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26 Jul

Posted by 3DTuning in Entertainment | July 26, 2016 | 252 Comments

Apk file size: 44.0 MB

Unique 3D car configurator!
More than 1000 cars in photorealistic quality!

1. Huge selection of cars, exterior design and tuning options;
2. Brand new car models, as well most popular cars of the 20th and 21st century;
3. Unique collection of wheels, front and rear bumpers, grills, headlamps and tail lamps, spoilers, fenders, mirrors, as well as a variety of air intakes and much more;
4. Available features include exterior color change, suspension level customization, car paintings and many more;
5. Application is integrated with, so your unique car garage is always at your disposal, while constant and frequent site updates are immediately available on your mobile devices.

Create and share your garage of unique cars with individual tuning projects!

Whats new

    2. We have fixed 2 bugs with "body kits" : a) some particular body kits were not working; b) when you changed the color of the car and installed a body kit, some parts of the new kit had different color scheme.
    3. We have fixe this as well: when you chose a spoiler from the back of the list, than went to another part and went back to spoilers, the list would open from the beginning.

3DTuning part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update July 26, 2016. Google play rating is 84.256. Current verison is 1.3.85. Actual size 44.0 MB.

Download 3d-tuning.apk 44.0 MB


Elmmanuel Roie Allapitan

Help pleeaaase The tjing is I downloaded it and all I hot is just parts of the car and game is so slow on my tab ( samsung galaxy tab 2.0) and it shows a black background and only pices of yhe car like the hood and wheels I need help I dont know what to do :(

Damien Astbury

Needs more and is now slow Great game needs motorbikes needs more trucks and visuals need to be more like more cars with body kits but defenatly needs more models and of cars an trucks

Riyad Mohammed

Best Car Customizing App Ever! This has to be the best app I've ever downloaded, even whatsapp isn't as good haha. Only downfall is has to work on wifi or data. Other than that, I can spend my days on this app. Never ever take it away!

Shivay Parihar

CRASHES in seconds It goes down everytime as soon as i choose a car.This is a fantastic tuning game but please fix the crash problem

Joshua Anderton

Crashing!! Crashing like mad need to fix this and ill rate five stars and if youd add the option for camber and do the classic mini original on the pick up and vann mini would be class.! Please fix so I can rate five stars!!

Nat_ 2003_7M1

WOW I am lost for words with this game it is just so amazing it would be good if you could like test drive the cars after you nodded them up. Maybe on the next update

Detrail Nettles Nettles

It ok.. just fix First of all it crashes and it is slow but this game is really good it's my fav game but not no more cause it crashes way too much so I'm kinda waiting for an update

Carter Greer

Ideas Maybe add camber so we can stance our cars and add some widebodys for some cars and please add peouguot 306 and a toyota starlet and also let us be able to lift the hood and swap engines maybe

A Espinosa

This game is awesome I love this game it's awesome but can you add test driving a lykan hypersport or a konneigsegg and can you fix the crashing problem most of the time I try to finish a car and it crashes and I get so mad

Caleb Boeck

Great game and graphics but some cars don't load, like the 95 eclipse gsx on mine which is why I got this app to help me choose wheels lol let me use the 95 eclipse and this would be 5 stars all the way


Crash, Crash, Crash ? This is by far the best car tuning game I've ever played, but about 90% of the time the game crashes while I'm tuning, sometimes even before the vehicle is finished loading, so I lose everything that I've done to the thing. Fix the constant crashes (or at least make them rarely happen) and I'll rate 5 stars.

D.J. Brandt

Great but so laggy The app is amazing but if you can fix the issue of the cars not loading, it would get a 5 star and a recommendation from me if you did

Gerry Miller

Just barely 4 stars for now This is a sign the world is coming to a end when a app this good is free LOL ? So if it's is that good why "just barely 4 stars " . Well on my Note 3 AND online my PC( 70mbps high speed wireless and cable ) this app/site is just painfully slow and still full of bugs. Example : tuning the Chevy calarado always ends up freezing some of the part select menu. Plus other bugs Get this 3d tuning tweaked, bug free and running smoothly and I'd seriously pay a good 20 dollars for it. Oh ...and give it 5 plus stars.

Garin Andana

Bug and more cars, parts, etc I love this latest update ! But I don't know why I can't load cars and parts, there's pop up "the request failed. Please try again later." Please fix it, because I love this app !

jay s

Great app I wish you were able to open the hood and mess with that and change the exhust.can you please add the lancer sport back and ralliart


Best car customisation game!!! The game is absolutely perfect but its a little bit slow and rolls-royce audi a1 did not open for customisation please fix the problem and if we can drive the car in game so it gets 5 stars from me

alejandro aguilar

Bug I was told by a friend about this game and all i can say about it is Awsome!! Only problem with it is that it lags to load parts, there is some cars that don't load my main thing that is bugging me is that i cant save my cars! It tells me to name them and i do but when i wana save it into my garage it dont save! I was ONLY to save 1 car and that's its, please fix! But other then those flaws the game is effin awsome ? add more cars please

Sanjay Madhav

Broken. Cars not showing up, saving not working.

Tristan Guerra

Used to work Can't enter text anymore which means I can't save and, even worse, can't log in. Plus, they took out all the wheels for every car except the freaking Volvo S60R! FIX IT.

Alex Mates

Great app I was looking forward to buy some rims and with this app i can see how are they looking on my car. Please put also the KOMBI version of cars.

Deepanshu Kumar

Lacking 2015 models. Please Fix. I was unable to find any car model of 2015. I don't how can i get those but if latest models are added, they could help me having a closer look at the latest editions of cars. Also it is not 3D, i am not able to look at the roof scoops from top.

Joe Denner

Constantly closes after a few minutes Game constantly closes after a few minutes, car doesn't even fully load and them I'm back to my screensaver, I've installed it, uninstalled it and re installed it and it does the same thing.

Corey Moore

I love this game I love the game but needs to load faster but other than that add some more cars but game is cool

Devin Eremchuk

Very Good BUT for some reason I cannot sign in on the app but I am signed in on the website. I have tried to change my password many times but it still does not work. It keeps saying E-mail or password failed.

John lee

Cool app Car lovers would love this! But some cars cannot load like my favourite AE86 :( Hope the next uodate fixes all bugs... and it would be nice to have a Toyota Wish 08 version added :)

Sammy Sloan

Removable bumpers please Plz plz make removable bumpers and hood and roof thanks bros plus your the best app create in the universe

Azhar Hoosen

Urll should add some kit cars to, like caterham n even more models of some manufacturers. Other dan dat its an awesome game?

