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28 Aug
#1 Profile - Auto Tasker

Posted by Sam Lu in Productivity | Aug. 28, 2016 | 102 Comments

Apk file size: 3.6 MB

Do you want to switch the phone to silent, lower screen brightness and turn off the Internet connection with one tap?

Do you want to automatically switch the phone to silent when you are sleeping, but switch to normal at 7 am?

#1 Profile enables you to automate tasks or many things to happen on your Android device based on location, time triggers, battery level, system settings, connected Wi-Fi access point or Bluetooth device, etc.

★ change multiple device settings by activating a profile
★ automatically activate a profile by a rule
★ support home screen widgets for quickly activating a profile
★ show notification when a profile or rule is running
★ specify your favorite name and icon for a profile/rule
★ disable rules without deleting them
★ reorder the profiles/rules list by dragging
★ backup and restore you created profile, rules and places

An action is the most basic part of this app, a thing that the app does. Turning off WiFi is an action, switching to the vibration mode is an action.

Supported actions: Mute/Vibrate, Volume, Brightness, Wi-Fi/Mobile data/Bluetooth/Airplane/GPS/LocationAuto-sync/Auto-rotate screen/Wi-Fi tether switch, Vibrate for calls, Set phone ringtone, Set notification sound, Open apps, Close apps, Play music/ringtone, Play tracks, Vibration, Voice reminder, Show notification, Popup message, Screen off timeout, Set wallpaper, Control 2 Battery, etc. Some actions are only available on a rooted device due to the limitation of Android.

A profile is a group of actions. For instance, you can define a Night profile that switches the phone to silent, lowers screen brightness and turns off the Internet connection.

The basic concept with rules is "if X condition happens, do Y profile". A rule lets you define the start and stop profile in response to events on your device. For instance, you can define a Sleeping rule that activates the Night profile at 11 pm, and activates the Normal profile at 7 am next day.

Supported conditions: Location, Near Wi-Fi, Time scheduler, Timed event, Calendar event, Power charger, Battery level, Wi-Fi/Mobile data/Bluetooth/Location/Mute/Vibrate option, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection, Airplane mode, Screen on/off, Docking, Headset, Notification, App opened, etc.

More actions/conditions will be provided. Stay tuned!
Please also send us an email about what actions/conditions you wanted.

We have been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative design and advanced technology.

Whats new

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    ★ add "Near Wi-Fi" condition, Android 4.4+ only
    ★ add "Location mode" condition, Android 4.4+ only
    ★ add "Mute/Vibrate" condition
    ★ add "Play/Pause tracks" action
    ★ add "Location mode" action. Android 4.4+ and Rooted devices only
    ★ changed "Open an app" action to "Open apps"
    ★ add more icons
    ★ bugs fixed and optimizations

Sam Lu part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 28, 2016. Google play rating is 88.8201. Current verison is 1.50. Actual size 3.6 MB.

Download 1-profile-auto-task.apk 3.6 MB


John Cooper

Excellent! That is what I wanted. I can automate my phone now.

M Chan

A very useful app.! When I set notification to “silent & not vibrate” in Sleep mode, my morning Alarm clock can still wake me. When I set no-vibration in Sleep mode in other similar apps, the alarm clock doesn't work.

Chandan Adhikary

Schedule Internet/Data on off mode where?

Andrew Whalley

Good level of control I like the level of options. Best profile manager I've found so far.

Vahan Aghajanyan

Pros: The application's design and interface are really good. GUI looks consistent, modern, simple and well organized. Both actions and rules work well so far. Animation, colors are also look nice. Cons: The profiles/rules concept looks strange to me. I.e. if a rule is triggered, it executes rather profile's actions than activates the profile. If I activate a profile manually it allows only to execute its actions if auto rules are enabled. My expectations instead are: if a rule is triggered it activates the corresponding *profile*, and the profile's icon appears on the status bar. If I activate a profile manually it should be activated regardless the auto rules enabled or not. It is impossible to set screen brightness to 0%. I need this when I use the device in darkness.

ck Csk

In the volume action, can you add one for notification? right now, i believe you bundle notification with phone ring volume. i would like to be able to set notification volume separately and NOT the same level as phone ring. -------- also, it would be nice to add another rule condition - like matching keyword for a calendar event. for example, it would be nice to activate the 'restaurant' profile if i have a rule that matches 'dinner' or 'lunch' in my calendar event. -------- i will probably not install this until you implemented the two features i requested.

