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5 May
1 Second Everyday

Posted by Cesar Kuriyama in Media & Video | May 5, 2016 | 214 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

The film of your life.
Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…

FEATURED on: Fast Company, MASHABLE, CNN, TED, BBC, & many more.

For 5 years now, I've been recording 1 second every day, so I'll never forget another day ever again. This project has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life, that I've passionately developed an App that will make it extraordinarily easy for anyone to do this too.

Reliving every single day of my life at age 30 in 6 minutes has provided me with a treasured perspective on life. It holds me accountable for making each day count.

When I turn 40, I'll have a 1 hour compilation that encapsulates my 30s. If I live to see 80 years of age, I'll have a 5-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life.


+ The App accesses any videos recorded on your phone & sorts them by date. You can also record your moment directly from the App.

+ Setup friendly reminders so you never forget a day!

+ Keep multiple timelines! You could have one for yourself… for each of your kids… your dinner… what you wear every day… etc! Looking forward to endless creative interpretations!

+ Backup your seconds with Google Drive!

+ Compile any given amount of time desired—the last month, year, or just select a start and end date.

+ Post your compilations directly to your social networks.

+ Your seconds are privately held on your phone. You never have to share this with anyone if you don't want to. The primary purpose of this App is to help you remember your own life. Sharing is optional.

Whats new

    v2.4.5 Minor Tweaks
    v2.4.4 Many Fixes
    v2.4.0 New Freestyle Timeline, Delete Timelines, Meet My City crowd
    v2.3.7 Lots of fixes
    v2.3.4 Removed wifi permission from exo player library.
    v2.3.2 Bug fixes, new clip, compile engine (enable in settings). New video clipping screen (portrait video shows up sidesways. Fixing in next release).

Cesar Kuriyama part of our Media & Video and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 5, 2016. Google play rating is 80.5837. Current verison is 2.4.5. Actual size 18.0 MB.

Download 1-second-everyday.apk 18.0 MB


Josiah Medalla

Does not save snippets I cannot save snippets. I am using an Asus Zenfone 5 lite. Is there any way around this? I really want to use this app. I don't know if this is a bug or something.

Amber Fey

Love this! I just started using this app after seeing the movie Chef! This is too cool! Only thing I'd like is the option to mute the sound and add music. I may already be able to do that and haven't discovered it yet. Either way, 5 star app!

Ethan Nangle

Well Does it really sync up with Google Drive? After my phone fell in water and hasn't since turned back on I lost months of footage and can't get it back. Thanks a lot for saying it was saved when it wasn't.

Daisy Mace

Great idea but...'s so glitchy! Its hard to select your 1 second snippet accurately, its just jumps all over the place. It would be great for that to be fixed. If the app could resize the shape/orientation of the videos, it would make the finished videos look so much better!

Meagan Fischer

1 second too late Needs the ability to go back and add a clip from downloaded backup videos. I recently had to format my sd card and had all my videos backed up (Dropbox). My son recently had surgery & I was hoping that this would've been a good way to document from then until now. Tried downloading a video that I had backed up on Dropboxbto use, but it only allows me to add it on the day that I downloaded it (today). Would love to see this feature added.

Eleanor Webster

Sound lag... Great idea and easy to use, but the sound lags behind the video for any compilation longer than 30 days. When you only have 1 second of footage it becomes very noticeable very quickly...

John Peters

Not free and not worth your time Too complex to use , and it is supposed to be free but all off a sudden app asked me for a 1$

Jacobo Castro

Recommend it A bit slow but very cool... Wish it was free.. Also, always forget to record every day

Philip Rosser

Lollipop 5.0 issues Video editor buggy and does not always allow use of the back/forward buttons. Also issues playing the one second clip. It used to work! I know its not your fault that Android was updated but would be good if fixed.

Nicolas Balcazar

Doesn't work since lolipop The selection of the one second within a video is not working properly anymore. Its more like a guess now, rather than being really able to select the wished second :( :( :(


Great vids, good app The only thing stopping this getting a fifth star from me is the fact that when you're looking at your seconds in calender view, lots of them appear as black thumbnails. It uses the very first frame of each second, and sadly it includes the black frame between each second in the video for some reason.

Dennis Jakupovic

Cool but not working properly This app is awesome and let's you make creative view daily. It does bear resemblance to ROOM for thought which works with photos. However, making a snippet is annoying because it doesn't work as it should, the cropping is not very accurate which makes it practically useless to me. Please improve and I'll probably use this app daily.

Bryce Kehoe

Would be wonderful if the sync worked! I started using this app on my birthday in March last year, and I have been using it ever since. I just loaded it onto my tablet and it looks like there is a syncing issue going on. It's only been able to sync videos from December 1st, 2014, and has only loaded about half of them. I am tremendously worried about what would happen if I lost my phone - is the issue downloading onto the tablet, or are the videos that are suppose to have synced not actually backed up? I checked out the app data size in Google Drive and it says the app is only using about 90MB. This doesn't seem like much, could there be something going wrong? Very concerned!! Posting here because I have tried on email and Facebook multiple times and have yet to receive a reply. --Bryce

Glenn Lattiere

Its a cool program but... I found an issue. When selecting text as your second-of-the-day the text is cut off if you type too many words. However, this doesn't occur when editing the text at first. The text appears correctly and moves to a new line when that line is full...but in the video it remains as one line of text resulting in cut off text. Only the middle of the line of text will be visible. The left and right edges will be but off.

Dan McGuane

Lollipop issues Slider doesn't work in lollipop making it impossible to select the second you are after. Playing a sample also jumps up and down on the timer.

Nicole Greene

Updates?? I've had the app for a while and although I love what it does, I just found out how much better the iOS version is. Will improve rating to 5 stars as soon as Android gets the same features, but sadly there hasn't even been any news of when that might happen.

Jason Lau

Major issues in Lollipop. Please fix! As others have described, almost impossible to choose seconds now because the selector just jumps around. It's hard to ever confirm the second you're trying to cut. Worked great in Android 4.x. Please fix! Can't live without this app!

Jarrod Schindler

Great idea but very buggy Great idea for an app but it's very buggy. For some reason the play marker jumps from side to side and the clips rarely cut in the right place anymore.

