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16 Sep
432 Player - Pure Music Sound

Posted by Appum Studios in Music & Audio | Sept. 16, 2016 | 192 Comments

Apk file size: 13.0 MB

​The 432 Music Player:

*Wanna help us translate the app to any other language?
Contact us at [email protected]

This Mobile Music Player plays your music while pitching the frequency of your music in real time to be in the 432hz frequency.

The app is pitching a song to 432hz (if the song is in 440hz) when the sign "Pitch to 432hz" is visible to the right of the song name.
So you don't need to press anything, the player automatically converts all of you songs(only temporary) to 432hz by default.

Means that if you want to listen to specific song in NOT 432hz, you should press the "Pitch to 432hz" and than it would say "No Pitch", means there is no frequency transformation the that particular song.

**Please notice that due to copyrights law the Screenshots are very limited in terms of Album Art and Song/Album/Artist titles

The 432hz frequency is considered to be much more in tuned with the full essence of the music by many scientists and musicians.
Appum Studios produced this mobile application so all of you listeners around the globe could feel and share the joy of music with all around you, no adds, no in app purchases, just a clear clear sound with slightly different and positive experience :)

​Some of the cool features:
-Album Art Auto Search
-​ID3 tags Editing/Displaying
​-Custom Playlists Creation, Integrate with other music players.
​-Choose songs or complete folders to play
-​432hz/440hz per track listening option
-​Advanced filtering and search options
-​Bluetooth Support
-Customization of design by the user
-Full Custom Themes coming up soon..
-​and much more..

More info and related links:

**The app is free, and has no financial background to it. Mainly exists as a tool for those who want to hear their music in a more refined and healthy tone opposed to the 440 Hz.
The app will pitch shift music that's tuned to A = 440 Hz, it will not work on music tuned to other A note references.

Please contact us before voting in case of a problem , complain or a question :)
[email protected]

Whats new

    -Fixed many long waited bugs
    -Added Playlist Creation button on main player buttons
    -Changed and improved (a lot) Playlists creation and editing
    -Changed and improved (a lot) Searching for songs, albums and artists
    -Player is much faster, takes much less battery and works better on older devices
    -I spend 100s of hours of my free time to try and improve and enhance the 432 Player and it's community.
    If you feel like helping, a paypal donation to [email protected] could do the job :)

Appum Studios part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 87.8764. Current verison is 12.6. Actual size 13.0 MB.

Download 432-player-pure-quality-music.apk 13.0 MB


Marcus Liang

albums still sort alphabetically instead of track number. albums are split up and not contained together. please fix

Mike Wehling

Wtf Loved this app has to add it to my new tablet now it won't even work it's on the exact same model of tablet so what the crap!!! Please fix I want to give you five stars

James Hack

Outstanding My only negative remark is that I'm not able to use player on my lock screen. The controls are frozen, but the music plays fine.

mike devore

It keeps crashing. Fix it and I'll be happy to give it a 5 star rating

Drew K.

Great app I love the app. 432hz music works wonders for me. Would it be possible to include WMA and mpeg-4 in the app? Otherwise, all the bugs have been fixed.

Luminous Light

Like the idea I like the idea of this app. Never really thought about the neg effect of frequency of today's music or idea of 432hz. Thank you for your awesome work and love. Just as an advice, I wish it had sleep timer feature. Also, most other apps have 2 repeat options. Repeat whole list or a song, if i'm not mistaken, this seem to offer only one option so it could be improved. To add: i wish i could be able to make playlists too :(

Changtey Momin

BAD LOOKING UI Sound quality is GREAT! BUT Uncomfortable UI and would be better if integrate lyrics mode stuff.

lukas steenbakkers

Awesome, good know there are still people trying to help humanity

david keays

Simply amazing I can't believe how good it is. When i first listened to my music through this i felt so relieved. I was actually crying but it was so awesome i was happy at the same time. It needs to be used for everything.

Lee Lane

Gets better by the update! Props to the app developers for staying on it and working out the bugs! Now if you could enable media progress reporting in the app, my pebble could function as a remote control :-)

Brian Genter

Good stuff! As an audiophile, I'm hearing greatness in all my favorite songs. This is awesome!

Doug Mohan

Great but not search feature really difficult to find certain songs

Shivalika Mondal

Love it I've been looking for an app like this for a long time now. Thank you so much for keeping this app free. It really works.