Stephanie Chan

Timed schedule does nothing. And it doesn't change to the right rule. Often says that there are no rules being activated. So I have to do it manually. I'm tired of going into the app and switching manually. So done with this app.

Jow Lin

Nice, but... ...I'm finding it a bit confusing in setting it up as well as using it.

Michael McFarland

Almost Would be perfect if it could: Turn on & off the lock screen (like if I'm at home, and don't require my device to be locked). Other than that, it's a very fine app. (Side note, thanks for integrating the suggestion I had.)

Frank Petersen

GREAT APP!!! I also echo what one other reviewer said about eliminating the pop up screen, for the rules, when selecting from the widget icon on the home screen. I hope you make so that the profile just switches on its own, when selected from the home screen without any pop up at all, incl not opening up the app it's self. I need to have the rules enabled all the time and never really not run the rules. It would be very rare for me to not run the rules. I hope you implement this soon.... Thanks for a great app!

M Invernessity

True time, and power, saver! Much better than similar apps! This app is user friendly and works as described to automate setting changes on both Lollipop phone (HTC One M8) and tablet (LG). It offers more than any similar utility app on the Play Store. Also, the developer has upgraded this often and is very responsive to user requests, adding a feature that I requested very quickly. Thank you to the developer, and I appreciate the recently added voice option very much.

Iam Chowdary

Its ok Need more improvements add option direct select tone via select folder

José A. Aponte

José A. "090815...thank's..."

Eva Kin

Excellent ideas keep it up

Harold Williams

Lil hard to do But seems to be good

C Romero

His name is to be grateful for everything you've done for me.

Clarence Jordan

Fun for all Easy to use & understand

Mr Blort

good I like this application


Cons; too much configuring. Was looking for more simplistic. Sure app works well, for someone.

Joe Sebo

Good with some more tweaks... If I manually activate a profile, vibrate, for example, without a timed rule and just execute, the notification shade should not say "no profile, no rule active." It should say vibrate or whatever was executed. Other than this, the app is great and gets better with each release.

Mark Ferguson

Finally the Profiles Manager I have been looking for Love this app. I have using various profile managers for years. Either they were too complicated or were erratic in operation. So far, this app has been exactly what I wanted in a profiles manager. It is well thought out & easy to use. Initially, I thought the voice option was gimmicky, but now love hearing the audio to know my profile has changed based on the condition. Great job Sam. This app would be worth paying a few bucks for.

Chris Leslie

Awesome & Powerful without being overly complex Love this app, everything else isn't anywhere near as good. The only criticism I have and it's likely user error, when more than one "Auto rule" applies it seems to only apply the profile of the highest priority (which is great) but, if all rules have icons assigned to them, it will still show the icons even if not applied. For example, my "Night" rule will be active and applied but the "Home" rule (lower priority) still qualifies but isn't applied BUT the notification icon still shows, so both are there.

Joe Mihalich

Nice app Negligible battery usage

Chick Morris

Great Phone Autopilot You like Controlling Your Phone With Very Little Effort, With Good Documentation, and Great APP Support then This Is For You! I got this APP Installed it, Executed the Supplied Profiles and even Created a Profile on my own. This APP does everything it said it Could do and did what I asked it to do too. I Now have an APP that Shuts down Everything at Night and Wakes up Everything in the Morning. Doctors office press One Button and My Phone goes Quiet. Well Done!

Seksan Jintanalert

Will give 5 stars if the app can turn data&flight mode on and off. Otherwise it's all very good.

Tim Kamen

I have tried just about every Profile Manager out there and none even come close to this one. They either do not have the features I want or they are too bulky and complex to set up. This one is the complete opposite. It does everything I want it to do (and then some) and when I ran into an issue, Sam was very quick to respond with help and suggestions. I am talking within minutes of sending he replied. My only real suggestions is to make things a bit more clearer when wanting to use the phones native Do Not Disturb features and how they integrate with this application. I am sure I would have figured it out eventually on my own, but it was nice of Sam to quickly point out what I had configured incorrectly.

Allyn Chrisman

This is overall, the best profile management tool I have used on an Android phone. I've tried multiple apps, and have settled on this one as my favorite. This one offers a great range of flexibility in what can be controlled, while maintaining a relatively easy to configure interface. My only challenge was getting the notification to remain when the "end profile" launched - I finally got around that by using rule priority and having a default as the lowest priority that will always trigger when all other rules are not met. The only request I would have is to add NFC conditions for triggering a rule - but that's a minor special use case for me, and not really critical for my use of the tool.