Paul Saumets

Want to use it so bad, but can't! Please fix! As many have said, the orange scrubber slider used to select your second is impossible to use on Lollipop. I only installed 1SE for the first time the other day and I've tried numerous times to select a 1sec clip to preview. Every time I try to preview, by pressing the orange button, the button jumps around to another clip. Sometimes it randomly does play the 1 sec clip but it's very inaccurate when it does and does not. I'd blame my fat fingers but....they're not fat fingers. It's frustrating and I'm wishing this gets fixed because I want to use this app but at the moment it's just not usable.

Joshua Mathieu

I love it but needs some polishing Concept is great. But selecting a clip is frustrating, it jumps around and is hard to get the exact moment you want, which is important when you only have one second to work with. Second, whenever I create a video, the sound starts to lag, and the lag increases the longer the video is. In a 2:30, the lag is almost a whole second long. Fix these things and you have a perfect product.

Ushwin Pai

5.0 bugs! Doesn't record the second you choose. No previews. Fast forward broken. PLEASE FIX! HELP!! With introduction of Android 5.0 the fast forward button doesn't work anymore. Checked with 4 people. All same issue. PLEASE FIX!!Very well made. Would be perfect if a) you could do more than one second a day (for day trips out for example). b) 1 other nice touch would be to be able to share videos from someone else's phone, and your app logs them on the day they were taken rather than transfered. Otherwise this is still excellent, just a touch away from 5*

Denys Zaiats

Bad quality. Very bad quality. A lot of unusable functionality. Font is terrible. Looks like this app was creates without any design.

Donnie Clark

I'd love to love it more I really like the idea of using this to chronicle time spent home schooling my daughter. However the app on this platform is buggy. It's very difficult sometimes to fine tune my selection to the right second as the app tends to find is own granular breaking points. The nudge controls to move the frame left/right sometimes make the selection jump around. Terribly irritating when you have a great moment to capture but you can't quite nail it down. More fine tuned controls and stability would be awesome

Elio Campitelli

Buggy It's been months and this app is still barely usable on Lollipop. Selecting seconds is extremely glitchy and frustrating. This abandonment from the developer and the fact that supposedly backed up seconds are not accessible to the user in Drive is a big F* you to the users.

Marika Fernandez

Great idea that's life changing It's amazing to share this sort of project which everyone can do. The app itself still has some bugs, but that doesn't take away from the great user experience and the awesome idea. :) I'm already excited about this year's 1se video!

Amber Nowell

Constant synching problems Old snippets will not sync on my cell phone or tablet. This has been an ongoing problem as I've had four warranty replacement phones, each had some bizarre issue. This time, however, the video for last year failed to export. It filled up my entire phone memory and I had no choice but to hit clear data to get the phone working again. I've contacted the developer twice now and have received zero response. Most of last year's snippets are gone. This happened at the beginning of the month hasn't been addressed.

Bev Vargas

So far so good. Read about this app about a month ago, but only just recently downloaded it a few days ago. So far, I'm digging it. The interface is very user-friendly, and the design of the app itself is contemporary. You can tell a lot of thought went into making the user experience enjoyable. Overall, the concept of "a second a day" is really unique and innovative, and I'm looking forward to the end-product when I finally 'mash' all my one-second clips together. Great job thus far, developers.

Kevin Creamore

Different when its you I watched the creators video which was just enough to get me intrigued, but once I did my own couple of weeks I really started to appreciate this app. It only take 1 second to jog great memories of the past & this app is perfect to chronicle some of your own great memories . Since my One Plus phone got it's Lollipop update this app has been glitchy. I know Ceaser will fix this, just hope it comes fast.

Tyler Gillaspie

It's not you, it's me... I think... Really love the concept here but the app falls apart for me any time I try to record a video. Scrobble moves all over the place, tapping never plays just moves the scrobble and the videos i record often go black, refusing to play at all. Nexus 5 Lollipop (up to date. stock lollipop rom, kernel, radio, etc.) Please devs, help me out here!

Eric Ang

Still broken on Lollipop Was an awesome 5 star app, but broken by Lollipop. Hope developer can fix the issues but seemingly has abandoned support for the Android app. The orange/yellow slider isn't working properly any more on Android 5.0. The clipped video is not the clip that was expected, there are also sometimes minor issues with video playback. Although it is still possible to crop 1 second moments, using the orange/yellow slider is pointless as the resulting video is not what you selected in the first place.

Matt plugge

Love it My only request is that you should give people an option for more than one second. I know that's the name of the app but some clips I have I wish were two or three seconds.

Nathan Parrish

Great idea, buggy app I've been using the app religiously for 6 months. Selecting a 1 second clip is a nightmare. It usually takes me several tries to get the app to actually use the second I was intending (the preview doesn't usually match the final clip). Also, sometimes, selecting a clip fails entirely, so I have to go back and try selecting the content again. Each attempt at selecting a clip takes 1-2 minutes processing time, so it can get frustrating

Akbar Prakoso

It's beautiful I thought my life was boring, but when you take all these little snippets, it makes you realise how eventful your life is. Thank you for making this app.

AD Dori

Absolutely amazing app! This is a very useful app to keep your good memories visually. The only problem is you can't import the photos and movies from your camera or laptop, and if you do, the dates will change to the date you transfer them.

Jason Williamson

Really great, but... The audio loses sync with the video and really throws the whole experience off. The concept is great and the video mash is great, but the audio needs to sync better

Marcus Alexander Hart

Please fix it. :-( This app was a solid five-star before Lollipop jacked it all up. Since November the orange slider used to select seconds to clip has been buggy and inaccurate. Video playback is delayed with several seconds of black while only audio plays. I sent an email to support and never heard back. This is one of my favorite apps, but these glitches make it unusable. :-(

Ryan Frezza

In a years time if your consistent with it. It will turn out beutiful. Its very fun seeing the video collection gradually get bigger and bigger and wonder in what new ways can you add more to the seconds of your life. Overall very happy with it and you should be too.

Ha Pham

Cool but I cant save video Is there any requirement in storage space? Dont know why but app always fail in saving my video

Cazé Nunes

Excellent! Really great app! Watch the TED video before and you'll get the idea/////Edit: I've had it for over a year now and I recommend it to every friend! The only thing I'd like to change is to be able to manually input the time, cause it's really annoying hitting play/rewind/pause to get the second you want.

