simple and varied options Great interface and very simple to use, the grafic illustration of the bar is really helpful.

Hudson Lawrence

Great tool A wonderful metronome that is very versatile and user friendly. I would recommend this :).

Charlie McShane

Love the visualization mode. The "circle of beats" look is very similar to hand drumming notation. I used to set a groove for a new song. Thank you.

Ethan Milavec

7 metronome is amazing! This is by far the best metronome app ever. I was looking for an app that was able to change the subdivision, and this was the only one that I could find. I strongly recommend downloading this app if you are looking for a great metronome.

Justin Steger

Best free metronome app. I was using Mobile metronome for a long time but the add spam was ruining it. This app puts that and all other free apps to shame. It has all the tools musician needs to break down any complicated time signature, accent pattern or subdivision. The visualization option, while not for everyone is another really great feature of this app. It is particularly useful for flamenco musicians and dancers that visualize the 12 beat grooves such as alegrias or bulerias like the face of a clock.

Eric Berry

Perfect!! Uses Any Time Signature!! Ranges from 6/8 time to 19/1. Why would you use 19/1 time? Who cares they have it

Ben Falkoff

All the features, and free! I love this app - it's very powerful, allowing you to customise the playback w/ time signatures, rests, and accents. Great for odd time and other complex exercises, but also straight forward if you're just looking for a simple metronome. Totally free, but I think it's a program well worth paying for.

Aeiou Uoiea

SAVE PRESETS!!! The best metronome I've tried so far, but... it doesn't save presets?!! So if you don't mind editing the beats every time you need a new clave, this app has everything you need. (The paid version only removes the adds, it says)

A Google User

Pauses between beats For some reason, the metronome pauses for a few seconds and then begins again. But other than this, the app is good. It's nice that you can subdivide on this, too

Nathan Selfridge

Pretty much perfect Has basically everything I could ask for in a metronome. Tap for tempo, alternate sounds, time signature selection... My only gripe is it's a very outdated looking app. It's not quite ugly, but an material design update would really make a difference here.

Hayden Aiken

Has issues I have an LG V10. The app crashes and freezes up a lot for me. It doesn't remember what tempo I had set the last time I opened the app. Otherwise, the app is pretty and functional, when it works.

griffin wojtowicz

Yes It actually works perfectly! Unlike every other free metronome 10/10

Harri Holopainen

\:D/ Downloaded, tried, bought and got rid of other metronome apps. I love it!

fidel dely

Well designed Liked it a lot. Nice features. I wish you can change settings while playing but its the best click I found out there. Thank you...


This is the best app so far but if you can add an option for saving different beats it would be way much better.

Luke Sampeck

$50-$80 metronome, free?! If you aren't satisfied with this metronome and it's versatility, you are probably the kind of person that causes groans of disappointment upon your arrival due to your constant complaining. "Waah, waaaaaah, everything should be made to my previously unexpressed standards!" That's what you sound like. A metronome with all of these features would be quite pricey at your local McMusicmart, and this one is FREE! The best metronome I could find on google play, give the devs $1.95 to nuke the ads.

Arcady Genkin

App locks up The interface is nice, but the app freezes all the time when editing the beat sequence. I would press on a beat to change it, and the app would respond 2 minutes later. This makes it unusable. Also I am wishing I could save the rhythm so that I could load it later.

Chris Davis

Have to uninstall This is the best sounding metronome I have used so far. The tones are crisp which I find valuable and they're loud enough to hear over my music. I just cannot keep it from consuming 25% of my battery even when I don't use it for days! That is a massive power consumption while not even being used. A shame, because I really enjoyed using it.

Aaron Willette

Great app, but lags hard. I love all the features of 7metronome, but it lags immediately and seriously when doing anything on my nexus 6p, often crashing. If this is fixed I'll gladly change my review to five stars.

Chris Hangsleben

This metronome has some great features, but.... There's some great things going on with this metronome, the syncopation, the ability to set time signatures, even the animation isn't so terrible from a visibility standpoint, but there's one thing that's going to make me uninstall it. The battery drain. A 1 hour practice session just about killed my battery from a full charge, and I turned everything off that I figure would drain the battery. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay for this app, or I would not be too happy with it.