R Hoch

App doesnt load. freezes on homescreen. Tried to restart..nada. using galaxy s2 skyrocket, 4.1.x... gave 5 stars for your good cause.

Ted Walker

Something magical about 432 Check out what sacred geometrical symbols this frequency makes in water or sand. 432 squared is the speed of light. I bet Tesla knew about this too.

Abdulaziz Honeywell

So nice. I suggest to add lyrics.

folod yuhgli

doesn't allow folder play from sdcard this is a shit oversight and makes the player next to useless. uninstalling now/ OK THEY'VE FIXED IT 4STARS

April y

Namaste Thank you for the good Will

Jon Hosmer

Theme Change Issues Great app, Dev keeps up on all bugs, updating often! Though I changed my theme to light theme and now even when I change it and exit the app as it offers, it still opens with the light theme. Just a heads up! Thanks

Umut Basarili

Thank you guys One bug I have found is keep playing when d/c Bluetooth or is that normal?

Melanie Davis

Thank you. Unbelievable the difference.

C Vagneti

Crashed frequently Stopped several times while browsing on bigger tracks.Galaxy s4

Harsh Shah

Close to natural beats Awesome app ... bugs are there but still Recommend. .. have faith on developers

Daniel Ciocan

432 Hz made me enjoy music again! All I wanted was 432 Hz sound and this app delivers. Thank you!

fred bear

Having Difficulty I really dig this app, but it wont play the selected song, when trying to move to next song it shuffles, and at times dosnt play the selected song..other times wont play at all

Keoni Olival

I love this app. The sound quality is amazing and it definitely comes out in 432hz. Recently, the app has become very buggy and slow. Freezes at some points as well. When initially starting up the app, it takes a while and every time i lock my phone, i have to wait for the lag to reenter the app. Making a Playlist is also difficult, specifically trying to add more songs to an already created list.

Charnell Cato

What happened?! This app was amazing and then it just stopped playing. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted my phone, and downloaded the update and it will not work. I have Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Please fix

Matthew Williamson

Please help note 3 It keeps crashing my note 3, I restarted my phone and it helped me got past the intro screen but only as far as playing one song before crashing, please please help as I really want to use this for healing while listening to my tunes :) much peace and love and thank you for all you hard work

Ashish Rana

Join the revolution Its noticeable pitch change makes it easy on the ears. Can listen for hours without stressing my ears. Not to forget the health benefits. Join the revolution. And share it.

Angelic Treating

Awesome job I really glad to thank u about this job. It is the reality of science being used here. It also has boosted my device automatically!! I hope I can find more useful apps by u; but there is just one thing I'm always wondering about which is why every app is not safe! Thanks for the team again and more blessings to u...

Malachi Tobin

Music The music helps you

dominic sands

Please can you update the great app so songs.artists and albums are listed alphabetically. ..its really difficult to find things at the moment..they are jumbled... it takes ages to find what I want to listen to..Thanks

Hironori Taniguchi

Does it job on changing to 432hz This player is always evolving. Has added some features that was asked before. Nice work. Keep evolving.

Aaron Ibarra

Good Vibration Awesome!

Victoria Mirza

Great app! The ONLY way to listen to the music. The developers do listen, and are working non stop to improve the app and fix any issues it might have. If u e-mail with questions, they not only reply back in no time, but do follow up with you to make sure the issue is fixed. Pure quality music, great developers team! All you gotta do is just enjoy your music in an out of this world quality. Thank you Appum team!

David Romero

Good for the soul Research 432 hz tuning and you will be surprised. Also look up spiritual science on YouTube or Facebook. This stuff is tied together. Sacred geometry fits into both of these topics. Educate yourself and free your soul.

Cannon Sanders

432 Player The only way to listen.

rafael nextor

list from folder is still buggy for some reasons the context menus on folders only works for the first few folders. i have 30+ folders and the plus menu only appears on the first ten.

Tanya Treadway

This doesn't work at all. It pulls up all my music, but when I select a song and hit play, it won't do anything. I was very disappointed.

Zhenya Litvyakovirdeev

Well at last!!deserved five for developers! the floor of year waited ,I will wait new for a gratefulness!!!!!Namaste!