Hieu Nguyen

Brightness action not working. Work great except the Brightness action. I will rate the app 5 stars if it working properly. Thanks for this great app.

Chris Leslie

Awesome & Powerful without being overly complex Love this app, everything else isn't anywhere near as good. Edit: Great support, issue explain and a New feature implemented (amongst many) that makes the app 99% perfect to 100%. Don't look anywhere else for a profile scheduler app, this is THE ONE.

Miry Dominguez

Excellent! Only thing it needs, is an easier way to switch between profiles. Other than that, it's great.

Nguyen Duong Minh

Best profile app! Has many functions, all that I need for profile app!

A Google User

Fine Works perfectly. I need the feature scheduled silence the phone while making exceptions for VIP calls.

Johannes De Beer

Mobile data Been looking for a profile manager that can turn mobile data and gps/Location on and off. I don't see the options.

Kelly Schachter

Does a decent job, but could use sone tweaks Issues: 1) FIXED! YAY! 2) I would like to be able to activate a profile without a time limit, NOT just execute the actions. WHY is that important to me? Because I like the reassurance of seeing the notification. 3) When in "normal" profile (what it reverts to if no other profile is active) I want the notification. I tell it to show for "normal" but it only does if I manually activate it, not if (for example) my sleep profile ends and it reverts back to "normal", there's no notification.

Aleksandra Uzelac

Essential app I couldn't function without it! I no longer have to think if I silenced my phone at work or at night, or if I turned up the volume and screen brightness after leaving from work. It has everything you could need. Just one little thing bugs me - when I edit an active profile, it doesn't apply the changes automaticaly so I have to deactivate and activate the profile again to work.

Venus Chan

executed profile icon doesnt shown after recent update

Gavin Trollope

Was 5* Recent update has ruined it. It now silences my alarms during the night profile and fails to restore after time periods have elapsed. Could also have an Action option to turn off mbile data similar to wifi.

Chetanya Gupta

easy, no bugs, freeware, supports everything excellent app....tried many this is the easiest cleanest and Versatile.. best part all features are free... can set n number of schedules...plz stay free...plz simplify the profile setup for bluetooth... in night mode had to add another another condition to not stop Bluetooth if connected to headphones... nothing tough but tricky... rest perfect..

Martin Stupák

Only one working for me.. Hard to find working auto trigger for my 5.0.1, this works, but strong battery consumption. Over 20% by one night.

Nelson Neves

Simple, nice looking and powerful app. Can create profiles and rules for about everything. Dev answers questions very fast. Highly recommendable. app!

Glenn Eng

Great profile switcher. Works perfectly and very east and is straight forward to use. Developer is very responsive to questions and is open to requests. Asked for an enhancement, a few emails to iron out the details and within a day or 2 had a working test load! Wow talk about fast. Very happy!

Char Fuertes

Crap Does not work

Steve Johnson

Simple and easy to understand.. I've been using this since the close to the beginning and it's only gotten better. The dev is EXTREMELY helpful and quick to get back to help and is open to ideas and feedback. I wish all apps and developers were like this

Kelly Schachter

Good app, but could still use a couple tweaks Issues: 1) I would like to be able to activate a profile without a time limit, NOT just execute the actions. WHY is that important to me? Because I like the reassurance of seeing the notification. 2) For the screen timeout, Keep Screen On is not an option in the app, even though it is an option in my phone.

Thony Thorn

Perfect, but miss one thing Please fix.. widget icon showing "Active" profile , so it easy see what profile is on

Basil Elias

Just what it says

Hamzeh Pourtavakoli

Fully functional and the best in class I have tested lots of Sound profile apps, and they simply don't work as they are supposed. This is the only one which is fully functional and has lots of useful functions like timed profile (consider that you need to put your phone on the silent just for 10 minutes, using this app you can be sure that you won't forget to switch it back to ring mode and don't miss any call and notification) and location based profiles which is highly appreciated. Developer is also very responsible. It makes life easier ;)

Doreen Tan

5 ?before update. Now 3 Was using another app previously. But it doesn't work on s7. So far only this app works. Have using for 3 mths, seldom fail me. That's for before the update. After recent update, suppose to fixed location issues but it's not working now!

Michael C

Replaced Battery Wasting App Found this gem when trying to figure out why my battery depleted so quickly. As it turned out, the app that saved my battery was also wasting it! After using this app, have found my battery life is much better, plus this app reminds me of the function old phones had. They should have this all built in. Truly a great app!