Paulo Dziobczenski

After updating, it didn't worked anymore I had the bad idea of updating the app last week, since there, it doesn't generate the snippets anymore. Tried to contact the owner, but didn't get any answer until now. Anyway, it's a good app, but with many bugs, and now doesn't work, brilliant!

Денис Пастухов

Good idea bad app Not easy to use. Complicated menu. Deleted.

Данила Культин

Gret app I usse it before for a bit but now i was so excited so i bought it)

Nikit Bakirov

Please , need russian language★


It doesn't work on my phone((

Nika Wonders

Doesnt Work When I try to create a snippet, it says that there was a failure and I have to try again. Over and over. So I can't really use it.

George Y

Great app Last version can't create a clip. Sent a mail to support, they didn't help. Why did I buy this app? Please FIX THIS ISSUE! Waiting already for 3 month

Aleksandra Savchuk

Great idea, but... Little bugs appear all the time. Would be good to be able to make text smaller and put it in few lines. So I hope it will get better!

Кирилл Кириллов

Please add the Russian language !!! Well, it is very necessary !

Кирилл Тряскин

Love it Please make a fix for android 5. Does not clip video to a day.

Симон Еремян

Cool When will you make 3 seconds every day !?!!

иван ололаевич

5 Language Russia please

Роман Бутко

Excellent app! Please add support for Russian language.

Lisa Poole

Used to love it before update Bought this app and used to love it. Now after update lost all my compilations videos...the editing of the 1 sec is so much harder to do without the seconds being displayed. Takes forever to scroll through days..fix this!!!!!! Please

Ross Dargan

Nice update, has issues. Temp files are taking 600mb at the mo (it's been up to 3gb). Compiled videos contains lots of duplicates, and some time-lapse seconds now just show the first frame.

Tanya Stiegler

First the app stopped working like normal then everything I saved disappeared during the update. It came back shortly but this was not a smooth update!

Kent Jacobs

Glad I only used it for a week With the birth of my twins this seemed like such a good idea! A week in, the update wiped out everything I'd done. Very happy I wasn't months into this project. Going to go find another app that will do this without deleting everything.

Nevin Sarao

One of my favorite apps but since the recent updates it has not worked well and feels clunky (with less precision in snipping my one second). Now I can't even open it... And I do not want to miss a day (since using the camera on phone's video app does not translate to the app with dimensions of the rest of it). I hope it is fixed within the day granted it is unlikely

Matthew P Veilleux

Nice idea way too buggy Fix the bugs. I move the slider and it just selects the same part of the video every time among numerous other issues. How about a way to rotate photos.. Edit: new update has fixed some of these


New day, new update, still no change Following update app. no longer opens, paid for full usage and now cannot use. Hopefully issue will be resolved. Two updates in one day, nothing but a gray screen, not good.

George Y

Last update just doesn't work sometimes. It can't trim 1 second, always show activity indicator.

Tracy Keck

Please fix latest bugs I've been absolutely in love with this app, but as many others have experienced, the latest update introduced many bugs. The worst for me is that the app can no longer compile video--the whole primary purpose of having it. Still love the concept and will happily change my review to five stars when it works again!

Eric L

Recent update ruined it Great app until the new update, feels clunkier, less accurate in choosing seconds, and I lost months worth of seconds in the update.

Laura Tomlinson

Pre update this was 5 stars The update SUCKS! It's so much harder to trim the 1s I want now and the app isn't as pleasing to the eye. Plus I lost all my clips - luckily I still have the videos on my phone but it was a nightmare to redo.

Rodney Keeling

New update is no good The UI looks better, but there are quite a few new bugs.

Keir Rice

Awesome concept Love the concept

Simon Whitlock

My favourite app Watching videos I make with this app makes me happy.

ziggy zagged

I find it annoying.. ..that whenever I tap on the back button, I end up in the present date when I have been doing a lot of scrolling to previous dates (like 2 months ago to a year ago). It should take me back to the range of dates I was before.

Susan Farquhar

Loved it Awesome app. So easy to use.

Nick Barr

All gone? Um...after the new look, my 8 months of 1se are missing. Re-sync not working...advice please.

Liberty Campbell

Worked till update Still having this problem, app is stuck on one timeline, cant change it.. Since update, when I tap on the timeline selector it force closes every time. I have tried clearing cache/data and reinstalling! Samsung galaxy s3, help!

Kyryll Haponenko

Auto screen rotation. It is relay annoying to turn of screen rotation blocking every time I want to shoot video. Please make it possible to shoot videos with auto rotation turned off.

Ricardo Vieira

Compiling now fails for somewhat long videos. No new features in almost an year, besides design...

Elizabeth Davis

Lost all of my clips. Thanks for wasting 6 months of seconds of my life. This is a great concept, but if I were any of you, I'd wait for other developers to execute it better.

Rick Martinez

Love the new Lollipop design but wonky Ever since the update I have to turn on my auto rotate to be able to record. That last version didn't need that. Please fix.

Justinas Matusevičius

Great idea, average realisation This app has great design - it's really pleasurable to create snippets. However the app is missing some critical functionality: 1) date format change - not everyone is American. 2) it is just regretable that the author is adament on keeping the 1 second idea. Why can't i choose 2 or 3 seconds? I'm sure it is not difficult to do that in the settings. 1.5 sec is nit enough.

Kirk S

1 year later and still no time upgrade? New version should be: "3 Second Life"... Come on.... it's an easy upgrade... and we'll pay for it. .... while you are at it.... how about a way to include media from other devices... that would be a home run.

Gary McGarrigle

Need to fix the need for auto rotate to be turned on before you can record

Neil Stirton

Love the concept Does what it says with no frills. Thanks for the much needed update!

mckenna schwab

I updated the app and it deleted alllll of my videos. Terrible app I am mad I paid even a dollar for

Tri Pham

Doesnt let me record It says rotate your camera then doesnt let me do anything. Please fix

Erin Tischler

I click on the camera button within the app and it just says Please Rotate your Device and then it does nothing I can't record video or anything, am I doing something wrong??

Daniel Messum

Don't update Anyone with the original version should not update, it wiped a year's worth of settings so I now have to go back and do it from scratch, really poor from what was once a fantastic app.