Vincent Virovac

One thing Certain songs don't play correctly they're super slowed down both in 432 and normal

Charnell Cato

Same problems For some reason this app will open and freeze on main screen and will not respond. I have to force close it every time. If I don't, the screen stays on and my phone gets hot. This is disappointing as I really enjoyed this app when I first d/l. Will be removing until a better version is updated

Nathan Boorom

May replace VLC Nice player. Would be nice if when you deleted tracks it automatically added they would stay deleted. Also would be nicen if it would scan the sd card intead of just playing a file or folder, cant really add anything to current playlist just have to make new ones. At least you csn get music off the sd. Like the 423hz though.

Nichelle Pierce

Ty ty ty for this app! Ty for this app. It's great. I'm all for returning to 432 and it looks like I am not alone :) - it's a much healthier frequency. To your health, Namaste.

Amado Moreno

Lagging It works fine wireless but, with a cord or aux it lags bad. Please fix. Will rate 5 after update. <3 Love and Light

Wayne Jago

Lame Doesn't even have all my music. Ain't worth the space on my phone if I can't even listen to all my music. Delete.


Sounds great I play all my music through this app now

molly sanpedro

Great app! Love this app! Would have given it 5 stars, but my only complaint is I can't fast forward through my music. I listen to alot of mixes that are anywhere from 30-60 minutes long and it would be killer to have this feature added. Still a great app, thanks!

Brandy Hartman

Lotusgirl Very cool, I dig it, overall, but wish that there were more options. Still, that being said, I highly recommend it.

Alex Clover

Really does work, but not very full-featured. I think a lot of people would pay for more features

jake shroff

Glorious sound. Makes a ton of difference.


Music Sounds Better

William Mccaffery

Won't load I cannot get this app to function

Veronica Navarro

This is an awesome app but I mostly listen to spotify. And they don't have an option to change the hz :(

Christopher Wallaker

Can't get it to work Didn't load any of my music . I loved this app on my iphone. I just can't seem to get it to work on my galaxy s5

Martan Haverhill

It's a sacrifice for 432 Hz Severely lacking in comparison to other popular apps in terms of UI functionality, design, and features. I have to expand the notification to use in lock screen. Material design should be incorporated along with features held by other music apps. But good work tuning it to 432 Hz.

Nash Aniruth

Good but it stutters a bit. Slight sruttering at times. Besides that it's perfect.

Bov Smasher

Nice app however when I press shuffle it switches on repeat and when I try to switch repeat off it switches of shuffle, anyway to rectify this?

Hironori Taniguchi

Does it job on changing to 432hz Changed to asus zenfone2, doesnt see to bw able to read my music stored in sd card. Help

zowido zoweido

Amazing idea that actually works just one thing witch is really important - the Ui/Ux is very old, uncomfortable and cluttered. it needs a complete overall redesign from scratch. please do it we are waiting for it! tnx!

Kani Salanoa

I LOVE YOU! Thank you very much your talents have served this world well. In LIGHT, LOVE, & LIBERTY, Kani!

lukas steenbakkers

Awesome, good to know there are still people trying to help humanity

Shay Cormac

Good for sleeping or meditating

Soumitra Saxena

Hell lots of Problems Notificaton and Lock screen controls don't work.. During a call or using youtube this app plays songs in the background. You have to go to the app to manually pause the songs.. Please fix these.

Drew Drew

Great Cause! I love the idea, sound more "in-tune" with nature. There are some things that could help smooth out my experience; the forward button doesn't always change the song when you're searching through your library. Also, when using Bluetooth headphones I'm not able to pause my music from my headphones like most other players. Otherwise, I do hear a difference!

Matt Solgan

Only a few problems If the lock screen controls and the problem with the music still playing when a call or YouTube video is activated are fixed, then I would give this app 4 and a half stars. I would give it 5 if the above are added with an equalization function. As a musician, it bothers me that the music sounds so flat and that I can't do anything about it.

Ali u

Slow Does what it says except when I try to switch songs by pressing next, it takes like 3 seconds to do it, just slow when switching songs

Danil Hardin

Needs work Crashes every time, folder access shows less than half the folders and files. . Other players don't have these prob (galaxy note5)

Modise Mathibe

A bit more Equalizer support will be available when? What is a music player without a equalizer. The app makes me feel like I'm listening to that old Walkman. When are we going to see the tablet version of the app?


