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29 Jul

Posted by SomaSim LLC in Simulation | July 29, 2015 | 46 Comments

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The year is 1849, and gold has just been discovered in California. You decide to head out west, to seek fame and wealth in the approaching Gold Rush.

Will you strike it rich and become an overnight mining magnate? Or build your fortune bit by bit by supplying 49ers with pickaxes and blue jeans?


1849 is a city management game set during the California Gold Rush. Your task is to build towns, populate them with workers, and keep your citizens housed, fed, and entertained. You’ll have to manage and coordinate extensive production and trade networks to make sure your towns thrive.

Key Features of 1849:
- A campaign mode that traces the development of the Gold Rush from mining camps to bustling cities. Each city scenario presents players with unique starting conditions, victory goals, and obstacle events.
- Sandbox mode with a procedurally-generated map for your location, based on geography (from the Pacific coast to the Sierra Nevada mountains), precipitation, resource availability, and starting lot size.
- Vivid Old West towns with geography and architecture directly inspired by California’s Gold Country.
- Over 50 resources to dig up, farm, refine or manufacture as you build complex towns and cities.
- Classic city management gameplay meets modern technology in a sim tailored specifically for tablet / touch screen play.
- Developed by SomaSim, a new studio dedicated to producing deep simulation games for today’s players.

Whats new

    Free bonus content: 2 Epilogue scenarios.
    The Epilogue presents two final scenarios, taking place in the period after the gold rush, as the people of California attempted to forge a new identity in a state that went through an irreversible transformation.

SomaSim LLC part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update July 29, 2015. Google play rating is 85.5887. Current verison is 2.0.7. Actual size 57.0 MB.

Download 1849.apk 57.0 MB


Chari McCauley

Thanks for finally bringing this to Android. Pharoah still has lots of fans. Keep making and improving games like 1849 and you will too.

Treacle Doyle

Great. So far Thank you for or email tried few times n finally worked sorry about bad review before

Rickey Johnson

Game is working good now I call support and got help this is great Game will not load I went from 4stars to one because game will not load this is a brand new tablet so what's the problem it was playing fine

Deaf Lion

WiFi slow must wifi or fail i use ethernet more fast so when download done and play without wifi if fail then REFUND and keep ask sign in google + why? so stop it because i buy it if carry on then REFUND THAT IT THAT AGAIN KEEP POP ASG SIGN IN GOOGLE + SO NOW REFUND

Christopher Worthy

I bought this for my Asus K011

Rahul Gupta

Ultimate Game Loving it

Rich Shelley

No IAP's!! Great Game! Good town building game similar to other Android games of the same type, but more importantly, no in app purchases. Thank you devs! Not as complex in gameplay or graphics compared to Sim City, Tropico etc (ie Limited budget options. Landscape or buildings can't be revolved). Some bugs and issues too. Oh, and somehow, fruit and grapes don't count as 'food'. Guess folks in the Old West were a bit fussy. Do Americans even eat fruit? Anyways, this is well worth your pennies.

Mario Krolo

Good game in the style of Caesar 3, but have to take points off for constantly asking you to log in to your Google account. I don't want to, but it won't stop asking. It's hard to believe it's this obnoxious. It constantly interrupts the game. I should have paid attention to the other reviewers who warned about the same problem.

Jānis Vaivars

No iaps, but still isnt worth the price. Cheap copycat of old school city builders. Very simple and casual, very repetative. It made me download a real city builder, pharaoh, 15 years old and 100 times more interesting, involving, complex. :-) There are just so many alternatives - both new and very old available.

Gavin Floyd

problems with touch Hi there seems like it could be a great game however scrolling and building deployment doesnt work properly on my asus memo 10.1 inch tablet, the screen keeps jumping to a random part of the map.

Marcus Schroeder

Enjoyed it! I had a great time playing the game, and look forward to Somasim's next release. To be clear, the only in app purchase is for the expansion pack. This is not one of those games that gets you interested and then tries to extort money.

Aaron Wolfe

Great one of the best sim games I've seen on android

Oliver Zettinig

No in-app purchases Absolutely worth it.

Matthew David Sanderson

Love it Great game. Loved it so I bought the expansion. The trading system is greatly improved and more challenging.

Thomas Clelford

Buy it If you like city building games like Pharaoh and Caesar. Brilliant example of how fun this genre is when it isn't being abused to nickel and dime you.

Michael Tucker

Not worth the money I have purchased both the original and the expansion. I cannot sustain an economy. Sick and tired of going broke in the game. I've tried every possible way to stay ahead but expenses are almost twice the income.

Craig Orgill

Really enjoyed it A little bit like Ceaser and Pharaoh, there is a long campaign (20 levels) which gradually ease you in the game. The only thing missing is a way to auto buy/sell, which means frequent visits to the trading tab. It is added to the new add - on pack which makes the game a lot better. Overall this is a really great game, hope you release some more levels :)

Peter Manton

Great Best strategy game on android, almost reminds me of aoe

Brandy A. Brown

Doesn't require tons of in app purchases Very fun little resource management Sim. Plenty of game play for the cost.

Matthew Hughes

Great, if you like city management I really like this game and it is great at what it does. I saw the video review on youtube from Quill18, and I like that kind of game. Normally I don't buy games but this one was worth it. I have yet to come across in-game purchase so I don't know when that happens.