Kevin Creamore

Different when its you I watched the creators video which was just enough to get me intrigued, but once I did my own couple of weeks I really started to appreciate this app. It only take 1 second to jog great memories of the past & this app is perfect to chronicle some of your own great memories.

Eric Ang

Nice new material design Working on lollipop! The scrubber is much better than before. The options for backing up seem to be stripped down a bit... I believe this app has been backing up over my cellular data, chewing up my cap. Not happy about it. Why did the backup options menu disappear? How do I make sure backup is over wifi only?

Mama de Chucho

Lost a whole timeline Just updated the app and lost a whole timeline and all the videos I took over a whole month, can you reverse this please? I paid for the app so is quite annoying and frustrating, if I knew this before I won't have paid for the app or recommend it to my friends and family

Max White

Exciting redesign Didn't know if this app was still being developed! Great to see the new version.

Characa Rosandi

Awesome Such a simple idea but so innovative. Made me realize how everyday is different n special in its own way. Love it n love the material design update. I have a month left til it's officially been a year n I'm looking forward to my first 1se year. Maybe add another segment or sth like what snapchat did with discover, sth extra to add to the app

James Stankiewicz

Good idea. Doesn't work on moto x 1

Allison MacGregor

It continually shuts down.

Bryan Lam

Seconds failing to create after the new update

San Don Besoffskic

'Compiling video failed' I can't compile my snippets into a video, I also get an error message. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, nothing works. What's the point?

David Sunderland

Love the app, hate the new ads I paid for the app, why do I get a huge pop-up ad every time I open it up? Aside from that this is a great app, been using it for almost a full year and I have no complaints.

Jana Viray

Poor quality I've been looking for an easy way to make 1 second videos and stumbled into this gem. I'm not complaining about its restrictions at all but visually, it is very low quality. When I finally make my video, it comes out looking pretty pixelated...taking away from my high quality phone camera. Please fix this! Don't want another snapchat treatment on my videos. THANKS.

Colette Goldthorpe

Great idea and have loved adding to it since New Year's but now have gone to create video and it creates but won't play. I read it might not be compatible with some phones etc.. but I have 1 of the 2 most popular phones (Samsung Galaxy s6) with latest updates so what phone does it work on?? Shame can't use all I've added past month

Lacey Lantz

Support is AWESOME After switching phones, I was having difficulty getting my videos to compile. I contacted support and they were SO HELPFUL. Had me try a bunch of things and eventually got it working. So impressed. Couldn't have done it without them.

Eric Lynch

Dissapointed Paid for the app and now recently I have big ads every time I open the app up.

Avry Harris

Awesome App, amazing concept, one small problem I love this app, there is only one thing that confuses me. Sometimes when I'm adding in a picture for a day I forgot a video for the picture will be upside down and nothing I can do will fix the orientation. Other than that, is amazing!

Cazé Nunes

Excellent! Really great app! Watch the TED video before and you'll get the idea/////Edit: I've had it for over 2 years now and I recommend it to every friend! The only thing I'd like to change is to be able to manually input the time, cause it's really annoying hitting play/rewind/pause to get the second you want.

Jonathan Marten

The idea is excellent. I love it. The app? Needs work. Firstly, what's up with the huge ad banner? Get rid of it, charge me for the app and we can get on with our lives. Don't make your own app annoying to use. Secondly I find it frequently hangs on opening with a grey background and has to be force closed and restarted to get anything done. And finally, the clip editing tools are fiddly and unintuitive. I don't know how I'd do it better, but I wouldn't do it like this. Tap a tiny tiny green box to see what your second looks like? Fair enough, but don't put a huge play button up top that actually moves your carefully positioned second.

Zack K

Great app missing a couple features Great idea. Filming within the app is not so quick/easy due to distortion of image when forcing landscape shooting however I use Google's camera app directly as it is quicker and eliminates the problem. The app has handy reminders you can set and creates great clips! My gripe is that unlike ios you cannot select videos from any day to add in. I would happily pay for the app for this key feature. Another reviewer mentioned manual input of time when selecting your 1sec from a video which would improve editing

Amanda McKenzie

Conscious creation What a great way to remember that we create the adventures and story of our lives! Update 7/1/16, have always loved this app but now am getting pop-up ads every time I load the app. Can I turn these off please?


Amazing but This app is so creative and amazing, truly a great way to look back in a reflection of your life. HOWEVER Please give the option to rotate your pictures/videos!! Although some of my photos look straight in my gallery they appear rotated in the app! I beg of you to find a solution to this problem, tysm!

Lily M

A few things that would make it better I really like this app its an awesome way to see your everyday life quickly. However, because I got a new phone I lost all of my previous videos (such a huge bummer because I had been doing it for awhile) I wish that you had to make an account. Now this wouldn't have been such a big deal if I had an IPhone because if you miss a day or something you are able to put a video clip that you took on a different day and put it wherever you want. Please get this feature of android!!!!

Rebecca Sandlant

80% well-developed I'm using this app to chart my puppy's progress as she grows, for which 1SE is perfect and mostly does a great job. The interface is easy to use, i like the grid layout, and its capturing my puppy getting bigger. BUT... for goodness sake please make it possible to rotate photos and videos! I've got so many blank days because a video I took on another application (camera app, snapchat etc) is upside down or sideways and unusable. I also wish you could manually allocate a snippet to a certain date.

Chris Rico

Move clip to any day PLEASE PLEASE I have been using this app for years now and I know iPhone has the option to use a clip on any day and I am begging for it on Android!! I have been waiting honestly years thinking surely that it will be added and it never has!! I think 1SE is one of the most rewarding things a person can make but I really wish it had this feature it would make everything easier.

Precious Green

Great idea well executed I read about this app in the NY and was hooked after I saw the writer's 2015 video. It's been such a great idea to record a second a day and the app is great at making it possible. The trimming feature is easy to use and the app's UI is clean and simple. Overall, 1SE is great. Definitely a top 10.

Preksha Jain

It's great but I wish I could add picture for old days. Sometimes I take pictures on my camera not my phone and sometimes I take them on Snapchat and they aren't saved.

Ngoc Pham

great concept but with bugs bug where some videos lose audio after being trimmed, please fix.