This is becoming one of the best music players for sho. I really hope this becomes your 'million dollar baby' someday like the way DFX was for its programmer. ☺

Stacie Murray

Love it Absolutely love this, best app I ever downloaded, I highly recommend this to everyone!!!!! I have had this app since yall first came out and I have not once regretted it!!!!

Jonny Gill

Fantastic! Great piece of software that really helps make my favourite music sound relaxing and natural sounding in an easy way.

John jair Mejia

Bluetooth Please add support for Bluetooth devices I can't play or stop music fix it

Arvinder Matharu

Just great

Brendan Picone

Omg you guys rock Since downloading this app the first time last year I only had 1 total complaint when the recent update crashed the application. I complained about it and it feels like it was the next day they'd fixed it. I love this app please keep up the good work.

Jeff Taylor

Ok It does what it says but, its very slow to respond relative to my other music apps and its not very car friendly while driving.

Keri G Rua Taniwha

Bug report. After samsung S5 software update today. App now stops playing music after you receive a text message and you slide down screen to switch to message. When you switch back to player it no longer shows music list, albums, tracks or anything else. You have to exit the app and restart to play any music again. Please fix this issue. Great app. Maybe i should not have updated to latest soft ware.

Andrew Brincat

Playlist making is faulty Spent about 20 mins making a playlist of songs i really like only to have a list of 30 or so go to 530 (i only have 320 ~ songs on my phone) playlist ended up having 5 or more entries of the same song i didnt even add! And then tries to delete songs from playlist, dont even bother! Only option is to delete song from phone! Please fix! Not using anymore because of this

Dylan Wochinski

Updated problem Works good now. Thanks

Bev Davis

Like it alot


GREAAT!! LOVE IT! Works perfect.. just two things, It would be great to have controls in Lock Screen, and every time I search for a song and lock the screen, when i unlock the screen again, the song playing change automatic to the first song in playlist. Thanks

Kusuma Antara

Update not good always Crash when play a song

Marcos Rodriguez

LOVE IT It is the best music tuner!!!!!!!!!?????????a must have app

Mel Carey

Love using this player - music feels and sounds better in 432 but I seem to have a small problem with using it on my nexus 5 - it seems to reset the phone every time I use it for an extended period of time. The phone has only started to do this since the 432 install and if I don't use the player it doesn't do it. I have the player on all day at work - connected to a charger so I know it isn't the batt or a normal process :(

A Google User

I am having a problem getting any of my music at all to play. It won't even show up on the screen


Finally.. music doesn't hert my ears. Really good app. Only thing missing is an equalizer. And when I lock my screen the controls don't show when I have that option enabled. I have to pull down on my notifications bar to see the controls. It would also be nice if you could integrate this with other music apps like Soundcloud. Would recommend.

Koqoo Adaggio

Thanks for Wonderful Gift! The best is yet to come and when it happens 5 stars. Well done Good people. I love you?

Laurel Phoenix, C. Ht.

I wish I could hear ALL music at 432, even IHEARTRADIO ... I told them as much, too Thank you; I'M GLAD you're fixing things and using my suggestions .. It's still not really clear to kids if you're listening to 432 or not; the wording (432Hz IS ON/OFF) can still use improvement. Though I can thru the built-in song player, changing song details/ID edit still doesn't work through your app, & though I could choose a bg pic, I can't open the gallery in ID edit or add any covers through gallery/search or web addie; it's getting better yet I'd still rather the app be friendlier & easier to use.

DubControl2 Colyer

Love it but got a problem I recently had a Samsung phone, now dead but I used to use this app all the time on it and it played all my songs. Now I've installed it to an old samsung tablet and it Is not playing alot of my songs, I can only play some of my old mp3 songs, not wav or iTunes files, it really suckss, have you got any ideas cause I am really dying without this lovely app

Sonja Oleniacz

Some things could be fixed like the player stops working after a while of it playing for a long time ( ie when I play it when I go to sleep.) Or I can't go back into the app with the pop up player at the top when you go out of the app and have it in the background. Besides that it works nice.

Justin Smith

Great for 432 Hz listening, needs work 432Hz sounds better and I wouldn't be surprised if it has a spiritual impact on my life. Videos of sand resonating to notes tuned to A at 432 Hz are pretty significant to me. Still work needs to be done. The app scans for media and ignores nomedia files that are placed in directories like with ringtones. I also have to way of removing anything from the library... only the option to delete it from the device entirely. Play pause button on headphones works intermittently

Aidan Thomas

Awesome Easy to use,love the lyrics feature. ..Well done.

eaglestar king

very warm,,!! MUSIC LOVERS AND AUDIOPHILE, CONSIDER THIS APP!! Pls download and support the app maker. Namaste!

