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7 May
100 Doors : Floors Escape

Posted by 100 Gates in Puzzle | May 7, 2015 | 88 Comments

Apk file size: 17.0 MB

100 Doors: Floors Escape is the most addictive "Room Escape" puzzle game for Android. A skyscraper collapses, all people have to escape from these rooms that look like jail or prisons !
Solve the enigma of each prison room, find hidden object and open the door to escape from the skyscraper that cages you !.
Download now, it's free!

How to play
- Solve the puzzle/enigma and unlock the current door to escape from the jail room and get the next level/floor
- Each level has a different puzzle to be solved
- Use any possible way to unlock: Drag, Shake, Touch the floor, Swipe, Tap,Tilt ,Push Buttons and so on
- Many different items available

- Completely free. No in-app purchases.
- One of the best door exit game available for ANDROID
- Mini escape games which are perfect to kill your free time
- Amazing Artwork
- Complete utilization of your devices features!
- Addicting mini puzzles!
- Gorgeous graphics and Sound
- Balanced difficult level from very easy to very hard

Remember that in some rooms of the first floors you have to complete the heist in order to open the doors and advance in the game.

Just try it. You’ll love and ....Escape if you can!

Whats new

    Several optimization.

100 Gates part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 7, 2015. Google play rating is 74.4078. Current verison is 1.6. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download 100-doors-floors-escape.apk 17.0 MB


Klarissa Staley

Please help!! I love this game, but I need help on level 31. I don't wanna delete ths game just cause I can't figure out this one level.

Juliet Maynard

Meh I was doing great until level 63. I know the answer but it still won't open the door. You would think that all the bugs would have been worked out by now.

Fiona Chivers

Its ok Would have given more stars if it wasn't for the fact that you get a pop up advert after every door and the cross is so small you end up opening the annoying thing most times. Other than that I have enjoyed playing it.

Gunjan Bhansali

Help me I can't get through level 17

Lee Scott

It's a keeper Decent to waste a few minutes on

Curtis Harris

Mmm No hints on what to do

Amanda Reeves

I am uhhhhdicted (addicted) some of the puzzles don't make sense but thats why they are brain teasers right. :) I give 5*****s :) I got stuck at level 31 and uninstalled it. Because I was getting frustrated but all in all it was a good app.

Claudia Martin

It was almost a game (27%)! Art=A+; imagination=A+; tech-play (gyro aspects, etc.) was an A+...till it hung on level 27. None us us could get the grappling hook and line to work on my Nexus 7 tablet. Once that happens, you can't advance... end of game! Also, who is so lifeless that they have to have a giant flashing "F" on the screen between levels? This went on for the first 10 or so levels, I guess so the social zombies can tell all their so-called "friends" on Facebook that they cleared another level. Pitiful. I give THAT an "F."

Annie White

Like this game a lot. But i cant get passed level 19. Please help as i am frustrated

azminur farahin

Level 28 doesn't make any sense! The other levels are easy to solve but level 28? Doesn't make sense. I already cut all the vines with the knife, but door wouldn't open. I choped everywhere but it still wouldn't open!!!

Danielle Schrader

Rating change. Level 50 bug. Was very confused at first with the numbers 4,9. I watched walkthrough and the numbers pressed were 0,1.. Made no sense. And even putting in the same numbers as the walkthrough, the door still wont open...bummer. I was really enjoying the game.

Alicia A.

Fun. I liked the game a lot. There were easy floors and challenging floors. The only things that bothered me were how frequently the ads popped up and the google+ like bar at the top left that was kinda in the way. Other than that, a fun, little game to occupy you.

Laura Montes

I got stuck at level 50, I even watched the walkthrough and it didn't help. Tried everything and I can't just skip it.

Hazizah Azie

Level 28 doesn´t make sense please help me to get next level who did level 29 please teach me how to settle level 28

Vanessa Williams

A great challenge most make sense - a couple not so much

Julie Engstrom

Fun It's ok, some things do not make sense. Usually I figure them out pretty quick, stuck on 43 but I will figure it out.

