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11 Jun

Posted by Androbros in Puzzle | June 11, 2016 | 178 Comments

Apk file size: 2.7 MB

2048 game is a number puzzle game that is one of the cool math games of all times! 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024... Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

Extremely addictive number puzzle game 2048 which was originally developed by Gabriele Cirulli is now in Android with online leaderboard. You can login with Google+ to submit your score and compete other fans all around the world. You can also play in offline mode, in that case your score is not submitted to online scoreboard.

Features :
- Game is automatically saved
- Keeps track of best score
- Keep playing after reaching 2048 (Optional)
- Online Leaderboard
- Compete with friends
- Clear and simple UI
- Supports all devices including tablets (Android 3.0.* and above devices)
- Restart new game with confirmation (No more restarts by mistake)
- Remove ads!

The game is played on a simple gray 4×4 grid with tiles of varying colors overlaid that slide smoothly when a player moves them.To move tiles left, right, up, and down just slide your finger to desired direction. If two tiles of the same number collide while moving, they will merge into a tile with the total value of the two tiles that collided. The resulting tile cannot merge with another tile again in the same move. Higher-scoring tiles emit a soft glow.Every turn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot on the outer frame of the board with a value of either 2 or 4.

A scoreboard on the upper-right keeps track of the user's score. The user's score starts at zero, and is incremented whenever two tiles combine, by the value of the new tile. The user's best score is shown alongside the current score.

The game is won when a tile with a value of 2048 appears on the board, when you merge two 1024 tiles. After reaching the target score, players can continue beyond and reach to 4096 or further. When the player has no legal moves (there are no empty spaces and no adjacent tiles with the same value), the game ends.

You can watch this video to learn how to play. Thanks!


Whats new

    More sensitive interface.
    Smooth animations.

Androbros part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update June 11, 2016. Google play rating is 81.6035. Current verison is 3.09. Actual size 2.7 MB.

Download 2048-19.apk 2.7 MB

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O Snead

Loved it have no bad feed back It hard but it helped me learn higher me further my knowledge in times tables and it is fun and I play and play getting further and further not wining but even if I never win I love it solo much

Kristy Stewart

This app help my daughter learn math She now rattles off the addition involved. I hope that they figure out how to do one with odd numbers. In addition I quite love the game and can't seem to put it down.

Steven Martenson

Well... I can't understand why this game has received such a high rating. It's not a bad game at all. 2048 just relies on you being provided the right tiles at the right time in the right spot. It really doesn't involve much skill at all. It's very frustrating.

Ben Jackson

Slow.... Omg. Not all 2048 games are alike. This one is so slow. Need to improve the load time and the delay between moves

Manmohan Sappidi

Great game but 3 times expensive than original game Not many options like undo, stats, multi player..too basic for the hijacked game . shame.

Rasheed Snipes

No Complaints I have been hooked since day one and I've had the game for months now. Definitely a game that makes you think.

Abigail K

OK but... This is a fun game to play but its such a poor quality game. Very poorly made. It takes a very long time to response when I swipe and is always crashing. Please fix, I enjoy this game on my PC.

Yenny Gualteros

Hard It is a hard game because I haven't won! But it is good every time I play it.

Cierra Taylor

Hate it ever since it got Ads Ever since this app has gotten ads it completely sucks. I can't even play a game without two of them popping up and leading me to another page. Other then that issue, it used to be a good game.

Amine Diouf-thiam

It has helped me learn new skills but i dont like it when you loose cause it is irritating

Matthew Boan

Rip-off Threes!, the highly successful game that this one blatantly copies (minus it being multiples of 2`s instead of 3's) is much more polished. Not to mention runs quicker and has nicer features. But I guess for those of you too cheap to spend a couple bucks to support the devs on a quality game and experience... Here you go!

Nate Ford

Just awful Moves extremely slowly. Big delay between swyping and the tiles moving. Use one of the many other superior ones instead.