Jenni Nguyen

I'd love it if you can add in the 2013 BMW 335i(f30)! Also add in mods like the liberty walks and wheelspacers

Tyler Peeling

Needs more upgrades and full size trucks with tire and lift kits as well as stacks and make the "lights on" function to work with the smoked light please add a '56 f100,'87 ranger,2000 f250 turbo diesel, '11 f250

Chris Campbell

Needs different cars It would be awesome if you could put a 95' Honda accord & Honda civic 4 door. Please.

ralph brazoban

Can you please add the 2009 civic si sedan. I currently own that car and would like to modify it through this app. And the fa5/fd2. Thank you

Marius Gabriel

Alot of bugs Not working on Golf 4 ..selected the car and remain stuck on loading parts for more then 10 min and still nothing :( so zero rating

Chace Lynn

LOVE This GAME but. .. Just about a week ago the game will not let me save any vehicles I can do everything but save.. I need help!

mysty mysty

I love it but This is beautiful game but please add my 2 favorite cars my first favorite car is "Kia Retona Cruiser" and my second favorite car is "Hyundai Grace" thanks for reading my request thanks it is beautiful game i love it

Jermaine Knew

I don't hate it. I think I'll rate this app based on the support it's getting alone. I used this app in the context of deciding on how to do a custom paint job on my car. What this app can do is outstanding, I love it. I'm somewhat disappointed that I could not use my exact car (Eclipse Spyder) but the GTS was close enough for my purposes. Also in the context of what I was doing, I also would of liked to be able to choose different colors for more parts of the car. A sincere reply will get you 5 stars.

Greg Buffery

3dtunings great Its an awsom app but some cars wont load and now no cars will save in my garage ? WHY ?

Jayjay Palmer

Needs some more upgrades This game is great but if you could drive the cars and put camber on them this game would be number 1

William Dimba

Just doesn't work I have a Samsung to running kit Kat 442 and this app doesn't even load a car before crashing nd kicking me out

kevin guerrero

Mods It would be awesome if you add more wheels like xxr wheels and rotiform wheels and camber adjuster plus wheel size

Luke Sampogna

Problem Fixed The problem with compatibility for Android 5.0 that I was complaining about in this review has been fixed in recent updates. That said, I am now able to write a proper review. This app is great for people who either want to see what their car would look like if they modified it or simply want to customize cars for fun. Of course, this app isn't perfect, but it's still a lot of fun.

jose ayala

Too much lag It freezes every second I like the program is a very cool program but I would like for it to be better I thought I will actually help me fill my Honda but they don't even know I have the Honda that I have I have a Honda ex 98 but they don't have it

Stefon Ramoutar

Great but crashes too much Right now I can't even use the app because each time I choose a car it crashes. Its an amazing game that I can't get enough of it but it keeps on crashing.

Joshua Bron

Crap. Crashes too often. Has the makings of a very, very good app but isn't even near an acceptable standard. I downloaded it on two devices, and tried to customize at least a dozen cars on each and half the time the car is not even half-way loaded before the entire app crashes and closes down. Every single damn car. 1 star and 2 uninstalls from me.

Tareeq Salie

Doesn't even work (Samsung s3) It doesnt even get as far as me actually seeing the full car to add parts to as the app automatically closes. Whats the point of having an app that doesn't work. Update this shit.

Tahz Sumner

UPDATE NEEDED I love the app and website, but there is a bug in which the app glitches when naming the tune and it sends the name of the tune to the top of the screen with a blinking curser rather than inside the box where it is supposed to be. The problem with this is that you cannot click "save tune." Instead, it opens up the keyboard to edit the name of the tune. This is very frustrating and has happened to two of the three cars I made on the app. The app also freezes heavily if I navigate too quickly. Please fix!

Nick Bellamy

Could be an amazing game but... I can't play while offline (I work in an assembly plant with robots which kill any sort of signal, even when my phone says full 4 bars) and when I get home on wifi it crashes when I try to open it and when I manage to open it the game freezes up or lags so bad it's almost impossible to do anything. Those problems take this game from being a definite 5 down to being 3 stars. ALSO it needs a 1999-2011 Crown Victoria, and 2013/14 Mustang GT (preferably the California Special or at least with Cali Special mods)

Olly Brewis

Amazing This is a cool app but the only problem is after a few updates you start to get loads of adds and id like to see more big trucks and suv like the ford velociraptor and the new range rover and the option to but bigger wider wheels on the trucks ao it looks like they have a lift kit on the otjsr than rhe adds there is nothing i would change.

Jack Ditty

Fiesta mk 6 Brilliant app! Please please please add the ford fiesta mk 6 they're so popular and it would help me to see what mine will look like! Thanks

Devin Eremchuk

Very Good BUT for some reason I cannot sign in on the app but I am signed in on the website. I have tried to change my password many times but it still does not work. It keeps saying E-mail or password failed.

Sammy Sloan

Removeable parts for drift lovers Please make removable bumpers and hood and roof thanks bros plus your the best app create in the universe

Joe Pepito

Love it After having this for a couple of months now and cycling through all the vehicles I love it. Love the new cars and trucks you added. Keep up the good work. This app is staying in my phone forever.

jason b

Just wish u could add parts to every car. Body kits, wide body kits, old achool new school, it shouldn't matter just paint and rims on alot of cars. Please make this happen. 5 star rating if it can be done

julio ponce aguirre

New update idea How about if u put new things like engine, turbo, etc. Also make a driving sim in the game to see how kool it drive please

Keanu Hernandez

It's ok The app doesn't respond fast and it keeps freezing but if you guys add veilside I wouldn't mind the the freezing of it

Matthew Aguirre-Mata

Amazing work Can't believe they have my Mark ||| Toyota Supra, love it!!! They should definitely put more cars and mods, but it's a great app already!!!

Jaco Swanepoel

Awesome App App really started growing on me....I use it every single day and I dont get tired of it.... Can't wait for more cars!!!! Super cool App guys... Ooo yes...wide bodies and supercharers would also be nice for muscle cars....plz put in a kia picanto 1.2EX

Chi Dong Nguyen

Great! I really like this app! But it would be better if you add more camera angles, such as from above, not just horizontal angles, and more and more custom parts. More cars from Lamborghini and McLaren should be added. And when taking pictures, I want to place my car somewhere, not just the center of background. I will spend the 5th star for those things!