Jana Arela

From vera! I love it because im play jt im so clover

Brian Mejia

I like the game and l figured how to pass level 28. You just have to pull the lights as many times the door lines numbers tell you.

Clarissa Andani

Stuck in level 31 How to remove "X" in the window? Please answer and i'll give more stars

Frank Obermeier

#OMG!!!!!!! This game is great but I don't like how I can't get past a level because of the 2 bubbles at the top left corner of the screen

Destiny Aguilera

Best game ever Test your mind and see how far you get

Amna Shaikh

Its good but how can we get pass through level 28

Colwen Chang

U guyz r STUPID Hello have u guyz try turning your phone or table upside down n floor 28 make sense pls if u look carefully at the door y is there lines on it have u try it on the light blub JEEZ

Paul Og McCart

Help Can't get past level 5, I shake it and it does nothing. Plz help

Karlie Smith

You can't get passed level 27 You can't get passed level 27 because the G+1 is in,your way so you can't get the grappling hook this is stupid please fix

Wenyu Qi

fun but i think there is a problem with correction level 63!!! stuck at 63 forever

Benita Satterfield

100 Doors: Floor Escape Hard, but fun.

Princess Tiamzon

Liked the game but I cant pass the level 19 uhhh please answer and ill give this 5 star

abizer ginwala

Nice What does level 5 mean please tell me what to do

olivia weeks

its very fun can't put it down...

Chuck Finley

Fun Wishing for more levels. Make it happen!

Mae Miller

Stuck Stuck on level 9 the compass doesn't work plz fix that ?

Marianne D

Great game But no new levels as promised so I uninstalled

Roxi Gallup

Glich in 27 Can not do 27 because of bubbles on top. This is a fun game but what good is it if it has bugs !!!.

Emma Prukop

Level 27 I don't understand how to get past level 27. I cheated and went to YouTube for answers and did exactly what they did but it won't work. Pls tell me how to pass it. I am going to uninstall if I don't get help.

Zachary Gage

To beat level 5 shake your phone. To beat the level with the X also shake your phone

margarita christman

100 floor escape It's fun for all ages!!!!

Rasika Atkar

What to do at level 40. Trying since so long..

chris clyne

It would be good... But the gyro thing in level 5 doesn't work for me. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Please help, it looks fun.

Aric Homberg

The game is fine, but there are sooooo many ads!! Every time you do any thing an ad pops up!

Kathleen Fernandez

It's fun I have to admit, there are some levels that I get stuck on that I have to go on YouTube to find the answers, but overall it's a fun game!

wassim swaidan

100 doors Love this game but decrease the ads that pop up on screen its just annoying

Tamara Ashway

Frustated. I have been playing this game for a while and like it, but I am a little frustrated now. I have been able to do most of the levels workout using the walkthrough helps but I have used them. I am on Level 49 and can't get it open. On the walk through there is a tool that i haven't seen before. I went all the way back to level 25 and that is where the tool appears in the tool bar. It is not on the walk through for level 24 but it doesn't show up anywhere in the actual game. Please advise.

Stormie Jones

The ads made it restart everytime. . couldnt play but 11 levels so many ads

Madsen Garoutte

Stuck I can't get pass level 19. It is so hard I don't get the numbers on the door

Trasie Danielle

Fun! Really enjoying this game!

Mary Briars

Sad to have to uninstall this one. Got stuck on level 31 and the walkthrough didn't show how to remove the stupid planks from the window. I have tapped, shaken etc but I can't move to the next level. Looks like others have asked for help with this.