Soumen Dass

Feature request Would be great if there is an option to show the icon on the statusbar without showing in the pulldown notification

rodolfo jr mendoza

One profile app that really works! This app is awesome! Finally, an app that does the job!

Kim Stokes

When my beloved Llama app kept crashing Spotify I knew it was time to replace it with something new. I tried out this app and have been quite happy with the results. It automatically changes profiles when I'm at work and when I leave and is really easy to set up actions and profiles. I like that I can choose the icons for each profile; my normal one is the cute lil Android one.

Stephen Martin

COO - EarthSystems Environmental Engineering Always striving to be better...

Mike Y.

Great app, with just one caveat. First of all, there are plenty of profile settings and rules settings to customize each of your profiles, and initiate automatic switching based on various parameters. Battery life seams unaffected by this app, which is also great. The only thing I found that was buggy was profile switching based on locations (with GPS off, never tried with GPS on). I set both home and work locations, and the app would automatically switch profiles when I moved in or out of these locations, but only for a day or so, and then it would stop switching for some reason. If I reboot the phone it would start working again for about another day, but then stop working again. If the dev can fix the location thing, definitely 5 stars and worth paying for!

Amol Tajave

Real scheduler This app does what it is intended to do and it does it perfectly!! App is also easy to configure and use. Would definitely recommend this to friends.

Sufyan Jabr

Really #1 Awesome app, alot of options available.. Please add more actions and conditions like the android smart unlock

John G

Good on paper but But the auto rules, even the preloaded ones, so not work. Going back to my old stand-by, PhoneWeaver, even though it is not being supported any longer.

Giovanni Lopedote

Works flawlessly so far No frills. Just the features I need. Gentle on the battery compared to other task automation apps

Tempered Bull

Stretched wallpaper I honestly think this is the best of its kind. Easy to setup and works perfectly. The only problem I have is no matter what wallpaper I pick it would always appear stretched.

KC Goh

Wonderful~!! Nothing to criticize~ perfect

Allyn Chrisman

This is overall, the best profile management tool I have used on an Android phone. I've tried multiple apps, and have settled on this one as my favorite. This one offers a great range of flexibility in what can be controlled, while maintaining a relatively easy to configure interface. My only challenge was getting the notification to remain when the "end profile" launched - I finally got around that by using rule priority and having a default as the lowest priority that will always trigger when all other rules do not trigger.

William Chase

Finally! This app can handle all my needs, even short-term changes. It just works! A big plus is the very responsive developer.

Jeffrey Ng

An wonderful app it allows me to switch profile at home, in the office, on the street and workout, all with different setting!

Joao Pires

Great app. Thanks for your work.

Mike Dawodu

Performance The App work simply wonderfully. When I test with it with the smart mode of my phone and it works, I will give it five star. Great work Sam, keep it up.

raju vadhwana

Great app but need more option Can you pls add option to turn off data connection. When i creat condition, like to turn off data when on charging.

Gavin Trollope

Really clever app Option i would like to see as an action would be call divert when switched into a profile. I.e automatically divert/undivert to my desk phone when "profile" is activated/deactivated. would do everything i can think of that would require auto profile switching then.

Dennis Lazo

this is almost perfect. i now just need sms response when dnd is on. we also need a pro version to support this app.

Anubhav Arun

Best Automated Sound Profile Manager Finally finally finally proper working, well maintained Sound Profile Automation APP, please give it a try

Mitt Esh

Doesn't work on mate 8...huawei issue Shame it doesn't work correctly on my specific device as awesome app...the developer Sam was very helpful trying to resolve issue. Highly recommended app 5/5 if it works with your device

Miklós Fábián

Fine Works perfectly. I need the feature scheduled silence the phone while making exceptions for VIP calls.

irfan daniarkan

Simple fast If there is any led light color changer to, it would be more good, but this app is already good without it

Balasubrahmanya Hegde

Very good overall, scope for improvement. Very good app for auto profiling the mobile. A suggestion for improving the functionality: include multiple time scheduler in auto rules. For example, instead of creating two auto rules for driving, say, one auto rule with multiple time scheduler can be enabled e.g., 9 a.m. to 9 30 a.m and 5 p.m. to 5 30 p.m. for one auto rule for driving.

PC Lim

Functionality This apps does what it do. Have been looking for it for so long. Wish that the active icon is on the top bar. The icon only come out when there is no active rule. And have the icon to have difference color. Looking at the color of icon is easier to identify which rule is active.