Sundareswaran Senthilvel

Awesome... I started using this app, to get the benefits of 432 Hz frequency...

Sir Nebula

Amazing, but buggy The quality and the feeling of music has become pearlescent, but the app closes and crashes often. I would give five stars if the app didn't crash so often, I've had this problem on all platforms and hardware that I've used

Lloyd Hawkins

I love the concept but my music stops and studders too much for 5

Alan Josland

Good player Really good player and the kinks are being worked out :)

Tatjana Piskunova

Great!! Nice sound, awesome player! Exactly what I was searching for)

Zeshan Gulam Rusul

very nice this music and sound I'm so happy good sound and foulder very luck

Kidron Cool

Will keep it but... Music sounds so glitchy and stuttery and won't play a full song right. I'll try to work out the kinks but let's get real here.

Somogyi Norbert

Bugs I own an LG G4 with a QuickCircle case. Everytime when I listen to music and close the phone along with the screen, the music pauses and when I open it again the songs are gone. I have to restart the app each time this happens. The unusal thing about this is that it used to be a non issue in the past. Looking forward for a reply and possibly a fix from the development team. Otherwise I love the player, it makes music sound radically better, delicate to the ears. EDIT: I realized it was my fault, 5 stars!

Kaai Lincoln

Awesome Feel good vibes with the correct frequency for listening to music.

Planetshel Intergalactic

432=Prince=Metaphysical Universe Thank you for putting this app up. RIP Prince Rogers Nelson.

Raphael Gonzalez

Excellent media player My moto g3 keeps shutting down after the some songs have been played by the player. I already sent an e-mail to your support account but I haven't received any response. I don't know if this problem can be solved by adjusting the new buffer feature you added, can you provide a scale that shows the amount of buffer a processor can withstand so I can compare with my processor's capacity?

Soumitra Saxena

Old Problems still Exist + Blank Screen What To with a blank player showing no tracks at all. No songs to play + Notificaton and Lock screen controls don't work.. During a call or using youtube this app plays songs in the background. You have to go to the app to manually pause the songs.. Please fix these.

Mattix HQ

Love the player but I really like this player but please but the add button not on the side of the scrolling bar :D need more bugfixes but since the update it started to ruin on my device Greetings Marvin

Xavier Richardson

Work out the BUGS I can't seem to make the player function properly with the functions already supported on my HTC. I can't make a playlist without scrambling the screen and being able to select anything, it's like it chooses when to be in its very own way. Help stop the self-abuse of the otherwise awesome and holistic music player.

Jesus Rojas

Player makes my HTC phone crash when changing a song or when been playing after a while.

Vern Wong

Beautiful This app is amazing. Many musics on my phone sound surprisingly better when played with this player. Some musics still sound best in their original tune, and this app has the option to let you play whichever music you like in their original tune. Overall, a great app.

matthew king

It works!!!!! It works perfect again no problems at least that I can tell at this moment in time.

Om McManus

Great player made by amazing developers This player has, from day one of usage, replaced my go-to music player. Particularly love how o can choose my music and have it accessible in ways that are familiar and intuitive. The development team is great! Very responsive to feature requests! Much love and gratitude!


Good work! Great player! One of the best! I recommend it!

Awe Cezar

Like it All good now :)

Justin G

Crashing Please fix! I have a galaxy s6 edge plus. While playing, it causes my phone to shut down and restart completely. Please fix, I love the app and rating will go to 5 stars immediately!

Modise Mathibe

Stability At times, due to excessive repetition of songs, there the app becomes unresponsive thus forcing me to restart the entire app. Plus please address the issue of battery consumption, the app drains most of battery power. And yes, an equalizer is unnecessary.

HijodeLogunEdeylos OrishasExusyPombaGiras

Ya'll have improved a lot. One question though: why won't my songs from Google play store convert 432? Thanks for this app!

John Mar

Awesome but bug Cannot play any song now and keeps closing. I tried to restart the phone didn't work, now reinstalling..


So Far So Good What are the circled numbers 1-9 at the bottom of the player screen, with the 3 highlighted?