Judy Mckenna

100 frustration s To me it is an annoying little game that enables you to get the door open more by accidental dumb luck than by any rational thinking

Andrew Cooper

Not to bad Its not exactly an amazing edge of your seat game obviously but it is a pretty good time killer and it doesn't kill your devices onboard storage space or majorly drain the resource's the adverts are a bit of a nusance but dont realy interfere with the game play in an obtrusive way

Carlea Stafford

It's ok It's a ok game but its borring and hard level 13 is impossable to beat it wants me to enter numbers on the boxes but no clue to give me excactly WHAT numbers to punch in! 13 is the level. I am done I quit. uninstalling

Aiden Roach

So dumb I can't get past the 5 level I have taped, and shook

Gh Lang

Level 27 is broken. The Google plus sign is making it impossible for me to get through level 27. Please take out the Google plus sign. It's really bothering me and making me upset. Either I'm stupid or this game is rigged. This is just something that makes you rage quit.

Chad Strawinski

So, I understand it's a free app and all but geez there's a lot of ads. Most of these puzzles are pretty simple. I got stuck on a few...but Google helps there. I'm at level 91 and it's really not even a puzzle but more of a photographic memory test. There's just no way I'm going to ever be able to do it so I think I'm done with it, even after almost finishing the game.

jastine delfin

Help please How can i scape floor 45..waiting for your equal response...thank you

Clare Newman

Really good The levels are possible to do have played it twice now!

Beulah MD

17 level doesn't work out for me

Tam Tops

Im stuck on level 13 this game is more frustrating than fun

Rambabu Gandeti

Amazing Good thinking game. It boosted my memory power

Drake Yingying

No ads in my Samsung in this app Wow no ads no ads appear I love it I love it I even beat level 5 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Jaidyn Tucker

AWSOME I loved every single thing about it.

kevin allen

Level 63 I know the pattern but the light will not let me tap it to finish the pattern. Fix this!!!!!

Angelina Calderon

Cool It's fun but hard at level 11?it

Bethany Dukes

Liked it It is great but your apposed to have a metal key on leavel 27 but you don't ?????

Arnab Ghosh

Good Complete 100 level... Cool puzzle... But not new...

Relicym R

Please remove the g+ button for better rating. It's in the way.

john mitchell

100 door,floors escape Did anyone get past door 58? im stuck, thank you

Tarannum Sehgal

Love it! 100 doors is the best series! However, this would be better if it had less ad pop ups. But the game is great.

Vincent Lin

Ads!!!! This game have so many ads popping up, I thought I had malwares...

Les Eubanks

Game sucks No menu item for help or walkthrough

Gurdev Singh

Lvl31 Btw, level 31 u shake screen up to remove planks

Paige Smith

HELP Can some one HELP me on level 27

Monica Velez

Hmmm Some were a bit tricky but it teases your brains a bit and forces you to think hard

Robert Mcbeth

Good but Good till 28 im doing what needs doing but its not opening the door??

Brandi Holt

Different I loved it thought it was very challenging

Nilesh kubal

Help help help I love this game but i need help on 19 leavel pl help

Hia Art Studio

But how to play level 19 I can't....

Fuzzy Boo

Help I can't get pass level 18 can someone help me

sahil kurne

Great game I loved this game it is very interesting but stucked on level 19 it is about numbers i can't get it please help me

neil ferguson

Ad frenzy An ad after every level and an ad at the bottom of the screen as well? That is too much!

Pat Wisdom

Cannot get level 27 to work. Have shaken flipped done everything to no avail. Sad but have to uninstall now.

Alokranbir Ranbir

Can't get ahead Stuck in level 18, someone please help

Kathleen princess

Its ok OK but I am stuck at level 49

James Hale

Eh I made it through to the 100th door and it says more floors coming soon. That was almost a year ago. Time to update.

Megan Entwistle

Ph It alright I dont get how to play ir

Carol Goulding

Chucking the x's into the shrinking box seems impossible


Stuck on level 53! Should not be timed

Fransa Gatlin

100 Doors Floors Escape Find objects etc. and figure out how to use them to advance to the next floor.

Jenn mccuiston

Crazy game Walkthrough aren't very good

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