Matt Caldwell

Great app Its great but there should be 2 things added. A 2001 Tacoma 4x4 TRD off road. 4 door. And the other thing is an emergency light. Where you can put fire department lights in a grill or on the top or on the dash

Andrew Kehler

Entertainment Its fun, alot of cars and trucks, some vehicles have lods of parts to customize wile other you can only change the paint. Overall its worth a download.

Carter Greer

Ideas Maybe add camber so we can stance our cars and add some widebodys for some cars and please add peouguot 306 and a toyota starlet and also let us be able to lift the hood and swap engines maybe

Cesar Nuno

Cool This app is a lot of fun but it ends when the app starts to freeze up and I wish it wouldn't do that please fix

hector hernandez

Where are all the rims There are no rim selection for some cars. Its pretty annoying. Wats the poing of having a car on the list but no rims for it. Why not just have car that can be modified! Isnt that the point of this game?

Willie Stacks

the app is great. but keeps freezing towards the end of the render. I clear my ram on my android & I'm still having lagging & crashing issues with 1.5gb of ram available just for that application alone. internet connection is healthy. just can't get over why it uses SO MUCH RAM! after closing the app I'll have literally less then 150mb of RAM left. I don't even use the app unless I reboot my phone & than directly use the app. and I'm on a 32gb LG-G2. this phone never lags. never has RAM consumption problems and the processor is lightening quick. there's a bug in the app I believe causing this issue as the app render begins to come to life. I'd appreciate help. thank you.

Ben Ivy

More cars please I understand that these things may take time, but can you please add more new cars and more '00-'10 cars? Cars like the new C7 corvette, newly revealed Sixth Gen Camaro, Newest ford fusion, '15 Chrysler 200, either of the Hellcats, Pontiac G6, GMC Yukon, you know stuff like that. Love it so far though.

Ivan Gonzalez

Sucks I can't even play it because it's so slow to the point we're It freezes

Jov sos

Pretty decent Pretty decent compared to most car building simulators, but it could use a few things. Things like camber, wide body, jdm kits, customizable exhausts, possibly customizable engines. Some cars need to be fixed or updated with the new rims or such that has been added. More popular items like rays wheels or HKS kits. Thank you.

Taylor Griffin

Has mega potential I love this game its awesome, only downside is most cars don't have many options. I wish there was more we could do to most cars, please add more wheels too I'm tired of putting stock rims on all my cars.

Trafton Holston

Cool game but more cars! Cool game but need alot of new cars and older cars! For example the 2015 Corvette and the 1965 mustang Fastback or 2015 Challenger Hellcat and more parts for cars like wheelie bar for muscle cars and tires you can pick for your truck

Chris Nuss

Could be better but still fun. This game is fun and a great time killer. I think that the main things they should add is being able to change the vertical camera, add more customizations to the cars/trucks that you can only change the paint and rims on (for example the Jeep wrangler, being able to pull the doors off and make the suspension higher), also being able to change the position of the car on the background. Once those are added I will make this a 5 star in a heart beat.

Zach Wetmore

Glitches alot am app wont open at time but wjen it dose work sweet app to have need more camaro stuff tho

Ben Shaw

Good but crashes very often! I get 3/4 the way through a build and it always crashes, always. Very unstable software. I am using the Cubot P9 smartphone. Amazing customization facilities just shame it is being let down by the frequency of the crashes. I will be uninstalling it for a few months till something can be sorted. Thank you, but not so much thank you. Lol, peace.

Igor V.

Good app, though sometimes a bit laggy. Very nice selection of cars, would love to see a 2013+ range rover vogue among them though! Loading times and ocassional lack of smoothness are the only thing keeping 3d tuning from a 5 star rating. (Samsung gs6)

Darrien Black

Crappy This is the crappiest game ever no car brand or model will show up y would I even give it 1star it should be no star so if I were u GET RIDE OF IT !!!!!!

Alex Wadsley

Good but... This is a really enjoyable app but a lot of the time it does lag. Also, it would be good to have a wheelie bar and a bug catcher for classic muscle cars. And ALSO?, It would be cool to be able to make the back and front wheels bigger and smaller separately. -Alex

Unknown Entity

Crashing, Crashing, and More Crashing All it does is crash. After I uninstall more than half my apps, it still crashes. After I clear the RAM repeatedly and kill any other active processes, it still crashes. After I turn the entire phone off, let it cool off, and disable any other running apps, it still crashes. For the love of God, stop adding cars and make an app that actually works.

Jeffery Antioquia

only reason not 5 stars is because there's a lot of unnecessary data here slowing up the app. like others have said there are slot of cars that can't really be modified aside from ride height rims and color. that being said A for selection but since you can't really do anything why have them. it just makes the app that much slower. also rim sizing would be a huge plus on the smaller cars. switching rims goes to default size and sometimes that's just too big. all in all those really well put together app!!!

morne nel

So much potential..wasted! Your game/app does NOT work!! Why bother wasting time on a app that simply wont stop crashing and is so full of bugs it looks like its still in development...oh and the desktop site is useless to just as i spent 30 min working on a car the site crashes and i have to start over...this is the worst not impressed at all!

Felix McPayne

Keep getting "not found" message Keep getting the "not found" message evertime I start the app... worked fine earlier today, but now won't even load completely. Known issues?

jake maher

Love it Love the app. I would love if there was an option on being able to change the wheel and tire size but other then that its awesome! Would be cool to have an r50 pathfinder (96-2004) in it so i could see my car customized before i do any work hah

Jesse Santos

cool and awsome i love this app this is so awsome like wow this is amzing cool and so awsome

Austin Clifton

What?? App doesn't even work with my phone. Just says "not found" and I can't do anything. Nothing comes onto the screen, uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing happened. Fix please

Jordan Wright

I'll change my review later It won't let me play it just gives me a square of the screen. Please fix this please then i'll change my rates but until then hate it.

John Acosta

Awsome App It is a great app and i love customizing apps. but it keeps on freezing and crashing on me. Fix this??

Mohamed Gamal

Sloooooooow It was good but now it is too slow and freezes alot .. I can't tune any car ..... please fix it or delete the program from the store

Paige Barrett

Update suggestions Please add in engine, turbos, trans, boost guage, horsepower, etc. And allow us to change them and completely deck out the car. Also allow wide body kits, etc. I would be so in love with this app if you guys added all of that (:

ashwin norman

Nice Nice app just add the Toyota Tazz and Twincam that would be awsome. Well done great app.

Lee Marshall

Used to really like this app I originally wrote a really good review and rated it 5stars....BUT now sadly you went and totally ruined this app with these CRAP updates everytime you add an update you mess it up! When i originally installed was a bit buggy but bareable....then came the second update which seemed to make no difference to the app apart from make it freeze constantly and NOW you made yet another update which has totally fucked it up there is no background half of the car disapears..Guys you need TESTERS!!!!!