Nicholas Templet

2048 Its a good game, but it won't let me restart the game...

Mark Cortejo

One of the best games I've played the controls are awesome. The gameplay is fluid and its addicting in a good way

Jóvan Jules

It's ok Can use upgrades in terms of gameplay movement fluidity

Robin Zubee

Awesome My kids & I love this game. We are having a friendly competition with who can get the highest score & the highest block number.

Frances Bass

More to the game what I first played on Tom did not knOw it was actually a game i love it. Did not know you could do anything else but I'm going to check out the you tube vid. Thanks to the too t


Not bad... I find it doesn't always register my swipes. Fine for a free game, but won't purchase it.

jourdyn jefferson

Boring and Hard this game is boring all i did was press buttons y u people like dis piece of crap

Rosmel Perez

Great game overall Perfect time killer...awesome pooping

Jeanie Friar

Love 2048! Addictive and finally something to make you THINK !

Cassidy Berry

I'm not mentioning my name Loved it

Michael Descheeny

Good, but Liked the original more. You know, the one with an "undo" button and doesn't lag due to ads and didn't keep asking me to review the app

Yuri M

Very addicting. But I won!!! :)

Asia Fernandez

Whenever I open it, it crashes. Going to try something else.

Hakki Bagci

I love 2048 game It is a great number puzzle game. You have to use a strategy to achieve 2048, even 4096.

Kathy Minter

Addicted! Great app, no problems, lots of fun

Melissa Cabanas

Very addicting game Played it once was hooked

Katie Rudy

Doesn't keep my high score

Camden Grabau

Amazed This game is so fun!

janet rushton

2048 Fun game uses math to win

Ryan Horton

It's like math on meth.

Krista Prudenciadk

I really. Like it <3

Takeo Kobashigawa

Good game It gets harder and harder.

Semyon Kamoza

Awful, laggy and just uncomfortable to play

Cherokee Shorter

Disappointed Yes after updating it is faster, but I never get to see my score and needs to get rid of some ads. THEY TRIPLED

Amir Siddiqui

Omg the bbest gggggggaaaaaammmmeee everrrr After closing my eyes also i could see the grid . it is awsome

Hakan Bağcı

New interface New interface is fast and smooth.

Gia Jgarkava

Slow ... but ok

Bobbie Bishop

Challenge This game changed the way my kids see life. Now when they get home from school they ask " Mom, can I play 2048?" They now try math in their heads and do the best in their math class. Thank you 2048!

Hans Henrik Baek Thogersen

Tricked med into getting even more ADS. Is now uninstalled

robin sharma

gud one

Moy Meagan Villanueva

Awesome! Very nice game.. Got a headache though...

Matt Cadel

Love it Love the game but it's dead laggy

Anna Yeazel

Chuffed Good score d for me

Mariel Pengson

Amazing This game make me happy

Audrey Winkle

Much amaze Such a great game!!!!!!!

Dee Carter

Nice Good way to wast a little bit of time.

Rachelle Tolbert

Too many ads I understand free apps need ads but this feels excessive. They pop up after everything and sometimes make it so you have to select something twice. Example: if I select high scores an ad pops up then I exit the ad and I'm still on the menu screen so I have to select high scores again. Uninstalled.

Arun Thomas

A great time passer Following the highest corner tile strategy, you should get to 2048 fairly easily. Just watch the How To Play video on how the strategy works.

john rees

Utterly addictive As soon as I downloaded this game i was hooked. I have been playing it for hours and have not got bored of it yet.

Lanelle Devlin

Simple to learn and great for killing time. Very addictive and fun. Ads are not intrusive and app works with no problems.

Mikayla Mattson

Addicting yet frustrating I downloaded this when I got my new phone. My husband downloaded the same game (different app) almost 2 weeks later. He finished it within a month and I'm still trying to win it 6 months later. It's back button only goes back one move and if you lose, you have to start over. I'm too stubborn to quit, but super frustrated I can't win.

haradik panchal

Great game for time pass I love this game ita great but i don't like ads come after completing games otherwise its great game i love it

Vojtěch Trunda

Good game! This is one of games, what I'm playing often.