Eric Ma

Simple I'm about one month in and it's making me think about each day. It's only one second, but this app gives me that extra push to find and think about that 1 second that made the day. Interesting on how just 1 second a day can make you think that much.

Toby Johnson

Love the concept, thanks for using Google sign-in instead of a password.. please add a sound level graph to the scrubber screen so I can select the 1 second with audio...

Chessen Clook

Very good, however Spent the (late late) evening deciding on a layout for stickers on my laptop & didn't manage to film it until a while after midnight, couldn't put it into 1se for the day I did it, leaving an empty day and also couldn't put footage from my camera in? Another empty day.

Harsh Sharma

Need Improvements Its a great quick app but its needs to be upgraded and should give us bunch of options to customize our snippets. Like option to select image or video on first place, rotate options, text size color etc.

Tommy Binkley

Finally I love the idea of this app. And I have wanted to use it for quite some time but it would never worked without bugs on my old phones. Now I can say the app is almost flawless. But one minor detail is it doesn't notify me when I have reminders set. So I have to use my calendar to remind me.

Neil Stirton

Love the concept Does what it says with no frills. Thanks for the much needed update! *why am I now getting ads on a paid for app?? *

Ashley Ziemianski

I love this app! The only thing is change is the ability to add from other days. For example, I had someone record a video of me on their phone, but I transferred the video, the "creation" date was changed, so I can't use it in the correct day!

Tania Friderichsen

I used to love it Since the last updated it doesn't open the app if I'm not online. It used to work without any problem before, now of I'm in a far place without internet I can even open it. I would love to go back and not to update it.

Will B

Essential cropping feature lacking. When cropping a video, the preview shouldn't continue till the end of the clip, it should stop. Having to process and save to see it cropped is just annoying, this would be a 5 star app otherwise.

Mikayla Wheeler

It would be great if you had the option to rotate videos within the app.

Michael Chua

Not bad, but limiting Took some photos and videos on one day, couldn't select the photos, insisted on using videos...

Simon Guerin

Love the idea .... but Unfortunately can't even capture a video via the app as it crashes the camera every time I try to launch it

Cherlyn Bryans

Delete Photos Is it possible to delete photos I've added? Decided I really just prefer video.

Ali Gourlay

Used for 2+ years This app is excellent and I have used it almost everyday since 01.01.2014

Absharina Yofitasari

Great app + user friendly What an app! I'm gonna create a video for 2016. The Facebook admin was being very helpful!! So glad that they replied in less than 24 hours.

The Jesus

WTF If you're too busy to record a video, there's no way to go back and enter it. The Android development team is lacking compared to the ios side. Glad it was free

Movita Mc Greene

It won't store my video, it does compiles snippets but not the last one and it won't store the video to view

Dylan Marriott

Nice app It's not spectacular, but does its job. Love the idea. Sadly getting nearly every day a popup. I hope they stop with all the spam! I also noticed the camera inside the app is very bad in low light, rather use the system camera and add that video in the app.

Christine Wilson

I love it. Gives me a reason to do more interesting things in my home life. Explore my surroundings to make a better video. Makes the best little videos for travelling

Evie Brooks

Videos will not compile Love the idea, but when I compile a video it will not play

Jason Labansky

Love it What a great app idea executed perfectly. I am able to create great videos and capture the best part of my kids growing up!

Suzanne W

Awesome app! I love what you can do with this app! I just complied my first year and it was so fun to watch all we did. ..brought back memories. I'd highly recommend it.

Christopher Barraud

Doesn't like multiple formats & ads are horrid If you use multiple formats, eg 1080 & 4K, it shows up fine in the preview but the final output becomes a jittery and/or silent mess. Why must we have ads forced down our throats when we paid for this?

Logan Stevens

Crop and rotate videos My phones gyroscope has gone kinda wack in the past few months so sometimes when i record my 1 sec via the default camera app and forget to fix it that same day i am left with a sideways video that i cant really add to my montage. A built in rotate and crop feature would be awesome so i could go back and add my moments

Rosalyn Stokes

Really cute. My 12 year old son had to use the app for one month for a school project. It was a lot of fun at the end to see everything all put together in one video. We decided to do the next month just for kicks. Overall, lots of fun!

Dan Aubrey

Love it! Amazing app and easy to use. I've been using it for 5 months now and have captured some great events. The reminders are useful for those busy days where you may forget. Have a go!

Morgan T

It used to work I've been using the app daily for 8 months and love it. I updated to the latest Android OS and it stopped working and their help people were prompt and helpful and now it's resolved. Love it.

Thomas Ragsac

Really awesome, yet found a bug I love this app and the idea of capturing the ti y moments in a day! Everyone should have it. My problem is the freestyle timeline. In order to capture video I have to click the record button on the bottom; however, clicking that button records in lower quality and I can't select previously recorded videos. It would be nice if you guys can fix that problem. But the original feature, classic, works perfectly! ??? suggestions I would make is be able to use the old clips from the classic to the freestyle ti

Michael Schwarzbach

Hi developer, please respond. Hey. Don't get me wrong, I love this app. There's just one thing that bothers me and if fixed would warrant 5 stars from me. Ok so the calendar view: I would really appreciate it if it wouldn't go to 2013 or 2012, especially since the device recognizes that I don't have any clips from that time. It would be great if I could set a limit on how far back the calender goes, or disabling the scroll bar (seriously, that thing is very sensitive) but anyways Yeah 8/10 app GG

Caroline Richardson

Really Great App Love it! I try to use it everyday! Somethings like deleting a snippet whilst creating one doesn't work though. And the pop ups are annoying everytime I open the app (today I got one about Valentine's day in March?) but these are small annoyances! Awesome app overall!

Cam McCuen

Annoying pop-ups upon opening, good otherwise good customer service, nice app, but the pop-up ads every time the app is opened are really annoying

Jonathan Marten

The idea is excellent. I love it. The app? Needs work. Firstly, what's up with the huge ad banner? Get rid of it, charge me for the app and we can get on with our lives. Don't make your own app annoying to use. Secondly I find it frequently hangs on opening with a grey background and has to be force closed and restarted to get anything done. And finally, the clip editing tools are fiddly and unintuitive. I don't know how I'd do it better, but I wouldn't do it like this. Tap a tiny tiny green box to see what your second looks like? Fair enough, but don't put a huge play button up top that actually moves your carefully positioned second. UPDATE: Now every time I try and mash my seconds it stops about two weeks before today's date. Knocking off another star.