JDA gaming

Awesome app but.. For th3 next update make a car sim for pc and maybe android ancar sim would be so sick just about it driving your own custom car! And maybe add more cars.

Michael McCollum

Need more cars I wold love to see a 1967 gto 2005 2007 mustang more muscle car rims plus add the 2015 subaru wrx sti and the e46 m3

John M

Super Buggy Constantly locks up or freaks out, especially when trying to save a vehicle. I am yet to be able to save a tune beyond 3%. The app has lots of potential if the bugs could be worked out.

logan kowalyk

Stole money Bought a pack and I didn't get it it just keeps saying everything I locked. Please help

George Plumb

Really? Make us pay for every single part? Unbelievable. How do you have every M3 to date, EXCEPT the e46 yet you have X3 and X5? Wow. Installed and immediately deleted. Get iconic cars loaded, then worry about stupid vehicles like big rigs and SUV's. Also, should give some parts away (like the OEM ones...) to get people's interest, and add least a preview so we know what we're buying.

got beez

Why I don't understand why this game sucks on my LG. My friend has a Samsung and its soooooo much better on his. On mine it doesn't have any cars that aren't under construction. But, on his all of the same cars aren't under construction.

Soham Shintre

3D bugs everywhere If u pinch zoom the car, its a bug also in mercedes G wagon the body kit is a bug takes time to load too... Good for car lovers but then irritating at the same time

Aaron Thornton

Lack of support This app used to be very good, however the updates have killed the game... There has been no support from the developers after a large number of us have made them aware of the 3% saving glitch... Even support for forgotten password etc is non existent....... I have now deleted the app and won't be downloading this game again until things improve..... Sorry guys really disappointed!!!

Brandon Young

Crashes very often, should not have to pay for other vehicles I love the app, I've had a blast customizing cars. I've also customized a lot of cars and not been able to save them due to the fact that the app would crash almost every time I tried to save. And paying for certain packs? Why can't everything just be free.. Give us a good experience, this is a good way to lose customers and get bad reviews! Please at least fix the crashing issue

Caitlin Settle

I hate it so much I don't know what just happened but it didn't do this on my iPod touch and it sure didn't bring up only 3 types of cars. Don't install this app. No! Heck no. Absolute not!

J.D. Strickland

Woefully Unreliable Worked the first 3 times I used it, then began to slowly deteriorate. First two times I used it it worked flawlessly and was fun to play around with. Third time it begins to lag and crash. Then it would crash trying to load cars. Finally, and in its current state, it won't even open anymore. Nothing has changed on my phone, I've reinstalled, RAM boosted, all the common fixes, just a buggy app. Shame too, it looked fun.

Nathan Reznik

Great app, a few suggestions I would like to see more parts on cars with very little. It would be nice if it was optimized for bigger screens with higher quality graphics

Dylan Wheeler

Awesome but please please add a land rover defender but the 2 seater instead of the bigger one as land rovers are not made no more so I'd like to see one more land rover plus as I'm up set land rovers are not made no more

Lawrence German

3D Frustration I've had the app for about a year or so, and was happy up until I was logged out, and no matter what I do, I can't get back in. Also the app needs more classic VW Vans and Kombis.

Luke Murphy

Money!!!really!!! I used to love this game until money got involved...this would be a way mbetter game if I could customize the pickup trucks without paying money...this game was a great game once... Fix it and I will give 5 stars

Kobe Buchanan

Goooood Very good game but why can't I save any of the dodge cars please fix then I give five stars until then u only get four and sometimes it shuts down for know reason please fix

Matt M

Freezes during saving every time The app itself is awesome but every time I go to save a car it freezes and won't save the car in my garage. Running the app on my Droid Turbo

Ben Williams

It's good, can be great. A few things could make this 5☆. 1- vinyl options that are offered from factory should be avail. Saw the 71 hemi cuda (my dream car) & no option for hemi vinyls on rear fenders. 2- 360° view is good, adding rotation on y axis would be great. 3- color options like rust & patina, barn finds/rat rods. 4- More old cars, 29 roadster, 60's GTO?! 41 willy's couple. 5- No more f series trucks, 20 is enough. 6- different style numbers 4 race car look! 7- blowers, turbos, velocity stacks, NoS, carbon fiber, tire size

Bryan Sanchez

It was awesome... Now they're are charging $15 to unlock everything! A few bucks I understand but 15! C'mon...also it has become pretty laggy. And I can't save vehicles anymore. It stays stuck at 3% and won't budge. It's not my phone either, have the note5

Bhowani collen

NO OLD SOUTH AFRICAN FORDS Please we need ford cortina's ford granada's mk 3 ford escort and the datson stanza yoh then i would say 5 star plus more

James Westall

PROBLEMS PLEASE SOLVE I thoroughly enjoy this app but I payed for all extras and had them but now after the recent update I have no access to these again and unable to log back in after I logged out to see if it would restore my payed extras and your password recovery screen isn't working either, please advise or fix this as I'm no longer getting what I payed for. Many thanks

Brian Spade

Please add the E46 BMW M3. You guys have random cars nobody touches but not one of the most iconic cars petrol-heads love

bader mohamed

Amazing 3d graphics! I just need to know how to download the parts because it just says downloading but nothing is happening can you help I'm using a LG G4 thanks :)

Jack Foxlow

Bought DLC, got nothing. Attempted to contact the devs, got one email back, and then nothing. I would advise not to purchase anything for this game, despite any enthusiasm you might have.

Mr. Anonymous

A little glitchy Should probably re visit the 99 Civic, it is a little buggy with shaved body parts, the GT-R wide body kit doesn't widen the axles. And should feature some more body kits. I would love to see a 97-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee or a 2003 F-150. Or maybe a fast scroll feature, it takes a long time to scroll to the back brands and cars.

paddy moonwalker

Great The game itself is alright but please add some hatchbacks like Citroen saxo or Nissan Micra rather than just Audis and bmw

بو عليان

amazing, but More cars and mods needed I wish if Pinzgauer 712m and toyota land cruiser lx 70 series are added. Please add offroad parts mainly tires. Thanks ?