Cedric Marshall

Play really great!***** No hang up interacts with my SD music files no problems,keep up the good work.?

Julián Hernández

Simply excellent app This is very easy to use, without adds and beatiful interface

Ann Contenidas

Asus Zen5 Very Nice.


Best music player there is

Shay Cormac

Getting better Once again I'm very impressed. Your support for new music files pleases me and it seems every update my battery doesn't die as fast. But to achieve pure 432 hertz you must also add support for FLAC files. Thank you and have a tranquil day

History is Awesome

432 HZ Player.. Really really needs new skin but fantastic app besides the "Chinese OS" like gui

Ben Smith

Beaut... Aside from it freezing up once and awhile when it's in the background, this program is excellent. Listening to regular radio or whatever now is actually difficult, kinda scary

Geencie Castillo

Best media player ever! The only good media player that plays your music in 432hz :]

Marcel D

Interface is absolutely confusing How do I play a folder in a simple way? I get this play file or add to queue question. Too complicated...

lala loo

Great Love that it's free and actually works! 432 HZ is what we were meant to hear. Bless the developers of this app!

Aleksandar Friscic

Equalizer? This would make me use only this player. Im gonna be honest here... I mostly use vlc, because of pre amp feature in equalizer, if you could make that in this player it would be a dream come true! I would use only 432 player and live healthier life. Im one of the people whos sound card in the phone is not loud enough... Apparently... And yes, i have 16 ohm in-ear akg headphones, so thats not the problem :P

Colin Andrew MacDougall

Permissions overkill - EDIT Why does this app need to know my call info, have mic access, etc? An I'll would be great. EDIT - thanks for the explanation, and the amendment. I wish more devs were like you.

V Hawley

432 player Great sound tune my fiddle and guitar to 432 do your self a favor and download this app!!

Marcos Rodriguez

GODLY This music elevates you to the HEAVENS?

Erik Bell

Great app lets us experience music the way its supposed to be Could u possibly make this a true 43,200 hertz wavelength conversion? This will help everyone mental health.. litterally

Some Body

Really happy to have an app that plays music in this frequency. Only reason it's not 5 stars is because of some frustrating user interface problems. Most notably how clicking on an artist when browsing does nothing, can only listen through album section and also for some reason while not in the app using the android pull down settings menu to go to next or last song does nothing, only play/pause works. If these problems do get fixed I will change to 5 stars. Xperia Z3 on 5.1.1. update: the user interface needs a lot of work. Why aren't albums and artists sorted alphabetically like all other music apps, doesn't make sense to me, there are other problems too that I'm not even going to bother mentioning. Keeping it at 4 stars because as far as I can tell it actually is converting songs to 432 Hz and I understand how important this is. However if it was just a basic non converting app it would barely get 2 stars from me. Would even consider paying for a higher quality version if these problems were fixed.

Janice Porrill

Love this app! I finally found where the new update sorts in track order... it was hidden under my nose: it was tiny! Why didn't you just say where you'd moved it to? Phew. Thanks! LOL ???

Bekkie Richmond

It has been perfect until... Untill yesterday where I have been playing my music and it has been jumping like crazy and stalling my phone and all of my apps. I try to pause it or turn the app off but the music continues to keep playing and it crashes my phone. It is really annoying. It is a shame because I really love this app it tunes all of my music the the right chord. But I have no idea why it is acting up. Please make a new update!

Jason causley

Best music app EVER!!! Why is it clipping though!?? Reinstalled it many times.

Christian Læirbag

But is hard to browse music even when it recognizes music present in external SD Would be nice if you make it easier. Wonderful effort to reach harmony guys. However Maple Player JB does it best in any pitch.

Cody Callihan

432 is #1 The first time I listen to a song on here I felt like I could feel the music in my brain. Strangely enough I researched brain pattern responses and the vibration of 432 music is the same shape as brain reactivity. Pretty cool stuff I love the app very much.

Scott Elliott

Awesome! I love this app! All my music sounds so much better and relaxing when using this app. You need to download this app right now!

Luis Chánez Villagrán

Best Player Ever But it lacks the original track list from each album

Lex Johnson

Amazing quality Adds a lot of dimensions to my music. Needs a favorite tab.

M. Door

! Please keep improving this! Please make social media presence for this! Please make this able to sync with Google Music, Microsoft Groove and other online music services!

Regular Jah

Good Vibes Only I'm not a fan of phony Vibes and wierd energy.

