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21 Jun
100 Doors - Underground

Posted by Tedven LLC in Puzzle | June 21, 2016 | 129 Comments

Apk file size: 27.0 MB

We are proud to present the latest hit game in "Room Escape" category for Android!
Use your puzzle skills to find the way to open each door in order to proceed to next room!

★ Features ★
☑ 30 doors to escape
☑ Unique brain teasers
☑ Challenging logic puzzles
☑ Easy to start – hard to put down
☑ Auto-save function
☑ Delightful graphics
☑ Outside of the box thinking
☑ Balanced difficulty
☑ 100% Free of Android!

★ How to play ★
☑ Find and combine items
☑ Solve mini-puzzles
☑ Use your device (tilting, shaking, 2-finger sliding and swiping)

Game discussion:

Good luck on your journey!

Whats new

    1.0.5 - Fix
    1.0.4 - Fix
    1.0.3 - Fix
    1.0.2 - Fix for KitKat devices.

Tedven LLC part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 21, 2016. Google play rating is 80.5042. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 27.0 MB.

Download 100-doors-underground.apk 27.0 MB


Anne T.

Annoying music Music keeps going on and have to shut it off all the time. Some levels are easy and some make no sense at all. Only 30 levels.

angela herebia

Great game half way through. Then it becomes difficult and sometimes without logic

Dwayne Willits

Vague is vague Some of the puzzles offer very vague clues. Fortunately there are helpful videos out there with solutions. The two finger gestures are a pain and need work. All in all good mental challenges though.

Cheryl Eul

100 doors underground played first 14 levels before I had to close out for a bit. Wouldn't open when I came back. Levels were just to easy for me anyway.

Yaneli Delgado

Its ok Its really boring and u need to know all about different stuff or you can't find the answer

Moon Dragon

100 Doors Underground Great brain teaser game. Don't much care for all the ads, though

Bertha Reyes

100 Doors Underground It was fun and using a lot of brain. Thank you i hope for more.

Celia Santiago

Doesn't work Level 12s 3rd door sticks and will not open.

Frederck Spaid

Good game keeps you thinking on each level..wish you could change the music

Ruth Bicknell

A bit random!?!? For the first few levels it was suitable for a young child but then none of the levels made sense? There was no particular progression of difficulty and many of the answers bore no resemblance to the questions whatsoever!! Even with the walkthrough's, two or three of them still made no sense. I found it uncomfortable to play. Yet your previous game - Endless Escape - was lightyears ahead of this one!?!?!?

Jeffrey Tate

Great game if you like puzzles... A game that has challenges. Good free app.

nicole showalter

100 doors underground Was very good and has challenging levels.

alison p

Fun but short. Some of the answers make no sense

Angel Corley

Liked it Alot of the stages didnt get it and then finding the cheats still didnt make sence! Was fun though.

Jean Dobbs

Gestures are hard to work I'm stuck in level 12 because it will not let me raise the bars...I have (after finding the precise point it will let me move the 2 other doors...moved them as far as it will let me...and still nothing... Uninstalling because this doesn't seem to be very intuitive to my movements...

Nigel Scott

100 Doors Underground Good game. Works well on SIII.

Diane Baker

Good challenge This game presents a good challenge at each level. Most have logical ways to figure out the level. Some are harder to make sense of. But overall a very good games.

Carl Blessing

Challenging Good game that certainly keeps you thinking.

Thomas Szczygiel

Like the puzzles Just the right amount of challenges.

Del Suter

Not too bad Great time filler. Not too easy not too hard

Jake Arledge

A good time waster Some of the puzzles don't make sense, but it is enjoyable.

renaldo Viera

Awesome Great app can't wait for more doors.

Amy Bunner

100? Nope Why have 100 in the title if you only have 30 levels?

Hailie Burns

Loved it Rated it a 5 because i love trying to escape and on some levels i watch the video's.

Jeremiah Johnson

Makes you think. 100 doors underground

Ian Douglas

100 doors ug Very good game

Eisyaturrodhiah Mdnor

I can't play at level 5

Tara McDougal

Love it! Wonderful and really uses your brain

summer connin

Great Supper fun game very puzzling


Great game!! Loved the game it makes think in a fun way it gets you more intrested to move on to the next level it's super funnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney Hardeman

hard Iu have to know a lot to her answers

joy sells

Nice It okay for escape games

Mandy Day

Crap Its a good game but please correct me if I'm wrong 100 doors means 100 right ..... not 30 and it says rate and give a good review for more levels ..... I don't think so deleting

Tawanda Clark

False Advertisement Only 30 available levels and not 100

L Lawson

Killing time Interesting some made you think for a minute. Thought there were 100 instead only 30.