Denis Kondrakhin

Total disappointment I loved the idea when i first heard about it, but ever since i installed this app in 2013, it remained buggy and awkwardly unpredictable. It works bad on htc one. It doesn't keep snippets few months back. It crashes every time i try to put all snippets in order. It forgets snippets i've just creatrd, so i need to spend time on it again. It diesn't allow smooth sync among devices. Huge disappointment. I spent days of my life cumulatively for this lousy app that doesn't work (((

Jim Powell

Needs improvement It's a cool idea, but after using it for about 8 months, I can attest it's lacking some pretty basic features. For example, you can't rotate photos or videos. I've had some great footage that I couldn't add to my timeline because I can't rotate. It would also be great to be able to have more flexibility with controlling the dates of the content. I have tons of old videos that I'd love to add to this, but if I transfer content to my phone today, the app will think I took all of the videos today.

l joyner

The best I think The best part is when I'm 17 me and my sister can look back at what we both did when we we're so we've grown a lot and I'm so happy I thought of installing it when I was 7

Dana Heimlich

Crashes at the "choose an account for this app" screen every single time. Cleared cache, cleared data, force-stopped it, etc. It just doesn't work on my updated N5.


What's up with the upload options? The app is fine, but when I wanted to participate in the 1SE selfie event, I was only allowed to not only upload videos, but they seemed to just be from a random folder. NEEDS to be fixed. I'm on a Galaxy S5

Jazzy Vburger

Please Improve Android Version I love this idea but could you please allow the android version to: 1. Use videos captured on a different day. 2. Crop videos so I can change my portrait videos to landscape

Douglas J.A.M

Amazing app. Please allow select a different modified date file to a day, per example by the share icon, then after a pop-up in the app choosing the day, I auto backup my Google photos and when I download the modified is now.

Scott Elsdon

Used to be better No have to wait for ads to pop up on every dammed screen. Eventually it will get to where I want it to. Lots of staring at a twirling circle.

Kyle Krebs

Good but ads are annoying I backed this on KS and paid for it. Why am I still getting ads?

Tommy Binkley

Finally I love the idea of this app. And I have wanted to use it for quite some time but it would never work without bugs on my old phones. Not sure if I get notifications when I set them. And the videos I take are shown as rotated In portrait but when I go to my gallery they are shot in landscape.

Alan Bir

Best life app It does use up a lot of disc space but the result is fantastic when you look back on your last 12 months... Just need to remember to cut those short movies each day/week.. but the Android version sucks

Alyssa Jones

Want to add a photo, not video! It would have been 5 stars if they hadn't suddenly removed the option to add a photo for a day instead of a video. A bunch of my days have photos and I wanted to add one for another day but it only shows me videos whenever I click on a day.

J. roto

1 Second Everyday Is A Lot of Fun! (4* downgrade) I'm a paid user and at long last, AN UPDATE & ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT!! It seems like there is new logic for Google drive. Just know, if you're frustrated when you first open the updated app, you have to give it time to fetch your snippets for the entire year. I am anxious to try Freestyle, but each time I try to navigate to it, I either get could not change. Reloading - OR - Could not load freestyle sequence. I hope this is fixed, and I've downgraded this to 4* for now.

Nisa xoxox

Can't watch video When I try to compile all of the pictures of always says unable to play video .please fix this on android because there is no point of the app with out that tool overall app is great

Jordan Skittaraps

So far so good? Haven't tried rendering a video yet but weirdly enough looking back on the timeline actually makes you realise that events that happened only recently felt like ages ago. Good if your life seems to be flashing before your eyes?

Becky Hartley

Why won't you let me log in?! Got a new phone and my log in email is popping up when I open the app but IT WON'T LET ME LOG IN! It just keeps popping the same "choose account for 1SE"? I want to choose my account that you've got up on the screen so why won't it do anything?!

Nic Hilgendorf

I want to like this app... I used this app a while back when it first came out, but what drove me to stop using is that you can't rotate past photos to make them useful to your timeline. Portrait style pics show up sideways and there is no way to fix in the app. Tried to work around by just shooting directly with the app but still frustrating. I installed recently and it's still an issue. I can't believe I'm the only one that finds this a pain.

hendra purbaya

Would give it 5 stars if .. Past videos were not compiled correctly. Some of them turn into static picture, not a video when you compile them together. Fix it please.

Zoe Sherlock

Love the idea but doesn't work As someone who is very sentimental and loves documenting they're life this app greatly appealed to me. The app was fairly easy to use and the design looks very nice my only problem is when I add a clip it either deletes the previous clips or just doesn't show up which is deeply frustrating. I have reinstalled the app many times to try and fix this bug but it hasn't worked but continues to have this problem- would rate a lot higher if the app actually worked

Katie Wright

Best idea EVER Heard about this from the Valedictorian at my son's graduation. What a great way it was for those Seniors to memorialize this special year. I was in tears! Absolutely love the ease of using the app. Kudos to those who developed this!

Tom Ford

Easy to use and very effective! But removed old features which were much more intuitive! One of my all time favourite apps, with the ever going increase in android technology, this app will remain a stable in allowing myself to remember my life as it comes and goes. I remember each day just from 1 second of footage. For 69p, how could I say no? However, the older version had a much better clipping interface for the second as it would only play the second once you had chosen the moment. Now it plays the whole video from the point you want the second to start and messes up the timing!

Sita Owen-Shaw

Love it but please help! Have been using this app everyday since Aug 14! And love it. But need help as moved where I had saved my videos to sd card before choosing my seconds... And know it doesn't recognise the correct day they where filmed... Please help so I don't loose the 1st few months 1se of my babies life!

Precious Green

Great idea THAT USED TO BE well executed 6/24 EDIT- I love this app. It's one of my favorites but it has become a shell of itself over the last few months. The latest glitch seems to have erased almost SIX MONTHS of video without a trace or explanation. It's a little heartbreaking that these memories are gone b/c of an app. ORIG:It's been such a great idea to record a second a day and the app is great at making it possible. The trimming feature is easy to use and the app's UI is clean and simple. Overall, 1SE is great. Definitely a top 10.