Adewale Badmos

Numbers game Just like sudoku it's really a great game to play and supper easy to

Becky Dreasher

Addictive! Great game. Newer version is easier on the battery and ads are less intrusive. Great update!

Sergio Flores

Pretty fun Its pretty fun to play to pass time and requires no wifi!!

Sherri Watson

Great game! Keeps me busy during ANY time of th day.

zane soderberg

Easy to get started and always fun to challenge myself or a friend

Falah Al-Thuwaini

Super easy I scored 6300 from the first attempt!

JuJu Sanfrancesco

Hard to make blocks across the screen I love 2048, but this app isn't good, the title explains why

Katrina Hohmann

Love game hate ads Love playing this game but the find words ad stayed on the home screen so I had to uninstall and reinstall the game.

Julien Beaulieu

Great game, not too many ad and no bug.

aldrich marion carpeso

It's simple I like it. Nothing much to it but that's why I like it.

Ryan Beadle

Adictive Really good game to pass the time and keep you entertained

Tracy Jirschele

Ends game instead of letting you choose to end it

Adam Marsa Rachman

Love it? Look simple, but it makes me play from 100% till the death(My PHONE!) super addictive

Amy Lau

No Ads The ads always finish my game when i am at like a score of 20000

Tucker Wooley

Great game Its fun and addictive!!

Josh Clark

Time passer Not the most fun game, but great to pass time.

Emily Beresford

FAB!!!!!!!!!! I loved it because as well as being a fabouls game it helps you to do your times table's so I truly recamend this app!!!

Michailas Traubas

Fun, simple The game is really addictive, but the UI could be a bit nicier

Gontse Mereko

Great mind reliever Breakfast, lunch and midnight snack for mind... Love it.

Rebekha Heidelberg

Fun I play it when I have nothing to do. I love this game it is one of my favorite games that I have.

Rachit Chirania

Nice. Good. I like it. It's a perfect stress buster for me.

Hakan Bağcı

Smooth and fast Addictive 2048 game with leaderboard

Taylor Haviland

:) Love this game

Jill Mary

2048 Good time waster

Ashton Matadin

Just here for achievements

Rob Lebkuecher

Great simple game! I hate all the games that require you to login every day, or require a lot of time and attention. This game I can pick, play as little or as much as I want, and I'm not penalized. Very fun!

Mandy Shepherd

Amazballs A game that doesn't require a lot of thinking and can either be a long or short game.

Selena Mcintyre

AMAZING Love the game one of the best apps I have downloaded

Paramveer Singh

Loved it. Great to have it on your device. Surfers and racing are as old as Adam. Only addition required to it is if I can invite my frnds online. Will be great.

Ademola Oladipo

Lovely gane My highest score is 31k+.

Megan Davies

Amazing!?????☺ So fun yet so addictive and my friend and her parents are also constantly playing on their iPads.

Tanis Fraser

This game is relaxing All you need to do is move your finger around, and it's really fun too!

thelesu na

Hi Like it I enjoy this game

Hardi Maddison

Awesome Annyingly addictive :D

Rodelyn Marubia

2048 Very beautiful game

Petr Večeřa

Move of tiles seems lagging

Hakan Bağcı

Smooth and fast Addictive 2048 game with leaderboard

Claudette Samaseia

Easy to use.

Anthony Chambers

Very addictive!

Denver Maart

Mind boggling.... Simple game yet lots of thinking, strategy.

James Black

Really fun and a good way to pass time This game is fun, easy to understand and I really enjoy it. My high score is 6192, I challenge everyone to beat me ?

CJ Phourdize

Love it! I'm a big fan of games that make you think. This one's a big winner in my book.

Stefany Araya

The game is good the app sucks The game throws u out every time u change Windows and it finishes the game whenever it wants

Mii R

Got 16384 and keep going. Theoretically, if you are super lucky, you could get 65536. I wonder, how far will I get...

George Varbanov

Ads, only ads and ads Pop-up ads, baner ads, awful experience. Used for less than half an hour

Summar Bhutta

Good It is a really good game. But the ads really really really really really make me go crazy because it makes you loose the game.