Ivano Richards

Awesomeness I like cars and this is my favorite app because it is like tuning up a car in real life you guys should add more options to your cars like if im doing a Ferrari and I want to give it stripes and bigger tires that's what you should add

Tyler Austin

Great app I just wish u guys would add a 2003 dodge 2500 4 door short bed like my personal vehicle so I could see what mods would look like on my truck

Guillermo Luviano

Needs to have a 06 mazda 6 with the face lift, also needs to have 1999 Ford f150 supercab & crewcab, everything else works good , also needs a ford lightning

Charlie Donald

Fix it. I try to save a car and it stops at 3%. I haven't been able to save a car in 4 months. Fix it please.

Farrel Kynanthio

Some problem I already buy chamber&off-set pack but i can't use it after the news update,can you help me?

Yousef Debi

It's good Toyota yaris 2016 is not here and why Hyundai elentra want purchase or if you want put in the game Hyundai avante 2012-2011 for freeeee

Ronald Salazar

Bugs need to get fixed I just downloaded this app, and the cars are awesome and the graphics are too. The only problem so far is that every time i want to save a car it only loads up to 3%. Please fix this bug. I would love to keep using this app but the loading issue is annoying

Chris Kilner

Ideal to see what parts look like on your ride Good app infairness.. Wouldn't mind citroen c2 for as a project car something do weekends so yeah c2 please :)??

Eden Kelly

Great Last time I reviewed this was a while back complaining about all the glitches but it seems now that they have fixed it. Great fun with loads of customizations. Should add some more good fords like the Focus RS, Ford sapphire cosworth, Ford sierra cosworth rs500, Ford escort cosworth and some more. But all in all great app

Abubaker Hussain

Ok It's all great but only one car you seem not to have the right parts for which is the mercedes g-class. So can you please upgrade it or add the mercedes g63 amg. Thank you

Jacob Dial Heaven Dial Love

Great You should also add a free roam park where we can drive our cars and test them out

Ahmed Nassra

What about more cars The app is v.good - needs more cars like nissan sentra 2004 n16."bluebird sylphy " Almeria 2004 sunny 2004

hello vello

Car missing There is no Lamborghini huracan...I wish if you add it..I will give you 5 stars if you do

Logan Harsin

Need to add my favorite car man 1971 ford maverick grabber. That should definitely be added. I could bring my car to the virtual world

Tylor Milletics

Cant upload past 3% This app is really cool except for the fact that it wont upload past 3%. I have tried saving for up to a hour before and it still wont upload, i have this app on my brand new droid turbo 2.

Fadin Heerow

You stole my Money I bought the 5 in 1 pack and the chamber+off set and I didn't get it!The updates killed the fun of this game as there is no point of making the car Cuz it crashes on 3%.I better get the packs or my money back

Thought soda

The game is starting to have less parts. Although parts are constantly being added for cars,for instance the Land Rover Defender and the Nissan Gtr R35 I've noticed that most of the free cars that get a new look but not much items with the normal things like the factory parts. I'm a bit concerned about the American muscle car pack because they were cars that have been in the game for a long time and now you have to buy them. I'm just worried that this will happen to more cars when they get parts.

Francisco Vasquez

Great app I love the app , the only thing that stopped me from giving it a 5 star was that certain cars don't have that many available options. I would like to see more parts for the Chrysler 300 thank you.

Ryan G.

Awesome game, but one glitch bothers me The game is extremely fun, but when you save a vehicle that had painted rims and view it later the rims are stock color again. Other than that the game is amazing. Please fix this bug!

James Briggs

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE You have ruined this app I purchased a multi pack which removed adds and gave me a fair few more vehicles and now I have adverts and barely any vehicles at all as well as the app constantly crashing. Also still waiting for vauxhall/opel to actually get some cars other than a 2008 astra... how about a vectra and vectra estate or an older corsa or an omega... you know cars that people actually see often. Hugely dissapoi ted I was a very early supporter of this app and was prepared to pay money for it but you have screwed it all up.

Ozzy akz

Best tuning app I've bought the full package i use a new Samsung s6.... sometimes it has a glitch where the car becomes see thru or black if there's anything I need to say that would be the mods not every car has camber or optional rim size ect which sometimes can be annoying and maybe having more options to tune the actual car for example interior great but this is little things u guys did a great job with this app it's come so far ..I remember when this app only had 50k downloads it was totally different then.

Kier Billings

??? Hell yea I sit here and just let my mind wonder with creativity ? but naw I love this app I love making cars P.S can you all add a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT pweease??

jason slabaugh

Wont work Id like to try the game, looks neat, but wont load any cars to tune, apparently my galaxy s4 dont like cars

Adam K

I'm getting more frustrated with this app and, I lowered the review from a 4 star review down to a two star to reflect my ongoing frustration. At this point, there have been around 3 updates since I got my brand new LG V10. Not one of them has fixed the game freezing while trying to save a car. Please fix this app! It's unacceptable that the app is unstable on my brand new high end phone!

Lovely Day

Buggy after last update PAID $2 FOR THE AD FREE PACK BUT STILL HAVE ADS ON EVERY SCREEN! FIX FOR 5 STARS. The cars are great although I would like to see more tuning/color customizable options. Also, after the most recent update some cars are having issues when I load them into the editor. Body panels are missing and it's very glitchy. There is also this annoying thing that when I load a saved car it doesn't load the wheel color or suspension modifications. Galaxy Note 5

rosemary mares

Cool game This game is so entertaining that I waste my battery all day on this.I think that they should add a Plymouth roadrunner 70s and a fast and furious pack for free.they should even let us drive the cars by all angles plz

Nathan Reznik

Fun! Can you please update all the cars so they are HD? Some of the new cars are, but I would like to see all cars updated to this. Also, can you add the Bentley Continental flying spur, mulsanne and the Bentayga?

noor gillani

Poorly developed app Look guys it's a waste of time to download this app ,It's not worth it. It is a 100 percent glichy and it will fail on you , it takes an hour just to load the game and another to load a car . Another thing that drives me nuts is that it restarts every time you switch the app , even for one second. I urge you all not to download this app until it's fixed .

joel kyal fraser

works crazy well but.. what i would, and many other mazda enthusiests would like to see, would be some older rx's such as the rx2, rx3 and rx4 please work on adding this in future updates

zac cook

Please add! Please add the 90-98 silverado body style so I can see what I want my truck to look like when I'm done. Great app though!

Matthew Eyre

Did love it I transfered my details across to my new phone and lost all packs and the ad stop ive asked for help i emailed and not got any help you took my cash an didnt help me out

Ronie Gomez

This is crazy Purchased the subscription package (14.00) and now it's says error. My account was charged and I don't have any of the new things. Please fix.