Ken Litfin

Fun game Very challenging

Alan Thorsager

Thought so much my brain hurt

Colin Kerrigan

More complicated than usual ...which I liked. Thanks.

radoslav ivanov

Hi It is awesome game

Samantha N

Pretty good I like games like this, so it was pretty fun! The only thing that I don't like about it and thus earning only four stars is that some of the answers for certain levels had no logic behind them.

Damian Lima

A lot of fun Some more difficult than others but great fun

Lisa Woods

Loved it Found it very challenging. Love these escape games and this has been one of my favorites

Pongrac Nemeth

Simple and super Good game needed a base iq.

Carrie Kekic

Addicted Some levels are hard but well worth the download

Catherine Travis

Too Random Half the puzzles are illogical, and the video ads are extremely annoying

April Wooten

100 DOORS UNDERGROUND Very fun. First few are easy, and gets progressively harder. Great way to pass the time.

Rebecca Smith

100 Doors Underground Could not get past level 19 even with walkthrough. Somethings touch sensitive off. Other than that seems ok.

Ethan Seim

Puzzles are dependably interesting, but could be more elaborate. And I don't mean more gimmicky, or drawing on more obnoxious patterns, but they could require more thought and inference.

Millie Minasian

100 doors underground. Started well, quite easy then a little harder . some levels made no sense at all even when I looked up the answer. Pretty good on the whole.

Citlalli Haro

Fun way to kill time only issue is the music turns back on if you go off the app and come back

Yanni Zeroles

Some levels made no sense at all even when I sought help. Clever game.

Sophie Hanna

Only doing this to continue playing Had to give a positive review or i wont be able to play

Prawn Cocktail

Interesting Game Enjoyable game. Some levels too hard - I didn't even understand the solution when I found it on a walkthrough - but most are fun.

Lisa T

It was ok I had to cheat which is sad because you only have to solve one thing to get the key. Some puzzles too easy, others made no sense. Need a walk through.

Andrea Bowman

Addicting Would have gave 5 stars but hate having to shut music off every time to open app

Tomi Ruiz

Player I played a few excape games in the past but didn't like them mutch. But yours I do like.


Good game. The horoscope level was a bit over the top don't you think? Come on now. I was expecting 100 floors too what's up with that? This game is pretty good. I've done so many of these now. I love these games. Keep the levels coming guys.

Aaron Lusanko

Level 27 impossible. The one about horoscope calendar. Went too check answer on internet, and still doesn't work. Getting frustrated.

Tom-n-Heather Shepard

Truly free! Challenging but doable! 30 levels, walkthrough available if needed.

M A Benham

Brainteasers galore! I enjoy occupying my mind with busy puzzles like this.

Denise Porter

Enjoyed it. Tough at times. Pretty good game. Graphics were good. Didn't expect it to end at 30 doors

Scott Cooney

A couple of levels made no sense, other then that the game is great.

Heidi Brown

Enjoyable I liked it. It kept me occupied with out frustrating but was challenging enought to keep me engaged

Jennifer G

Okay I guess Some levels are crazy easy, others are completely illogical.

Joyce Faggett

100 doors ug I thought this game would be hard.but its a great game. More levels please.

Nathan T. Goetz

All the escape games are fun. Haven't stopped for about 3 days now.

Anna Kiely

More please enjoyed playing but needs more levels.

mateusz kozuch

So far, so good, but it should be called "30 doors".

Brad Billingsley

Puzzle It keeps ya thinking great brain teaser

Kate Baxter

Misleading One would think that a game called "100 doors" had, you know, 100 doors. Nope. 30. Plus, half the stupid floors made ZERO sense on how to solve it. Waste of my time.

Ubi Shaikh

Good game,, But i got stuck in level 11 can anybody help me out plz..

Dennis Church

Only 30 doors Why distribute an incomplete game? Finish it first.

Jeff Pirtle

Overall good Most levels were very good. Some were impossible as the solution had no logic.

Simon Denis

Great Difficulty level just right.

Tracie Walker

Great Great game not to hard and not to easy, just the right mix ?

Anna Keke Widitesnowati

So entertaining It's easy and fun

Tydie freeman

It's a great puzzle game There are some levels that doesn't make any sense to how to solve them but it's still great for the mind.

David Tracy

Really??? I thought this would have 100+ doors but it only has 30. Not even worth the memory.