Zakhar Sobarshov

Great! Top app! But would be good if the creator changes the way of choosing subdivision. Drop-down menu would be grat, cuz sometimes slide makes me nervous:(

Andres Botia

Excellent Metronome It seems to be very accurate and it is very versatile. It allows quarter notes, ghosts notes, accent notes. It works flawlessly. As constructive feedback to the developers, I'd consider more beat sounds.

Sean Whalen

Literally my best friend Lovely no fuss app. Has everything I needed for practicing at various tempos and time signatures. Sometimes I sleep with it playing at night, or use it on 60 bpm to count down the seconds while I make pizza rolls. Way better than the other metronome apps I tried which had annoying ads and starts and stops.

Pablo Arencibia

Great!!! The best and more flexible metronome I have found in Android. It would be great if we could save the patterns to avoid haing to re-create them every time. It would also be nice having measures of more than 24 beats, or simply being able to generate patterns freely like "Weird Metronome" does for pc.

Olivier Gagnon

crashes constantly I don't get the high reviews. It has nice features but it crashes every 2 minutes on phone.

Phillip Provencher

Awesome! Highly Functional! Versatile! ! My title says it all. Feature-packed, this metronome provides me with an excellent capability and the flexibility needed to set tempo for any time signature. Great software!!!

Thos L

No complaints, two suggestions Very nice. Has all the features that I would have wished for plus some that I never thought of but find useful such as setting tempo by tapping rather than by entering numerically. I have just two concerns. 1. It isn't loud enough. Needs to be used with ear phones or external speaker. 2. Would like more options on the sound. E.g. the down beat is always a high pitch and the other beats are low but I would like option to reverse that. Like how a dumbek would sound.

Elsy Gomez

Spectacular No weirdness, self explained just explore! Personally I don't like when theres a huge click screen their layout is beautiful. Awesome how it runs in the background and how I can change time signature to practice different beats. Would definitely recommend. Keep up the great work!

Gergely Ferenczi

VERY versatile metronome! The three features that steal my heart: one can 1) set arbitrary time signatures 2) accent any subset of the beats within a bar 3) have an arbitrary number of clicks within a beat. The combination of these three features allow one to rehearse the craziest of crazy musical ideas. Cherry on top: the user interface is very intuitive.


Best metronome app You can add accents, syncopated notes, separate volume controls. Gives you enough features to set the meter so you are able to feel certain types of grooves. Much more, plus the is app is free?!?!! Come on now how can you go wrong with that.

Danny Lopez

Pretty great! I've had to delete a lot of my past met apps because of glitches and ads. This app is very well put together. I wish the subdivision wasn't through zoom though. But overall it works great!

Eric Hall

Unresponsive app. Unresponsive Developer. This app freezes on me all the time. It has long 15 to 20 second pauses and half the time just shuts down. Contacted the developer and never got a response. It's a shame. It seems like a good program. Uninstalling. Running on LG G4.

Marky Gent

Excellent app and doesn't invade privacy with permissions like ability to email without ones permission. This is an excellent app and is teaching me to be a better musician. IT support itself through ads at the bottom of the screen which is not too high a price to pay for this excellent app.

Elizabeth Peregrine

Best free one I downloaded all the free metronomes. This one was the nicest! There are some weird things about how to use it but it has different sounds for the beat and you can choose what beat you want accented, time signature and the subdivision of the brat! It's all yu need!

Lee Pfeil

Excelent Great app, but 2 comments: Why no 16 note subdivision? Only goes up to 15. 16 would be most useful. Shuffled (swing) beats would be nice too!

Alexei Goldsmith

Some issues I love some of the features. The thing keeping this from five stars is that it frequently becomes unresponsive and sometimes crashing. It makes changing the settings very difficult and not worth the hassle.

Bill Hendry

It works and it has what I wanted The only thing I'd like is to make the audio louder...


My Favorite Metronome Awesome. The subdivisions are awesome. As are the accents and rests. However, it seems one cannot effectively rest the first subdivision of a beat. Please fix this!

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