Michael Rios

Absolutely terrible customer support I purchased the 14.99 add on which is supposed to get rid of adds as well as unlock all future addons. I'm still getting adds and everything is still locked. I've emailed several times and I haven't gotten a response. I've proved my purchase as well. This is an complete ripoff and I would discourage anyone from buying the addons they offer.

Anthony Lazarus

Loving it.. Love the app..awesome collection of cars,though there are quite a few I'd still like to see..e.g earlier models of the Toyota Corolla,mk1 Opel Manta,Opel Calibra, Alfa Romeo Junior,earlier Opel/Vauxhall Corsa name just a few possible additions...also a few more option as far as parts go would also be great..awesome job though

Kieran Pickering

Best game IV played ever I saw a comment saying play if you like cars and I thought why not try it out as I usually would and then i t was like love at first sight but can you add a Lamborghini and a Bugatti vayron thank you

Adam K

On multiple occasions, I've noticed the marketing and IT team behind the scenes strongly working together on this app. From the website to the actual app, they have been trying to fix all of the glitches and, implement new features/cars on a strict schedule. On my LG V10 I'm still experiencing the unable to save cars and freezing at a 3% glitch but, it seems that they are doing everything they can to fix this hard to patch problem. Also, the in app purchases are annoying but, at least the price is reasonable.

Damian Millan

This is nice Please put a 1967 mustang coupe, and I'll rate 5 stars once there's white walls for the classic cars

Gabriel Molina

1. Under Construction cars have been there FOREVER. 2. Ur missing a LOT of cars. 3. Put a test track so after we tune a car we can test it. 4. Make all the cars free. We are not buying the cars, just tuning them. Other than that its a great game!

Matt Woodhouse

It was a good app but i just paid for the camber and offset package and all it does is turn the front wheels left or right not worth it please fix this or give me a refund.

brendan nichols

Amazing customizeing game Vary goo game but camber is way to much as 25 % and deffintly at 50% , also dont put so many cars under construction at one time. That way more people can design more cars and it is less overwhelming for you guys because i know the talent of your people designing these cars

aiden lee

Awesome It got all my fraveriot car's like Lamborghini's ferrari's and bugatti's it makes me want to play all day but can you add more tight car's and motorcycle's and maybe add some dirt bike's and limizines

Mikey Warren

Great app although needs more cars Older vauxhall astras, corsa, nova. Ford escorts, sierra etc not enough older cars

Ryan Baker

Great app, needs more cars! One car on particular in my opinion would be the Z31 300ZX. Zenki or kouki, it doesn't matter, this car is a must for any classic nismo fan!!

IceWolf mr hitler headless

Yea its good Lags a little but think it may be my phone. Love this game

Wither Skeleton

I really like it It's a good game but you just need to add some more cars like bugatti veyron 16.4 ss, ferrari f12 berlinetta and ssc tuatara

Tyler Crannell

I love to build cars on here. Can you plz add the factory body kit for the Mazda RX8?

James Kirchgassner

"Meh" This app is a good start, but it has a lot of problems. First, there is a lot of paid content that is completely free on the 3DT website. Second, it has a bug that prevents it from saving tunings. Lastly, it just isn't creative enough. There aren't enough design possibilities, even if a car has a bunch of part options, which 99% of them don't. This app needs more customizability, absolutely NO paid options, and bug fixing.

John carlo Dioso

Missing Hello,please add kia delta please so i can give you 5 stars and pls try to update that you can customize the interior.

Jav Persaud

I used to like this game but now u need to buy camber and off set it is a waste of money please reply to me

Alan Gallagher

The update doesn't work on my Samsung galaxy s5 can you fix this if it gets fixed ill rate 5 ☆

Gamers Unite

Amazing Please add the subaru brz, toyota gt86 and mclaren p1 please in an update

Megan Northfield

Theres no old shape ford fiestas (which i have) which now means the app is useless to me.

Thomas Wood

More classic cars and trucks. Would like to see a 1970 Chevrolet c10 and or older model. Fleet side longbed and shortbed, stepside short bed.

Naiyer The King

Plz update toyota cars such as axio,allion,premio etc.anyways its an awesome game!!

Deathy Dash

Camaros are my bae ? Next update, add in these cars: 2012 Camaro ZL1, McLaren P1, Mclaren 12C MP4, Lamborghini Veneno, 2015 Shelby GT350, Volkswagen W12, Koenigsegg One1, W Motors Lykan Hypersport, Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Ferrari 488 GTB, Citroen Survolt, Tesla Model S, Aston Martin Vulcan, and the Porsche Carrera GT. Keep up the good quality! ?

David Nicia

Does not work At first it works but then after when get in the game the screen is black

Tommy Butler

Stupid Not fair you have to buy parts,need more car's,you can't save your car's.

Flavio Silva

Dissapointed please read description. I am very concerned of not being a 2001 svt lightning. Can you please add this vehicle in the app i would really appreciate it and aswell as others. Thank you!

Fayoosh Thoth EL

Game erasing my account. When the game updates my account gets wiped and I have to start over, I already purchased thing's twice and I need all my stuff restored please.

Sabby Low

Hate this Spent the money for the subscription kicked me off on the last update and now it wont let me back on my account

Shuaib Maistry

Download Please make the game fully downloadable to play offline aswell. So that we can make cars and upload them later. Not everybody has much data to stay online . Great game thou, also the download for custom kits dose not work please fix that.

Dustin Helton

Awesome game with great graphics Ive been lookin for this type of car creator forever and ive finnally found it!!!Only thing it needs is on truck the option to lower them and even allow the build of racecars like to have rollcages and such. Also a few more trucks like the chevy s10 and other vechicles. However this is the best game ever and i highly recomend getting it!

huzaifa badsha

Loved this game Plz add some Indian car brands.Plz add some new cars.

Daniel Arturo Tostado-Villanueva

Add more cars again You guys should add the 1996 Honda accord other than that the game is excellent

John Burgess

Great app I just really want to be able to customize my car. I have a 2000 mercury cougar and I a concept I want to add to it. Please add my car on here and maybe some more mercurys

Robby Pinkerton

Dlc Very disappointed. Seems like all they care for is money considering they offer dlc (over priced I might add) and it doesn't even work. I purchased dlc and it still has it locked. Don't offer dlc when it doesn't work.

Oravaliito *

Very good BUT Saving vehicles to garage doesn't work. It says: Updating 0% -> goes to 3% then it just stops and never uploads. When i go back and look garage it is empty, so it is not a visual bug. Fix this asap! Edit: I have waited months to this save bug be fixed. Can you please finally do something about it? EDIT2: Please FIX SAVING ALREADY. I want to save my vehicles but they only save 3% and then gets stuck..