Jon Blomquist

Addictive Solid platform. No issues with the game, I probably play too much.

John Hammond

It's 1024, and well done. Too many ads though.

jocelyn climaco

James black I just beat your high score. 7568. Beat that

Ritchie Abalajen

Addictive Great game to play on your extra time

Beth Deering

Totally addictive!!!! Best game I've downloaded yet!!

nick tan

Thumbs up! Good app. Better to try

Zeina Essam

Too many ads, which make me lose the game before i even have 200

Aarati Shrestha

It's good? Time pass but nice

Hakan Bağcı

Smooth and fast Addictive 2048 game with leaderboard

Diane Kohler

Send help, can't stop playing It's so addicting and fun. Your eyes will melt from sheer awesomeness. Also kiss your social life goodbye because this game is all you need. Everything else is secondary to the greatness of this game. It's free, go play it ya scrub

Muhammad Nadeem

Good I like this game it is very addictive!!! But when i am in the middle of a very high score a ad comes up and once the ad is finished it says "GAME OVER" and that makes my very annoyed... so please fix

Wes Townsend

Too sensitive to movement Need to tone the sensitivity way down. Luckily there's an undo feature, but I've sometimes made multiple moves simply because my finger skipped the surface a little.

Hakki Bagci

I love 2048 game It is a great number puzzle game. You have to use a strategy to achieve 2048, even 4096.

Anamaria Sierra

Addictive I can play this game for hours.

Matthew Sterling

Amazing Awesome

Jack Low

Please change it back I dont really like the new design. Please change it back. Otherwise it is fun

Ahmed Sabbagh

Latest update Looks great and really smooth

Dániel Mihályi

Record gone Thanks to an unnessesary visual update clap clap

Chris Oxford

Very addictive

Karen Farmer

2048 One of my favourite games. The old interface was 5⭐, but I would only give the new interface 3⭐. The game is too fast and sensitive. It often moves tiles in a different direction than I am intending them to go. Ruins my whole strategy, ending my game prematurely. Have only cracked 2048 once and was playing daily. Not so much now. Why fix it if it ain't broke?

Wulan Seruniati Salim

I prefer the older version interface. The game is great but the new interface is kind of gloomy.

Jan J

Interface -edit- The newest interface update is pretty good but an option to be able to choose your theme (squares or rounded squares) would be even better.

Yasen Velichkov

The new interface Well, with the new interface my horizontal swipes are barely detected or get recognized as vertical. All in all, this was my favorite version, but now I'm somewhat disappointed - this interface does not allow me to reach the previous speeds.

Endy Marvianzi

Awesome Keep playing

Patrice Grandison

I do love it But the new update screwed me over when it took my current game away from me. A little PO'd tbh

Jonas Müggler

Data loss Was a big fan, until my current game got lost while updating to the latest version (my high score as well!). 2400000 points in the current game and now I should start over? Wtf!

Sam Brumby

Update screwed me I love this game. My girlfriend got me into this almost a month ago and I haven't stopped playing. I opened it today to find an update had occurred and cleared my high score. What kind of update is that?

Willie Patrick

Very addictive

Dylan Ashe

Did not discover the meaning of life I acquired this application as a means of light entertainment. Through much endeavour I became a dedicated player of this intriguing game. Day after day, night after night I played, always scoring 1024. One day I eventually conquered the device and reached the fabled score of 2048. To my utter dissapointment this did not cause me to unearth a Pandora's Box of secrets behind why we are all here. Nor was I greeted triumphantly with a live mariachi band to celebrate my victory. I still await these wonders.

Brieana Davidson

It's ok but a little boring Once u download it it's really fun but after 1 or 2 weeks it gets boring

Mohd Farid

ADS.. Ads ads ads here there ads..everywhere is ads clickable .don't download this sh#t

Patricia Maddox

Great game makes one use the thinking skills

Andrew Collins

Great game Simple, intuitive, and still challenging. One of the greatest pick-up games I've ever played.