Gary Lucero

An incredibly fun strategy game that is smart and good looking 1849 is a breath of fresh air: A premium title devoid of in-app purchases or other nonsense. It offers 20 single-player scenarios, all based on the gold rush in the USA. Within each scenario lies several objectives, and then layered atop those that are several more, these optional and timed. While 1849 is not a completely consistent experience, with some minor problems selecting buildings, for example,. and some difficulty spikes that throw you off guard, it is quite nimble, with fast loading and saving times. The towns you build come alive with beauty, reminiscent of SimCity, and the simple but evolving structure of game play keeps the game interesting throughout the fairly long campaign. If you like strategy games, especially deep ones that take time to master, you should like 1849. It's a fun game that looks great, never overwhelms you, and rewards you when you pay attention to how its systems all work together.

A Google User

Nice game but some issues Its a nice game but the major issue is that it keeps asking to sign in google+ every few minutes otherwise i wud have given 5 stars. Secondly a suggestion to the developers, please dont keep people confined to a block. There shd be a feature to add more blocks as the game develops. They might take some clues from fantasy town

Scott Henry

Could be good... Fun little game, but with a very small play area. Feels very organised and grid like, not organic and ramshackle as I imagine a wild western town would be. Would enjoy a more free form version in which I am not hemmed into a little box. Google+ ads border on harassment and make me want to dislike an otherwise cool company.

Mark Grodin

Great game A lot of fun well made would like to see more games from this quality developer

Melissa Morrison

Continuos Google+ login popup spam kills the fun! I have to say, I'm really agrrivated. The reason I pay money for premium games, is so that I don't have to deal with in-game ads, paywalls and social media nonsense. The fact that this game keeps trying to make me log into Google+ every few minutes is just absurd. While the game seems to look good and play well on my tablet, I didn't get passed the first few missions before I quit as a result of feeling harassed to log into Google+ over, and over, and over. Infuriating! It is a shame really... I think I may have enjoyed it otherwise. >:(

Rita Lamar

One of my absolute favorite of resource management game Love this game... want more :-)

Phillip Tamblyn

Fantastic android app Finally a great game that's not full of adds or pushing you to make in app purchases. Very addictive at the moment, could see it getting repetitive in the long run, but a full city building game at this price , I can't complain

Bryon Campbell

Best Game Ever! This is the best game I have ever played! I hope they keep adding more cities and scenarios! Thank you for all your doung!

John Corey

Good ol' city building fun. It's great to get back to good old-fashioned addictive games.

Glenn Dawson

Game keeps stopping and wont load. Also keeps wanting to connect to google play which I do not use. When it does sometimes load it is a good game

Alicia Jones

Not played yet but purchases because its good to see a nice city builder style games to be made, I'd be more than happy play nea/SNES style games but for the most part developers just release trash. So good on you for avoiding the trend.

TheFeed Mill

Great game and worth the buy! Loving the building, the time and resource management, the quests that do not require additional in game purchases or "neighbors/friends" to complete (and yet are still challenging) :-D

Maret Leesi

Want my money back!! After completing first quest the game keeps asking me to connect with my google account. I don't see why should I do that, I don't need to share every minute of my life with others!! If I don't log in the game freezes and that is for a game I paid full price, WTF??!! Don't bother buying unless you don't mind giving your email to every freaking app there is.

Albs C

Great game but the pop up needs to go. I've been looking for a great game that doesnt have ingame purchase BS, so glad I found this. The one thing that frustrates the hell outta me is its constant pop up which ask me to log in to my google+, it's kinda ruined a good game for me, which is why I give this game only 3 stars.

Brian Williams

Best city build game for android! If you like games like Anno or Sim City definitely check it out! Its not sandbox but every level is complex and offers many different challenges. There is a time management aspect to it that keeps it involved and engaged for hours of fun game play!

Ira Williamson

Bucking the trend Its nice to see a game that could be full of IAPs go with out them. I decited a wile back that I would support games without IAPs so I am more than happy to pay the 5 dollars.

Just a ol pole

Confused? I was hoping to jump into the game, do a tutorial and then just play sandbox mode , but/there isn't one!

Nader Nooryani

Overscan on Nexus 7 (2013) It doesn't scale to the screen's resolution, the bottom portion of the screen is cut off. Edit: suddenly it scales properly, which is equally discerning.

Ben Sherlock

Varied, involved and enjoyable game. Really enjoyable. Happy to pay for a game like this rather than free-to-play sims that time-block progress. Could do with more music though - I've played it so much I can hum all the tunes in my sleep. ;)

George Fox

Great game you guys made.. Keep up the great work..

Nakul Padalkar

Best simulation game on android

A Google User

Nice game but some issues Its a nice game but the major issue is that it keeps asking to sign in google+ every few minutes otherwise i wud have given 5 stars. Secondly a suggestion to the developers, please dont keep people confined to a block. There shd be a feature to add more blocks as the game develops. They might take some clues from fantasy town

Sébastien Pacaud

Very addictive Worth the price. Just if we could get bigger map, and more different building, maybe introduce an online system to deal with other city created by other players

Kayla Horton

Every time I would try to load the game it would get to 25% then just close out. No error message or any message at all saying why or what went wrong.

Yanny Mishchuk

Tiny horrible UI The tiny UI makes the game practically unplayable, the concept and the artwork look great, and I love the setting, but it's simply unplayable, if I can't even read the text.

super gaucho

Great game Really enjoying the game

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