Erin Evke

This app is really nice as it allows me to get a quick glimpse of what really goes on in my life. It's easy to use and fun to show others. I highly recommend getting this app, it just takes some time to get used to doing it everyday but soon you rarely forget; it becomes engrained to take a video for 1SE when something exciting happens. My only problem with the app is that you can't really manipulate the videos. Also it would be nice to be able to have two different videos included on the same day.

Slinky Chords

Amazing, but... I, being a person who enjoys looking back at the days and years, absolutely love this app. It's user friendly and helpful as well as fun to use, but there's one problem I've been having as of late. When I went to compile/mash together the seconds to make a video of this last month, I found that I couldn't. It just tells me "1SE video failed" and says that I have no videos... has anyone else had this problem? I can't get past it, help?

Peter Abboud

Awesome - there is room for improvement Awesome app, been using it since as long as I can remember. Would be pretty nice if I an integrate google photos or dropbox. I got so many videos that I wish I could integrate in my time line :)

Douglas J.A.M

Amazing app. Please allow select a different modified date file to a day, per example by the share icon, then after a pop-up in the app choosing the day, I auto backup my Google photos and when I download the modified is now.

Karel Weidenthaler

Retrospective video adding doesn't work It just doesn't let me add any video retrospectively... No matter how long the video is, it always tells me that video must be at least 1 second long :/ it sucks

Rahul Kr

1 sec is enough...! I love this app. When I saw this app in the movie Chef, I wanted to download it. But I was using WP back then. A month later I bought Android phone and this was the first app i downloaded!!!

Mayur Joshi

Best app made ever This one is my all time favourite app of all the apps available on play store. I have been using it for a year now making 1sec video of my daughter.. And trust me everyone goes awe struck when I show the compilation. ?hats of to the maker of this app. There could be a bit of improvement by adding compiled video editing option or to add custom music as the background. Anyways love it as it is. 5* and more for you


Great results! I love the app! However, sometimes I add a video for a certain day, the video is saved (sometimes even not) , but when relaunching the app, the video disappeared . can you please fix this ? Thanks!

belu irina

Errors: useless. I tried compiling the videos today. And there were videos missing. When I tried to watch them they keep dating there's an error. I hate it.

Stacey Robinson

Amazing concept I love the idea behind this app, and I've really enjoyed using it. I took off a star because the editing interface is incredibly irritating to use. There's no way to play it as a single second at a time when looking at the entire clip, making it impossible to know exactly what you'll end up with until after you've chosen one and let it load all the way. Usability needs work.

Jennifer Kronemeyer

Love/Hate I have a love/hate relationship with this app. I am almost half way through my second year. I truly love my 1 second video. Cherish it, actually! My only problem with the app came recently, apparently after an update to Marshmallow occurred. I continually got an error message saying that my video needed to be 1 second long and would not allow me to make a snippet even though the videos were plenty long enough. I even got a replacement phone and it still doesn't work. Customer support was not very helpful.

Sian Turner

Update has ruined it Half way through my second year and still wishing they had never updated it. I can't clip videos and compiling is almost impossible. Such a pain. Hate this app since the update.

Tony Riley

Little fix Would be perfect if the creators could allow the photos and vectors selected to be rotated to fit the screen

Michael Rivera

Nonintuitive Interface Accidentally deleted a years worth of video and can't get it back even though you are supposed to be able to

Peter Kieliszak

App stopped working on Nexus 6p I used to love this app, used it since my daughter's birth to capture one second every day of her life, now when I try to cut clips it says the snippet is saved but the preview then never shows up and the clip is never actually saved, very frustrating! Please fix it! I have cleared the cache and deleted data and uninstalled then reinstalled and the problem persists!

Michael Dour

Surprised.... How much I enjoy this.... This unique app is a great idea and fun to use, thanks dev.... (1)second to none!

Sophie Green

Clips keep dissapearing Everytime i make a 1 second snippet it deletes the previous clip i made and so i cant create my year! I have am using an android phone.

Michael Roach

Inferior to iOS version The Android version lacks the ability to edit dates on videos, set locations, and the interface isn't as refined. In addition, selecting clips takes substantiality longer on Android. The Nexus 5X is not a slow device but feels slow and ancient when selecting a clip. I'd happily pay $5 for the Android version as I did for the iOS version if it had feature parity.

Anant Nath Sharma

Unfortunately, camera has stopped working As soon as i tilt the phone to record a video an error pops up saying -- Unfortunately, camera has stopped working. After this the app crashes. Is this a known issue? As it is, this app is unusable for me due to the error.

Kara Stone

But.. It needs the option to rotate and crop. Also reminders don't always work

Alan Haverty

Great Great app, I wish there was a quick widget option for quickly taking videos however.

Emil Doll

Please add Option to add multiple Videos per day!! It's still a great app

Teri Enright

I love it.....but Being a non-techie the "tutorial" leaves a lot to be desired....

Sydney Moffett

Love it! This app helps me remember ever day and remind me everyday counts

Kien Nguyen

Love this App Just need to add a rotate option in-app for photos and videos

Allegra Halim

It would be nice if their was an option to select pictures from your own gallery since not everything showed up on the app/some media happened on that day but where sent later on hence appearing on different dates

Shawna M

What a great idea! This is a very easy to use app and an absolutely beautiful idea! I did email them asking about rotating the pictures. They responded so quickly and I'm not talking an automated response...a person. You can tell they care about the app and the followers of it! They told me it's something they are working on as you currently are unable to rotate. But if you take pictures the correct way, it's not a problem. I recommend this to any and everyone!

Great right up until you switch from iphone to anything else I switched to a phone with a better camera. Lost almost two years of work with this app. I was devastated. App was obviously written for iphone only because the same app completely sucks on my note 7. I got on the boards hoping to God for some fix for this, but none is to be had. The app is completely encapsulated so all data is stuck in the app forever. You can export movies, but all your timeline and editing work will be forever lost when you eventually move to a better camera.

Victoria Harder

Love using this app a ton. However, I wish there was an easy way to add videos from different days. If my husband emails me a video but I don't download it until later, it won't let me use it for the day it was taken. I love going back and looking at a month at a time.