Rahul Vatsyayan

What should be my buffer limit for best performance? I have a moto g 1st edition phone. Lovely app and really thankful to the creators.

francine smith

love the continuous play feature. did like most features but did not see all my music listed in the app yet, and thought it was strange for a "free" app to ask for a donation to keep using it.. I love that I can listen to multiple things at a time because I like to meditate with different sounds..

Erik Gabriel

It'll be a full 5 stars if the lyrics weren't wrong, or for a totally different song 95% of the time. I don't get it... The artist and song name are right there... How could it get it wrong?

Marija Lauva

Could be better I like it but it has a lot of issues n stuff like a lot

Gregory Johnson

It is really great to have this app

Tomas Bily

Issue with pausing from standby When I pause by pulling out earphones, it came back to the first song, what I played in recent period. Then I have to manually forward it to the actual song what I am listening. And by me still doesn't opens directories from time to time. Otherwise alright.

Miss Prana

You sir are doing a huge favor to mankind

Luis Nieto


Soumitra Saxena

Great Great app but buggy sometimes.

Dena Jones

Scolling in general Now has slowed but I see no way to sort in settings or in general browsing. It also selects the plays the wrong song from search unless I shut the app down every time I want to hear something different.. PITA.. but if that is how you want it, I won't argue.


Almost Perfect So happy that this App exists, thank you for making it. One small thing: on my Sony Xperia Z3 it blocks the power saver so my battery dies EXTREMELY fast. Please fix.

Radu Hanu

I love this player This is how music should be tuned. The player is awesome. Thank you so much. Please fix at it shuts down after a while.

Andrew Tummonds

Best one out there Continually being worked on, easy to use, it's perfect. Thank you for creating it

Zombo Zombos

The Perfect Human Tone That Truly Stimulates Every Section of Your Brain! This Is A Scientific Fact!

amber blunt

Menus don't load Love it, besides some small glitches and sometimes shuts off randomly, it's worth it

Angel O. Demonio

Sound Great quality in sound

Rich Blasko

Awesome. Thank you for this.

Marley Brook

Latest version not working This app is no longer working since this new update.

Levi Ferdinand

Adds adds and more add Spoilt it by overloading the adds. Epic fail. Back to converting my music manually. Like every other app that does this......DELETED.....

John Mar

Awesome but bug Cannot play any song now and keeps closing. I tried to restart the phone didn't work, now reinstalling.., now after few months and another phone I still have to re-install the app because nothing would play.. Again. Fix this bug please and will put 5 stars. Also fix the playlists they don't work and create more bugs..

Great concept, but bugs The function is excellent and I have confirmed that the music sounds and feels different/better through this app compared to untuned players. It's very cool and harmonizing. However there's many frustrating bugs. Such as massive RAM usage that is tolerable on my tablet but simply too much for my phone. It's tricky to use but I like what it does. I think it would be great if the app had a more minimalist approach to UI.


Awesome app! Minor bugs App works for everything I need; awesome! A few opportunities for improvement: lists aren't sorting correctly (seem to be random for artist and album view). Still eats a ton of battery (my phone warns me that this App is preventing power saving functions which it does not with other players). Should stop playback after being disconnected from bluetooth. Playback stops when I receive a notification and does not start again until I open the phone. App is great I believe you guys can make it perfect.

Hi Technique

edit: this no longer works on my phone idk what you guys are doing... i have a samsung galaxy note 3, it's not an old phone. Research 432 hz tuning and you will be surprised. Also look up spiritual science on YouTube or Facebook. This stuff is tied together. Sacred geometry fits into both of these topics. Educate yourself and free your soul.

space wolf

grateful for this app, needs improvement many bugs, app will crash then not recognize my music files, playlist creation still does not work, although i have much faith that the developing team is working on it when they can. its a wonderful concept and i am excited for it to reach its full potential!

Brian Beyer

Flawless Sound! I love this app. Only issues ate with playlists; can't get them to load properly. Samsung J7. --- Great to hear. My temp fix has been to just clear the queue and load the folder I want to listen to.

It is fine. Although the app serves my needs well. UI — It is OK, it seemed to be poorly design for a music player, tuning from 432Hz mode to normal is pain in the a*s. Sound quality — I'd say it is perfect ; totally did few differences on certain track in my playlist and enables me to enjoy 432Hz tuned music. Optimization & Battery consumption issues — Well, the notification player button is lagging in certain times throughout my phone usage daily, in fact, this app also drained my app whenever I left it opened.