Sonic Vision

Best Profile Manger & great support. Tried a bunch. This one works but, if necessary, dev is very responsive. Use it!

Kaine West

Good I need to see how it works

A. Hunter Anderson

Not very intuitive Very awkward interface to get started. Couldn't see anything but the Description screen until I exited the app.

Ruslan Novosad

Will changing of mobile data work on 6 Android? It worked on my 4.something android which was not rooted too. Now I see there's nor such option because it is explained my phone to be not rooted?

Chetanya Gupta

easy, lots of bugs, freeware I am changing my review from 5 stats to 2. this app has become unstable. if multiple rules get activated then it hangs. please send me your mail id... need to sort allot of issues. connected to WiFi condition is very erroneous. aap hangs and disrupts the phone. i end up disabling all rules and all itself. macdroid is much more powerful. it has good system of using mobile antennas to determine location. no WiFi GPS or mobile data needed

Camille B

Simple yet powerful I am switching to this from Llama. It is simpler, but still very powerful. I wish I could customize more, but it works well.

Carlos Montgomery

Works perfectly. Is it possible to set "per contact" events? If I'm in quiet mode, it would be useful to be able to set exceptions.

Paul P

Good app Very useful automatic app.

Tina Weston

This is the one you want, which works! Sam worked tirelessly through several changes with me to sort out the OnePlus 3 (and other marshmallows) issues with Doze which caused the timers to be off. Excellent profile changer, this is the one you want!

Zeus SH

This app is REALY great! Dear Developer! Please add my favorite function, "return to previous profile" in the scheduler, to the end of profile (when a conditon not met). This function is very useful for not-time-scheduled actions, like low battery (it's restore the previous profile when battery charged), or location based profile (for instance: recalling "car" profile when leaving office wifi), and many more. Thank you for your work!

Gloria Feng

Set it and forget it Since 2010 until today, I've been using the Setting Profiles (full version) app, which hasn't been supported since 2012. The app finally stopped working, which forced me to make the switch. I've had this app installed for at least 2 months, but what took me so long was setting up all of the profiles and rules. It has everything I need to make sure my phone is exactly how I need it when I need it to meet all the needs of my multi-tasking and forgetful self, incredibly powerful and fantastic app.

Bob Stanley

App stopped working suddenly...!! Have been using the app from quite a few months now, and it was working very fine. But all of a sudden it stopped working from last 3-4 days. Have updated also but it's not triggering the profiles.

Sandun Mendis

Very useful! I use it every day... It switch from home to work, work to sleep, etc... I don't have to do anything other than setting it up for one time... ? Keep up the good work guys!

Rahul Deb Aru

Better than the others Would be perfect if there was a driving mode detection and autoreply with sms.

Jamal Tariq

Loved it Very useful app..must give it a try

Sean Sliwinski

Been looking for a new profile app and this is the new #1!

Andrew B

Great Does what it claims, very well.

Kae White

Did not work on Sony Xperia Loved the functions available and it is fairly intuitive to use. Sadly, the rule I set up didn't activate...this is why I was looking for a new app.

Binoy Anto

Good Application One thing missing is repeated alerts, have informed the developer. Waiting to see more updates and functions

Joe Sebo

The best! Sam is a great developer and very responsive! Awesome job on a much needed app, filling a gap in the Android platform.

Johnny Steyn - Real Animation

Does not activate rule It does not activate calendar rule on a calendar event as it is supposed to do. When the event comes, absolutely nothing happens. Sansung Note 4

Kushal Dutta

very nice profile scheduler app it would be great if you fix phone ringtone and message tone setup for a dual sim handset, otherwise the app is really cool, easy to use..... keep up your good work.

Ed Crain

Shibui Control for your phone that is simple, complete and worldly. Programming with a natural method and a modest presence on your phone that is a powerhouse of comprehensive actions, limited only by your imagination.

ernanie serrano

very useful nice app. thanks to the developer. i really love it.

Chris James

Looks good I've just installed the app and haven't tested fully yet. But it's easy to set up and has loads of features. One that would be useful would be to have a condition that detects if you to place your phone face down so a quick silent mode could be activated. Apart from that it has pretty much everything I need.

John G

Ok working well now Small learning curve, and not quite perfect yet, but really starting to like it.

Donald Pascale

Seems good but... How do you remove something from a profile without starting over?

Cannot enable / disable lockscreen with a profile.

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