E sb25

Actually I love this app, I have been using it for over 3 months now and I really love it! The only problem is that the videos won't compile, it says on the notification bar 'compiling video' but it just stays like that. Is there anything I can do?

Clark Du bois

Brilliant Really good app, perfect for making a video of my sons life. Only one issue is that when I take a picture in landscape with my phone the app doesn't spin it to portrait like the rest. There is no way to edit the pictures on the app and if you edit it on your phones gallery it then changes the date meaning you can't put it in the date it was taken. Any help with this?

Sarah Whitfield

Clipping failed I've been using this app for two years and for the last week when I am trying to clip a video for a single day it always says "clipping failed". I can't add any new clips to my timeline and its so frustrating!!! Please help me fix this!

Stephanie GRUET

Extremely buggy This app is absolutely useless. I need to upload each video at least 2 times before the app actually saves them. Some of them I have had to upload 6 times! Super frustrating. Unfortunately there isn't any other app like that for Android so I'm stuck with it, but I would uninstall it in a heartbeat if I had a choice. Note that I'm not using the app to record my videos, by fear of the app not actually saving the snippet, and then I would be screwed. I'm using my phone's camera and then uploading on the app

João Gouveia

Really nice but... The app is really cool with good, clean user interface and it works really well. The idea is awesome too! I wanna give it 5 stars but right now I can't because I am constantly having to re-clip my videos because it loses them in a seemingly random way. Might be due to syncing errors with Google drive (but that's just a guess). Also, since the new android update (7.0) I can't clip videos anymore. It gives an error saying to try again later.

Marianne Best

Great idea, badly designed Cannot upload image/video from another app e.g. Snapchat unless you save it that same day even if taken the previous day. Reminders didn't work for a while for no apparent reason. If you upload a video from your camera that was filmed horizontal, like how the app does, instead it will upload it vertically!!

Victor Ung

Not working on Nougat I love this app, but haven't been able to trim videos for weeks now since I got Nougat. And I try to mash them together, but that fails too...please add support for nougat!

Nicole Stapleton

Doesn't work Had really high hopes for this! I keep getting a "clipping failed" error. I contacted support a week ago and after I provided info they never got back to me.

ayush singh

I have a problem I have using this app for a few months now. The problem is that I don't usually take videos but take pics. I am not able to add my pics to many dates because the app only lists the videos which I got through whatsapp or downloaded. I can add pics only if no video was sent to me on that particular day. Devs please help me out. How to I add pics on days which new videos have come to my device?

Grace Brykaliuk

Was good...not working anymore I really loved this app to record my baby girl's first few months, but it suddenly stopped playing my videos 2 weeks ago. When I try to play a video in the app to select my One second, it tells me "video must be at least 1 second long" and won't play it, when the videos clearly are more than one second, my videos are all between 20-60 seconds. So now I can't use the app at all since It has completely stopped working

Sarah Yorke

Love this app, it's a fantastic way to save these moments in a form I will actually review! Only problem I've had is that when I moved my videos to my SD card, it now no longer recognizes the correct date the videos were taken and they all show today's date.. Hoping for a fix so I can use those videos!

Fergus Cahillane

Doesn't work again :( Since the last update all my slow motion videos don't play and the audio lags behind the video more and more as it goes along. I would expect more from a paid for app and one which I have introduced to so many people. EDIT - thanks to your response and changing those settings it works again, would have loved this information sooner somehow (perhaps through the daily reminder or an email) thanks for responding quickly, I increased my rating. EDIT 2 - now on a new phone and no videos will upload.

Zaid Shoorbajee

I loved this app on my iPhone. It was nearly flawless. But on my Nexus it's been a disaster. Any time I drop a clip into my timeline, I have to wait about 30 seconds for the action to be completed. But even then I have a 50/50 chance that it'll actually save rather than just give me an error message.

Amber Nowell

Rotated photos and date issues Previous synching issues have been resolved with the update. Now, however, a lot of my photos are being automatically rotated to landscape with no work around. This app really needs some basic editing controls. Another sorely needed feature is the ability to select a date for moved/edited files -or- control over the metadata the app is reading for date creation would resolve one of it's most frustrating problems. Faking it out by changing the phone's time and date then making copies/edits is a huge pain.

Joanna Exley

Great idea. Doesnt load all videos Love this app if it worked accordingly up to day 35 and the videos aren't saving.. such a shame I was planning to use this for 113 days of my travel. Cool idea. Bad app

Vincent Scheib

Broken, but used to work. I miss it! I had a great 2015 compilation with this app! But my 2016 Freestyle fails to save new video clips. I opened a support ticket months ago with no progress.

Kristen Cox

Simple app-- wish it did more I like this concept but hate that you can't rearrange videos and that u uploading or adding several at a time can be super buggy.

J. roto

1 Second Everyday Is A Lot of Fun! (...BUT, temporary 3* downgrade) I'm a paid user and at long last, AN UPDATE & ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT!! It seems like there is new logic for Google drive. I'm having pretty significant issues since upgrading to the latest version of Android. downgraded my rating to 3 stars with this in mind and I am a paid user. I get a red "clipping failed" message since upgrading 3 days ago. I hope this is fixed soon, and I've downgraded this to 3* for now.

Andrew Gast

Brilliant app for a noble cause, with some major issues Part of this review is just in hopes that someone at 1SE sees this, as I'm a huge fan of what the app does and the simplicity in it, but some critical errors keep this thing from being very usable. My main issue is that after a year of videos, the app tells me that creating a compilation of the year has failed - every time I try to do it, therefore eliminating the entire point of the app. The UI is also troublesome, with only symbols to guide your way through the app.

Stephen Browne

Love the idea but not the app Great concept but only if it works, I was really looking forward to trying it but I am unable to add clips, it says clipping failed. Got it to work eventually but I shouldn't have to fix it, it should run smoothly from when I download it.

Diego Ceccarelli

Fantastic! The only annoying thing is that videos should be saved always, sometimes I m in an hurry , I record but then I forgot to check after and I loose the video.. it is so annoying.. I lost many good seconds..

Joey Laird

Was good but stopped working Used it for a few months without issue but then upgraded to Nougat and it was rendered useless. Great idea for an app but since I haven't heard back from the developers in a couple weeks I have to uninstall unfortunately.

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