Martie Botma

Hope formore levels only 30

Norie Foskey

Kept me busy for a while.

Mohamad Hasan

Doesn't make any sense

Lisa Gosling

Good game not enough levels

James Roberts

Excellent! Great game! Bring more levels! ! !

Anastasia Young

Great game!! Would love more levels!!!


Ok so far Some levels make no sense so had to look up answer

Joel parton

Addicting game. Hard levels sometimes. I like the challenge!

Ember Irvine

AUSOME I love this game its really challenging. Its easy at the start then it gets harder and you might even need to look it up on Google that's how hard they get but I love this game.

Charlotte Trudeau

I am also just doing this so I can play more levels but it is a pretty good game ☺

Michele Hobbs

Good fun Love the short single puzzle levels. This is a fun game for when uou just have a few minutes at a time.

Sebrena F

Fun and just challenging enough Fun to play. Challenging, but not impossible. But the music keeps coming on even though I turn it off. And this should be called 30 doors, since that's all they've got.

Krizza Gray

i mean it's okay but... firstly, it's called 100 doors but there are only 30 levels. disappointing. second, y'all didn't include pluto as a planet and i'm salty.

Gregory Thibault

Early levels way to easy then... Get to door 10 and it won't swipe the doors open like the clue tells you to

SlugsworthsTV 1 SlugsworthsTV 1

100 Doors Underground Great game. Stuck on Level 7. The Toilet game is good to. Stuck on Bog 13 unlucky for some.

Laura Lake

Too easy Played lots of these games but completed it within 20 mins

Zani Pelser

Its ok I liked the game would like more levels though.

Doug Standard

30 doors not 100. How can you title your game "100 Doors" when you offer 30.

KarlE. Eckstein

Great Game It is a very good game, challenging.

Lee Ann Centers

Tests your brain! I love this one, each new level challenges you in a unique way. Very clever!

Kim Gilroy

Enjoyed This was a great game. Thank you

Jessie Phoenix

Fun Good game, even if I cheated a few times.

Laura Penney

more or less good but it kinda was hard some of the levels made no sence even after watching walk through still didnt see how you were supposed to understand that

Andy M

Good game BUT When I turn the horribly annoying "music" off leave it off!!!!!! I should not have to turn it back off with each level or anytime I leave and come back to the game. If it weren't for that is give it 5 stars as the game is decent

Ashley Cote

So addicting I could literally play this game for hours. Some levels are really challenging. Overall, really great game.

Jennifer Stretch

Please read Best game ever but stage 13 is hard I need to get past stage 13

Yustin Bleeper

So Fun Can't wait for more levels!

Brian Davey

Pretty good Some levels are quite tricky, some are obvious. It depends how your mind works I suppose.

Vishnupriya S Nair

Nice game Like it... some levels made me confused, although good one

Tabi Dickenson

Challenge Some difficulty but not to much. Enough to make you think but doesn't make it boring


Can't get passed level 10 Only 1 star has too many glitches.


Challenging It's very fun. The levels start out easy and get harder. Some of them are really hard to figure out, but overall it's fun.

Noel Kellegher

I put the right answer in on stage 27 but it won't give me the key

S.K. Neko

Enjoyed It!! Had a bit of trouble with the dragging part of certain levels, but otherwise it was enjoyable!


100 Doors Under Ground Very good game, mind boggling, keeps you on your toes. Needs to have all 100 Doors Under Ground Free.

Tewonia Ranson

Sad show Would not let me go past level 7

Butch Rosolino

Nice game but logic seems a little off, game is called 100 doors but only 30 are playable

Sondra Clarke

Had trouble getting the slide feature to work. Had to uninstall!!

Chris Gumm

Wasn't bad. Some levels made you think for a while. Really enjoyed it.

Tracy Mathews

Great game Thisc is a great game but it's Harder than the 100 door games I've played. But I still enjoy it

Nicole Morse

Good but annoyingly hard on some levels


Eh not to great

Patricia Murphy

Nice Lots of fun but stopped after level 30

Andrew Bradley

100 doors? No. There are 30.

Sharon Hill

Fun and challenging Game works well. No glitches and challenging

Alix Wait

100 doors underground Enjoyed the game not to difficult

waverly futrell

Great game but only 30 doors.

Kiara Washington

Sooo hard but fun

Kerry Holstead

I enjoyed this game

Daniel Levine

Very challenging

James Curry

100 Doors Underground Good game but the last few levels make no sense at all. It's basically a guessing game to get ur key, overall fun though.

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