Bereaver Bereaver

STILL NOT GOOD SINCE ADDING ADS Still keeps force closing. Make a seporate off line version of this, I dont mind how many gigs it is

Matt Lavoie

Want my add ons!!! Have paid for the same add on 3x now, and yet to have it applied, I love playing with this app, but very disappointed

Mathue Campbell

Great app. Any way a 95 civic sedan could get added.

Anthony D'Aloia

Great game still waiting for au falcon 1999 Great game but seems to be dropping out a bit would love to see a ford au 1999 falcon or forte, a nissen Altima 2015 in the game as well and only saying it here cause when you click the msg for cars you want added it won't work do that and 5 stars is yours

alfonso naranjo vazquez

Almost perfect The simple fact that there isn't an option for ride height adjustment ruined it for me. I love the graphics and other customization options, but for us guys that like lowered cars, its not worth it.

james grimsinger

Game crash Great game funn addictive really cool but the game crashes after a couple min of opening on my Android device and about a min and a half on my ups device will give 5 stAr if team can fix these issues.

Angrycorndog 33

Wow. Works great, sometimes. If you download this get ready to have your patience tested. Many bugs such as no background, parts that are out of place, parts not showing up at all or changing. This definetly gets me mad. All i want is to have a certain setup without and parts not there or turned sideways (dodge challenger rear lights)

mlghxer furryBboy catZ

Glitch Dear 3d tuning co. I putted a vinyl on my car and the changed the color of the car and the vinyl was glitched I want to send a picture of the glitch to you but I don't know how. I would be really happy if you fixed . ~B.b.c (Bboy catz)

The Anihalator

Every time I choose a car to customize a ad pops up and when I close the ad the car I chose doesn't load, the game says that the car is loading but nothing happens, fix it and I'll rate it 5 stars

Daniel Smith

More mods This is a cool little app to kill time but it's quite annoying that some of the most modified vehicles in the world only have basic mods available and all the trucks only have mud tires, you should be able to choose mud or street tires depending on the mods you do

James Ferraris

Needs more cars! guys! can you add the 2004 Chevrolet Suburban? cause i love that SUV im waiting for it to customize it! only i can see is the tahoe and the suburban 2015 and especially the the 2008 and the 1993 Ford Crown Vic!

Max Nixon

Needs update The game is great and I like the new additions but lately it's been getting kind of boring needs an update with new cars

Matty Cordon

Amazing!! When you can, can u do a MASSIVE update where EVERY car has the top view camera and the body kits because those effects are amazing! And also can you add the 2016 Mazda MX-5 and the 2010 Škoda Citigo. Please please please can you they are my favourite cars! Plus! Problems with the Mazda 3's they are poorly done as they hardly work


It is good My sister deleted the game and I losses lots of the in game purchases can u give them packs back to me plz If u do I will rate high and share the game promise. Please

Holden Spry

Computer services I would rate the app 4 stars for minor issues but the computer version 2 stars because of its slowness and lag. I can have perfect wired Internet to the computer and it's still not usable. Fix that major thing and I'll give 5 stars

Dave Lambert

Love it The game hasn't been updated for a while, before I subscribed I swear there was updates every 24 hours


Help Can some one plz tell me how to enable saving pics to the device. its says it needs permission to the gallary but i dont know how to do it. Plz help

Avery S

Can't login Paid for the subscription within a few minutes it logged out and won't let me log back in so I just wasted $14

Christopher Harter

Have to pay for everything Just to get or see basic things or vehicles. Plus it wants a credit card rather then Google pay or paypal... seems sketchy...

Perry Papakosmas

FIAT ABARTHS PLEASE Please add more cars like the fiat abarth 500 and 500c. I would also like to be able to open the trunk and the hood. PLEASE IM LOVING IT. Please add camber to.

Casey Vanhna

Some changes need to come... The app is great I love it but there's a problem with buying the subscription package and not having the ability to use any of them except being ad-free.

sam huggins

Not bad Would get 5 stars if it allowed me to have the bikes after paying for them :/ sort this and I will re rate

Damian Withers

Doesn't work. I had to subscribe twice, so I want my subscription money back and most of the cars don't even work properly.

Taylon Hollins

You can post these cars to social media and save them in your gallery These cars look so realistic that it even has a Firebird Trans-Am

Morgan Salim

Add new cars ! Add more new cars like Ferrari F12,458 Speciale and others ! Also it's a great idea if you add exhaust tune

Curtis Beck

Loved it but I have a few car suggestions You should add the 2014 Mustang, the Ford Explorer Sport Track.

josh williams

Will not download parts It just says initializing download, but never does anything. Galaxy s5. Fix and maybe I'll love it. All I can do now is lower or raise the vehicles

Jordan Jantzen

Cool ?'s Good and cool cars ????

Kimbo BZ

Ford PUMA Why dont u have ford puma? I would be happy if u add it pls :) until then 1 star..

Tim Pawloski

Really nice app, with lots to choose from. Only complaint is that the color selection hasn't had brightness features. Stuck with only one level of colors. Can't make my old pale/dark colors anymore.

Snake Bite

What if there be car tunning with all motels of car like Toyota landcruiser and Holdens like old made cars like kingswoods to tune it would be more better people would like to tune themselves car ay

Ryan K

The computer version is way better The app contains many great cars with much customization. The app is a bit laggy and slow at loading the content though. My biggest concern about this app is that it still crashes quite frequently after several updates. So I've lost many cool car customizations that I've made. Also, less intrusive ads would be the next step after that.

Grant Elkins

Not happy with the update I had originally paid for the subscription package to get everything unlocked and get the add ons in the future as well, but it has taken it off and now I'm getting ads and all the add ons have been locked again. Please please sort this out as I love this application!!

Quincy Sadzewicz

Horrible on my Galaxy S7 Edge Constantly bringing up the "loading parts window" randomly when not supposed to. Keeps freezing up, glitches, half of the vehicles ends up missing when trying to customize. The list just doesn't end. If this app functioned well on my phone I would love it!!

Chris Reynolds

The app is very choppy and will not load all of the cars. Specifically the 07 impreza. Also the ads seem more important to the makers than the actual app. Fix and will 5 star. Otherwise I'm uninstalling. Sorry but the truth is needed so that others don't waste their time. Had great potential.