Alec Jackson

Very addictive. Great game. But don't you just enjoy those reviews which complain about pornographic ads.....somebody needs to explain cookies to them. The porn ads show because you've been looking at porn on your phone and the ads software finds cookies for those sites in your phone's memory. Hahaha

Zo-Ren Baey

Quite fun at the start but there is too little diversity in gameplay. It gets boring after a while.

Ayan Tarafder

Thumbs Up Such a creative and addictive game. But there should be a save option. Every time gamers have to start from scratch. This is total waste of time

Kurt Hompoth

There are better versions. Choppy animations, ugly menus, and ads.

Terry Rutherford

Never the same Every move is a winner and every move is a loser. No two games the same.


Good fun Addictive and fun. Ads are annoying but that's what you get for not upgrading to Premium...

swinton sandstone

simple and relaxing always liked this game. ever since playing it in the linux terminal many years ago.

Shihab Imam

Good game. Annoying ads

Rose Benjamin

The challenge is addicting. Ads are annoying, but worth the small annoyance.

John Joyce

Simple and addictive Simple little game that's hard but fun. The advertising doesn't break gameplay. I would recommend to people who need a little game to play on the train or bus.

Super Ashaan

Amazingly good Play all the time. Great pastime and fun

Miranda Ellen

Good Adds are annoying but very addictive and fun to play

Sham Shreen

Cool A very cool and interesting app..

Hakan Bağcı

Smooth and fast Addictive 2048 game with leaderboard

Vincent Massey

Mind training I have no idea why I am playing this game in the summer holidays anyways it is a great game

Sherika Hanson

Addictive Love this game keeps u on your toes

Amie Smith

I love it It's the best game I've got! And it's even better when I'm playing my favourite songs?

Ethan Dy

Not bad It seems a bit boring

Duane Junius

Fun But ads get in the way time to time

Kevinpauline Lynch

Love it It is the best game I ever played . At first it was hard but when I got the hang of it it was great

Alessandro Lanari

Perfect A modern classic, minimal ruleset leading to ever changing boards and multiple strategies. Addictive. Genial.

Felix Mann

This is an AWESOME game. Very addictive The rules are simple, and the game is addictive. Perfect combination and it looks great!

pinky doctor

Good Game , but please add more options to undo movements not just one undo !

Jonathan Philp

So many hours have been spent playing this game...

Lewis Challenger

Gr8 m8 Highscores are always fun to try and beat, good game, would recommend

Bomb I love this game and I'm totally the bomb at it!

Pamela Tokarew

Great game Love playing this game. It's a great way to pads the time

Dward the second of CHN

Enjoy it! It's easy to play and different from the others.

Bucket List

Great game Fun, challenging and good exercise for the brain.

A Ellsworth

Exercise your grey cells Great game fast to play

Obsidian Cookie

Good fun Does everything you would expect

Shoot Out

Cool Great if you have no wifi

Hussam Elshabi

Great game Smart, creative and addictive to play

Dylan Walsh

Nice and Simple A great game to play when you are bored or trying to waste time. ?

Aden Pulford

Play Threes Instead This game is a creatively bankrupt mess that knocked off the excellent game Threes. Play that. It's actually good and requires skill.

Josh Kurucz

Good game for anxiety! This game really helps me with my anxiety.. it's also a lot of fun.

Hurr Durr

Annoying Macquarie bank ad renders the game unplayable. Slows everything down...

Ads You stupid idiots stop making ads pop up

Hokuto TheGamer

Gg Amazing game, just completed it ahaha was fun ads are a little annoying but totally worth it

Sameen Zafar

excellent!!! great pass time, with difficulty getting higher as you keep playing.

Jeremy North

Great game Simple but addictive. Good simple graphics and layout makes this one of the best of this type of puzzle game

Freddie Fairhurst

Fine Its good but not as good as the My Talking Tom one.

rochelle ferguson

Amazing! Completely obsessed, won't stop playing until I get 2048!!!

Susan Galligan

Love it Good game you think you getting there then bam you have to start again

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