Dave Mohr

Excellent player, but lacks a few features. This is my favorite music player. I've tried everything else I could find, but nothing comes close to the way things sound in 432hz. If it would properly sort my albums/artists, had a built in EQ and virtualizer, it would be untouchable. Any chance of this in an update? Also, lacks support for lossless formats.

karli williams

It doesn't let me play songs continuously, which is my only complaint. I have to go back into the app and play each song individually . Love the sound tho. Makes me feel calm and gives me better clarity.

Faramarz Moeeni

Great app, low volume The app is great, though its interface has some bugs. Sometimes it crashes, and navigating into menus has a little lag. Volume is mush lower than any other music player apps.

S.P. H.M.

Olmost there Very nice looking and interactive app, but not complete yet. Playlist creation Only works off of All Songs list. Adding a folder to playlist doesn't work at all. Creating a new playlist on the playlist screen, does not work either. Looking forward to updates.

Jose Roman

Brilliant I am impressed by the change in music, even though it's hardly noticible. Still a few bugs to fix, hopefully with time. E.g. when I put new music sometimes the program creates a duplicated file.

Abhinav Kumar

Good but a few problems.. It doesn't sort the song list in order regardless of what order I select - alphabetical or chronological. Its always a mess to find a song. Most importantly - not all the songs are listed in "All Songs" category, many are left. And when I go to file manager & manually play those missing songs with this player, they don't play. So apparently this player can't convert all songs to 432 Hz. Please look at this problem. Other than these, this is a great app..

Sam Blake

Great app, but... Can you please remove the silly frequency animation in the background? It's not real-time and doesn't represent the music played.

Mark Pugh

Works nice The app works great, it's nice to listen to my tuned music during my hour drive back and fourth to work everyday. The only issue I have is that it lists ALL tracks twice.

Siddhesh More

432 radio worked before, Now it isn't available in my country it says Plus, from day one I've been telling you to not to overdo the interface, I understand you want the player to have an unique look and feel but majority of the users just want a minimalistic responsive android material UI

Danil Hardin

Can't see files on SD card, horrible interface folder access shows less than half the folders and files. . Other players don't have these prob (galaxy note5)

Rachel Riley

Good but have a question What is mind band? Confused is that before changing to 432 or after. There is a definate change just dont know which is which.

Abhishek Sharma

Good idea but work in progress Kindly start supporting more formats specially .ape .cue & take some inspiration from Poweramp in totality and from Neutron in sound customization. The only comparative advantage this music app has is 432 Hertz tuning. Besides that it lacks behind the other leading music apps. I would really like this app to do well.

Shay Cormac

Getting better Once again I'm very impressed. Your support for new music files pleases me and it seems every update my battery doesn't die as fast. But to achieve pure 432 hertz you must also add support for FLAC files. Thank you and have a tranquil day

Erik Saenz

Latest update sucks I have a Sony Xperia Z3 and the app worked perfectly until the new update came out. The main feature which is the tuning of 432 Hertz. I know the pitch is not changing and I do not know why it won't let me and it's pretty frustrating. I'm tapping the small little icon and nothing

Dylan Wochinski

New issue Another update. When I'm searching for songs with the skip button, it sometimes restarts my phone.

Krishnendu Mitra

I'm kinda confused All my songs show 'tuning to 432 Hz'. Does this mean it is in the process of tuning down to 432 Hz or is it already converted? I can't really hear a difference between this player and poweramp to be honest, am I doing something wrong here?

Jeff Lindfors

Try something new Try this app out do some research on ordering 440 Hz versus 432 the standard tuning being changed and ask yourself what makes more sense I don't believe Mozart tuned to 440.... but Katy Perry does so I guess it's all okay seriously though try the app out

andrew hardee

Love it!! Some flaws, though Great app!!! Makes great music sound better!!! However, very difficult finding music stored on sd card. Thank you!!

Sabrina Mance

When it works, it's a wonderful app Doesn't alway load my music library, much to my chagrin, but when it does it plays beautifully. Thank you for making it. ** Looking forward to an update to fix bugs. **

Andy Owens-kirk

Can't read music folder on sd card. Looking forward to trying this, but it can't see my music folder on the sd card.

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