Craig Whitsitt

It's a great app! I think everyone loves this app. But not ones who try it and hate it. Point is is that it is an easy and fun thing to use. I'm a kid blake whitsitt who wrote this and I say 4 stars. The 1 star that I will not give is because you half to pay for a lot of things. So I'm giving 4 STARS.

lexi chernovian

It needs alot of work but its good. Has 5 star potential. Will give higher rating when it stops disapointing me. It runs okay, but can crash or be glitchy every now and then. Also why is it that i can lower a wv bug almost until it is in the ground but alot of popular tuners wont go lower than a few inches off the ground? Amazing choice of amount of cars and if all cars currently under construction will be open it will be awesome sauce. Also awesome amount of different rims and spoilers but other body mods are lacking.

levi payne

Almost perfect! Feel like you need a new paint job on your faded pinto? make it new on 3D Tuning! Have a brand new hellcat and want to make it more of a monster? Try out some rim and light options or throw on some spoilers and hood scoops. Want to tweek a project truck and don't want to drop 2k just to change your mind after its done, do it here first and save you time and money. I absolutely love this app. My only complaint is that there is no Ford Broncos. (My dream vehicle, 1st and 2nd gen but my 3rd gen is pretty dope)

Markos Garcia

Amazing Loved the app, just one problem i think its just my phone but as i scroll sometimes itll just go down on me and so i have to pull the menu back up. Nothing too big it has amazing graphics and great selection of cars, loved to see a ford sierra and nissan 240sx(if it isnt in app already)

Not the best Too many glitches and crashes a lot.. even now its not working its just a black screen. Plus I thought you regurlarly add cars?.. other than that I think what you got going is unique

Louis Louth

Brill There is an infinate choice of cars. some which you will never have heard of. There are so many customizations you can add to your car. However the app is horribly laggy which is just annoying. But you can make some great looking rides

Hector Ontiveros

I have had this game for a while and bought mostly everything.. but now that I try to get on it it loads and when the cars are supposed to pop up it just goes on a black screen on me... would it affect me if I erase it and download it again

Travis Weidemann

Great but needs work Probably one of my favorite apps to pass time, actually really addictive, great selection of vehicles and good graphics but it glitches like crazy. Stops working, crashes, some mods make entire portions of the car disappear. Also some of the part selections for some vehicles are strange. For example, American Racing Torque Thrust wheels are pretty much solely manufactured with classic muscle cars in mind, but classic muscle cars seem to be the only thing they're not available for. But again. Love this game.

David Knight

This app sucks Everytime I open this app it takes forever to open. When it finally does open it stops working after about 30 seconds. I wish I could rate it minus 5 stars. It's a waste of time.

Kende Korcsmaros

Ok, not the devices(SM-G Y, Y2, Tab3) were the problem... When a game is not run on the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Marshmallow(Android 6.0.1) OS, there's the problem is in the game. Often get on freeze, also now bugged the screen... The game is cool, but these problems are very boring. Please fix it!

Tyler Gaffney

Hate If I could give it negative stars I would. Waaaayyyy too much paid stuff. The online stuff is free unless that has changed so why not the app.

Does not work Half way into building a car the app freezes or shuts off. It's pretty frustrating. I do not recommend.

kyle c

Kinda sucks so many cars are locked and it freezes and skips and lags. Unlock more cars and fix I will it a 5 star. You need to fix the game and unlock more cars


They fixed the glitches BUT!! I would love to be able to change the camber separately like camber in the back but no camber in the front also I would love to change the degree of the camber instead of preset degrees

Ēriks Lielbārdis

Come on. The app should be completely free - it crashes a LOT, has adds and laggs too much. Sometimes it shows a black square where the car should be. And i've got a galaxy note 3. If it's not free - it's not really worth it. It shows all the awesome parts but when you try to use them you have pay like 20 bucks total.

phuckin Devin

Lost my account and money I put money into this game and was recently signed out (without my consent) and I can't sign back in. It will not send a new password to my email, this is ridiculous.

Ashok Darbhe

Worst Worst Application it uses internet but still car models not loading... waste of time

Justin Emperio

Loved it It's awesome the only thing is that if you add a American police body kit it's gonna be so cool also can you add 2003 Toyota corolla's that would be great if you do that so keep updating the game to make everyone to give this game a 5 star rating.

Matthew Eyre

Did love it Hey ive emailed you 5 times about this game not working anymore i payed for nearly all the add ons now it doesnt work and cust service just ignoring me

gary boldie

It's a good app but. Why is it sooo slow it take ages to load up. This is my 4th attempt to get it to load please fix it

M&M vlogs

I liked it but U need to add cars like the Plymouth fury or dodge charger 1969 or the land rover discovery series 1 and series 2

Jeremiah Harrington

Not bad Your 69 boss 429 is in fact a 70 Mach 1 trim. The stock wheels are also incorrect, for 70 or 69, those are mid 70s rims.

William Coble

It's great on PC, But you have to pay for a lot of things on Mobile I got this so I could customize cars for friends and such, but I figured out very quickly that you have to pay for a lot of customization options

Goofy Duo

No Mustangs and loads slow No Mustangs. Please add 87 GT Mustang and 2005 Mustang and 1972 F100 ford Truck. I will change my rating if it has the cars I am looking for

Dylan Jeter

Great game, super laggy Title says it all; the game is great, but it's extremely laggy and has quite a lot of bugs and errors.

Cesar Asencio

IT HAS SOME GLITCHES I'm getting mad because when I'm about to finish customizing my car I spin it to look around and it show how it use to look like and tires are missing and all the parts of the vehicle

super zodiac211

Great app but Its nothing without my favorite car the saleen s7 add this car with a bunch of body upgrades and it better be for free all of it and then it will be the best game

fredrick canales

Pc Do like the PC version and have it free or just don't offer this app as it had too many glitches for it to be on the app store

Harry Johnson

Laggy Lags alot and often doesn't load the app on both my I pad and Samsung Galaxy s6 edge

Matt O

Doesn't work anymore It used to work and be pretty cool, but now it doesn't work. I will keep if installed so I know when it gets fixed though

Nicholas Curtis

Best for customization, but needs work Buggy, requires a lot of restarts, and cars are under construction for long periods of time. However, the best customization app out there.

Collin Wood

No mini truck I love this app but theres no mini trucks like 86 mazda b2000 or 2000 ford ranger or nissan 720...add them please

cooldude 007

Good but Can u drive the cars what u made cos it would make the game 10 times better so in the next update plz can u add that then I will add 5 stars thx

Chorny Match

Lag lag lag slow and lag Good but very lag. nexus 4 6.0

Eric Staley

Wast of money So I bought the bike section and all the bikes are still locked on my phone and it took the money

Tyler Mac

Horrible. I'm not paying for this. Awesome concept. But way to much "buy this. But that."

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